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Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works is an Ohio based company that was founded in 1990. It specializes in bath and body care and home fragrances. There are over 1,600 locations in North America. The most popular items on ChickAdvisor are the Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Lotion, the Antibacterial Hand Soap, and the Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette.

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Bath & Body Works Reviews

Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Soap
I use these all the time and they smell amazing!!! They aren’t overly expensive either! The scent lasts a long time too :). Anytime we go to the store it’s the first thing my kids always ask me to buy

Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizers
These are a must have if you have kids. And they don't have the overpowering alcohol smell that other brands have and don't seem to dry out your hands as bad. Get them when they have good sales!

Bath & Body Works Sanitizing Hand Gel
The is the best soap I have tried. It smells great and it doesn't leave a sticky film. I will use this product for as long as they sell it. It's worth the price too.

Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Soap
This smell is by far the best they have ever had in their own collection. I wish they were cheaper so I can buy more often lol. Would definitely recommend to everyone.

Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap
Its great when you can have a foaming hand soap, you can see it getting in all the books and crannies. Also, when we have young family member come over it encourages them to wash their hands properly. A bit expensive if you dont have a coupon though.

Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap
Bath and Body Works antibacterial foaming hand wash is super! Some people look at the price and say it’s nit worth it! It is. It lasts a super long time and if you sign up for coupons, it cuts the price. I am absolutely in love with blue sage. It smells so great and the scent...

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Energy Orange & Ginger Gentle Foaming Hand Soap
Love the bath and body works aromatherapy line. The Energy products give you that morning awaken boost withoit all tge yucky feelings that energy drinks or pills give you halfway thtough the day.

Bath & Body Works Kitchen Lemon Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
Bath and Body works Kitchen Lemon scented hand soap smells amazing and is a definite must for people who enjoy the scent of citrus. It leaves my hands feeling fresh, clean with a lovely lemony scent. However, I find that if I use it too much, my hands become dry. This product...

Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes Hand Sanitizer
This one is my favorite! I have one in my purse and one in my desk. A thousand wishes smells so wonderful! If you are going to use hand sanitizer, it might as well smell awesome!

Bath & Body Works Peach Bellini Foam Hand Soap
If you like a delicious and strong scent for your hand soap then Peach is the way to go. It is gentle and foams nicely,and I find these bottles really last a long time which is a nice perk. Mostly I love the smell. :)

bath and body works country fresh soap
This has such a nice scent to it, I have not had a hand soap from bath and body that I haven't liked. They work well and smell great. I am always stocking up when they have sales

Bath and Body Works Watermelon Lemonade Hand Soap
I love allllll bath and body works products, I came across this at a friends house and had to buy it for myself. The smell is absolutely amazing and I love their foamy soaps, I always feel like it cleans so much better than any regular hand soap!

Bath and body works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin deep cleansing hand soap
The smell and quality of the product is absolutely magnificent. It not only heals your body and soul by aroma therapy, but also gives you absolutely clean and soft hands. Everyone who comes to out house and uses it, goes and buys one for themselves and their household.

Bath & Body Works Anti Bacterial Foaming Soap Cucumber Melon
It used to be that I could only get Bath & Body Works products on trips to the US. I was so happy when they opened retail stores in Canada too! But when I found out that they discontinued my favourite cucumber melon scent, I was super disappointed. After many years of trying...

Bath and Body Works Winter Candy Apple nourishing hand soap
This is my absolute favorite hand cream by bath and body works. The scent is so very uplifting and just has all the good feels associated to it. It’s light and non-sticky and keeps my winter dry hands feeling moisturized. A little goes a long way! It’s non-sticky and the...