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Canada Dry

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Canada Dry Reviews

Canada Dry Lemonade Flavoured Ginger Ale
While Canada Dry Lemonade flavoured Ginger Ale was OK to drink, it was a bit of a wash-out. Neither the lemonade nor the ginger ale really came through, resulting in a muddled flavour that wasn't particularly appetizing. Everyone in my house tried it and came to the same...

Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale
J’ai adoré le goût sucré et rafraîchissant de cette boisson. Je le recommanderai pour une fête d’été prêt du feu ou sur le bord de l’eau. définitivement une boisson d’été! merci pour ce coupon ☺️

Canada Dry Ginger Ale
Being that I have stomach issues due to medications and health issues, the only pop that helps is my Canada Dry Gingerale! The only one my doctor even recommended to help me (in moderation of course). I love the taste and how refreshing it is...add ice cubes and it's the best...

Canada Dry Club Soda Orange-Mandarin
I tried it at a friends house and loved it. Went to the store and bought it myself. My grandkids love it as well. Such a nice tasting drink that it doesn't even taste like pop.

Canada Dry Club Soda Pomegranate-Cherry
I got it for free thank goodness. I thought for sure I would like this but I did not at all. I love that it was free but thats about it. I will not be buying it again.

Canada Dry Club Soda Lemon-Lime
j'ai été choisie pour testé ce produit et j'en suis très heureuse car il est excellent bon gout rafraichissant quand il fait chaud. vraiment je le recommande a tout le monde. très bon achat à faire.

Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale
Great! Nice and refreshing. Pairs well with the holidays due to the nice cranberry flavour... Not overly sweet and goes down good on a hot summer day as well.

Canada Dry pomegranate ginger ale
This was so nasty I could not take but a few sips. I mixed it with another juice but still I could taste it and I did not want to. I love Canada Dry Ginger Ale but not this one at all!

soda gingembre Canada Dry
J'ai vraiment aimé le goût de soda gingembre Canada Dry. Très rafraîchissant; parfait pour l'été. Je vais en racheter ce produit. J'adore!!!!

Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale
Great taste, no sugar, lots of bubbles. A refreshing drink on the patio on a hot summer day without the sugar high of so many summer drinks. I love it!

Canada Dry Club Soda
I love this pop, the flavor is the best thing that conquered my attention. Also the low sodium in this can bring some benefits to my health. I certainly would buy this again. Thank you.

Canada dry 222ml cans
I absolutely love this product. I would definitely recommend it to everyone I know. I stick when I can. It doesn't last in my household when it comes in.

Canada Dry Low Sodium Club Soda
Love this brand of club soda, full of bubbles! great taste and very refreshing. I have been trying to find a drink that feels like I am having something else than water, but is not bad for me and I think I found it.

Canada Dry Black Cherry Sparkling Seltzer
At first I thought it tasted a little bit weird but after a couple of sips it was actually interesting! I can say it was different, refreshing and very good!

Canada Dry Ginger Ale Green Tea
This is the perfect drink for the summer time. Whenever I am out and sitting on my patio or picnic bench, this is the drink that I am having. It is super refreshing because it has the carbonation of the Ginger Ale, but it also has that mild taste of green tea, which is so lovely.