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Canada Dry

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Canada Dry Reviews

Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale
Great taste. Usually can find around the holiday season and through out the year but you have to look a little harder. A great start to holiday punch. Would reccomend it.

Canada Dry Lemonade Flavoured Ginger Ale
My go to pop is gingerale and lemonade is my go to juice. Why not put them together, what a great combination idea. Love the taste. A little hard to find in store.

Canada Dry Ginger Ale
I love Ginger Ale. I satisfies my cravings for pop and does not have a strong taste. I particularly like the fact that it is made of actual ginger. I always keep a can of this handy as I use it as an electrolyte when I am not feeling well and it helps prevent nausea. Very...

Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale
When this first came out in my area I was quick to try it. Did not disappoint! My favourite flavour of ginger ale (that is still available) Goes great with lemon vodka for a refreshing summertime bevvy!

Canada Dry Club Soda Orange-Mandarin
I love anything with a hint of citrus flavours. This once is such a refreshing change from lemon. Not sweet and doesn't leave any unpleasant after taste in your mouth. Definitely the best when served icy cold! Will be my first choice for a summer beverage.

Canada Dry Club Soda Pomegranate-Cherry
At first I wasn't sure if this would be a good addition to the Canada Dry family, after trying this product I found it was amazing, I was surprisingly impressed. Is great on its own and I am sure he can mix it with your favourite drink. I am getting this product at 9 out of...

Canada Dry Club Soda Lemon-Lime
Definitely takes time to get used to the taste, but having a very cold drink in the middle of summer without the ridiculous amount of sugar is a godsend.

Canada Dry Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale
I love the non-diet version of this product but this is still super tasty! If you're looking to cut sugar out and still crave cranberry gingerale during the holidays - def grab this!

Canada Dry pomegranate ginger ale
I really liked the taste of this gingerale. The pomegranate adds such a nice taste but it does stain your lips a little. I will be buying this again. It is a little sweet but I enjoyed that. I found it best served over ice. Would definitely recommend this drink.

Canada Dry cranbery
A nice natural flavor, carbonated drink with the right amount of fizz Not so strong that it makes you take a breath upon impact No need to run for a different drink as this will you all you need and more. Very refreshing, on its own or with ice, ko matter, you get what you asked...

Canada Dry Club Soda
Me and my family have been drinking Canada dry our whole lives and we all love the brand so much its always so refreshing and tastes so amazing! Love this drink

Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale
For years I drank diet Pepsi. A friend of mine gave me a diet ginger ale when I was under the weather. For years now this is the only pop I drink! I purchase 4 12 packs a week. Wish it came in 24s.

Canada Dry Low Sodium Club Soda
Love this brand of club soda, full of bubbles! great taste and very refreshing. I have been trying to find a drink that feels like I am having something else than water, but is not bad for me and I think I found it.

Canada Dry Black Cherry Sparkling Seltzer
i love this product on ice by itself on a hot day or with wine and fruit juice as a coctail for a party mixer. It has just the right flavor. I will definitely be putting this on my shopping list again

Canada Dry Ginger Ale Green Tea
This was my absolutely favorite ginger ale drink. Now it is no longer sold in canada. It is sadly missed. If it came back, I would be the first to buy it.