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 AXE is a brand of male grooming products, owned by the British–Dutch company Unilever and marketed towards the young male demographic.

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AXE Twitter

AXECanada  AXE Canada

When the heat goes up, Kyle Lowry chills out. Keep your confidence in check with @AXECanada… https://t.co/OndMEgt8kX

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AXECanada  AXE Canada

@oldspicy29 Hi Josh. There have been no announcements yet as to when these will be available in Canada.

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AXECanada  AXE Canada

@Deshrasden You can visit the American page at https://t.co/pUvjI8gzHs. Use the "Products" link at the top to find… https://t.co/FuXotRJgD2

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AXE Reviews

AXE Black Body Wash
My husband isn’t brand specific for his body wash, shampoo, conditioner or deodorant, so I usually just buy whatever I can find the most affordable. He really enjoyed this body wash. I loved the scent on him! I’ll definitely purchase again.

AXE Black Body Spray
I purchased this body spray for my husband. It has a little bit of a strong smell but I love it. Who doesnt love a fresh smelling man. My husband seems to like this spray as well. We will definitely purchase this again.

AXE Gold Body Spray
Le axe gold est super produit, je l'ai acheté pour mon mari a,ilent tellement bon j'adore, il est nest pas trop fort mais juste assez cest super comme produit je le recommande vraiment

AXE YOU Body Spray
AXE YOU Body Spray

203 reviews

I like it, not as overwhelming and obnoxious as some of their other scents, doesn't irritate my skin o stain my clothes. I get complimented on it often so its a yes from me.

AXE Gold Wash & Care Shampoo
I like this shampoo. It is probably one of my faves. It smells great, lathers well..what's not to like. This brand is general makes good quality products.

AXE Black Deodorant
I like this deodorant. It masks the smell good, does not make me sweat extra, and lasts for quite a while. I would purchase again...especially if its on sale haha

AXE YOU Body Wash
AXE YOU Body Wash

150 reviews

I love all AXE product. This was my first AXE body wash what I tried ever. My skin is smoother after shower and the fragrance is absolutely fantastic. Thank you.

AXE® Ice Chill™ 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner
it really does smell good it really does wlorjmkmdflkmslkdfn kjsN DFGJDFVkfdgvlkdmfvlkndfvndjlknfbvlkdmvlmldmbfm dbf kdjf bjkd fbjk dfkjb dkjgbdnbjdngjbnjdgnbjndbjk

AXE® Ice Chillin' Body Wash
My mom gave me Axe Ice Chill body wash I used it twice a day. Left me feeling cool and clean. It rinsed off great leaving no residue on my skin. I felt amazingly clean and fresh leaving a Chill on me.

AXE Gold Shower Gel
AXE GOLD SHOWER GEL mérite son nom! C'est celui que je prefere lors de sorties ou de renconcontres, pas besoin de bruine pour le corps, simplemen la savon fait en masse la job

AXE Black Antiperspirant
I like this antiperspirant. It smells great and does a good job with blocking off the sweat. I am happy with my purchase. I take this one to the gym with me.

AXE® Ice Chill™ Antiperspirant
My husband received Axe Ice Chill antiperspirant in frozen lemon and eucalyptus scent. It worked great. Kept him from sweating all day. The smell was not too overpowering and I liked it. Great product for men

AXE® Ice Chill™ Deodorant
After using this new Axe Ice Chill deodorant I feel great. It makes your skin feel free. My girlfriend digs the new scent. It is something I will buy now instead of my usual brand. It goes on smooth leaving you feel refreshed all day long. Thanks Axe. Great job.

AXE® Ice Chill™ Deodorant Body Spray

AXE Gold Anti-Perspirant
The axe gold antiperspirant and pretty much any Axe antiperspirant has become a staple in our home, obviously my husband loves it and side note goes over broad but let me not digress here. People say it smells cheap but i honestly think if you gave the spray a chance to dry...