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Brisk Reviews

Brisk Lemon Iced Tea
This doesn't deserve to be called Ice Tea. Brisk is an insult to actual Ice Tea and wishes it could be at Nestea's level. How this drink hasn't discontinued yet is beyond me. To the people that actually enjoy drinking this and says "BrISk IS tHeE BEst iCE TeA" you're lying to...

Brisk Tea-Lemonade Fusion
Brisk lemon ice tea is refreshing ice tea with lemon flavour .Its great to drink in any season. It makes your thirst go away in hot weather. Its good to consume with meal or without. You can gift to friends. I would highly recommend others to buy too. Its very affordable price...

Brisk Lemonade
Brisk Lemonade

16 reviews

I love how it's not too sweet and has just the right amount of sour. Perfect drink on a hot day. Definitely refreshing. You also can't beat the price value

Brisk Fruit Punch
This flavor of brisk is very refreshing on a hot summer day, I can drink this really quick and the taste isn't overly sweet like a kids drink. It's very fruity. It's cheap at any convenience store. I love it.

Brisk Strawberry Melon
This is the only thing I drink other than an occasional Dr Pepper or Mountain Dew. With it being a strawberry melon flavor you never know what flavor will be the more prominent flavor when you take a drink.

Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea
I really enjoy brisk raspberry iced tea. I think the raspberry flavour should be stronger. I like that they come in large cans. They are under a $1. I think its a good buy.