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Canada Dry

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Canada Dry Reviews

Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale
I really enjoy this drink better than the actual ginger ale. It tastes amazing and not to acidic for my stomach. I hate that it’s limited edition only. I always have one after dinner. It’s like a dessert for me.

Canada Dry Lemonade Flavoured Ginger Ale
I don't know what thr rave is about. Some of these reviews for this product really surprise me. It tastes normal, like the regular gingerale. Does not taste natural at all either. Not even a bit. There is really no lemonade or lemon taste either. Pretty let down.

Canada Dry Ginger Ale
When i crack open a cold one of Canada Dry my taste buds start to dance on their toes in anticipation. i hear the oxygen unlocking and start to bubble. i bring my lips to the cold silver can and I tilt my head back as I let the ale flow into my mouth chamber. i feel the pep! oh...

Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale
This is the real stuff crafted with real sugar in 12 355ml bottles. I find it crisp refreshing and when Ice cold a real treat. If you find some pick it up.

Canada Dry Triple Berry Club Soda
I’ve always been a fan of flavoured water whether it be club soda, sparkling water or anything akin. I was beyond stoked when I got to try not just one but a WHOLE case of #CanadaDryTripleBerryClubSoda. I love to have a can first thing in the morning to curb my...

Canada Dry Club Soda Orange-Mandarin
Okay, as a big fan of Canada Dry myself, and my husband too. This is the worst you can expect and get when you mix flavour that doesn't blend together. I don`t know who taste it before launching it to the market. At least they get my money once.

Canada Dry Club Soda Pomegranate-Cherry
i was disappointed about the product.im a huge lover of canada dry but this one didn't make into my list. doesn't taste good. i hope they will improve it

Canada Dry Premium Ginger Ale
Tastes great but balk at the price as its production costs is pennies. Therefore could never see myself buying it. Much better to buy concentrated ginger beer syrup and make my own ginger beer using a Soda Stream for a fraction of the cost of this product.

Canada Dry Club Soda Lemon-Lime
As much as I like the original Canada Dry, this flavor does not disappoint. It gives a little lemony twist and quenches your thirst. I would like to try other flavors!

Canada Dry Premium Ginger Beer
Loved this ginger beer much more than I thought it would. It has such a smooth taste and the ginger is amazing. Great on its own and also in a Moscow mule. I would recommend this to everyone as a must try. Have purchased this many times since!!

Canada Dry Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale
I really enjoyed this variation of flavor of canadry t was a subtle cranberry taste with same fizz and taste we all grown to love with this ginger ale i would recommend

Canada Dry Premium Tonic Water
This product is easy to find in my grocery store it has an amazing taste and they bottle is super cute to boot and super environmentally friendly because it's completely recyclable glass the tonic tastes fantastic as well as the other varieties of sort of there are and the price...

Canada Dry Ginger Ale 222 mL Mini x 6
Canada Dry Ginger Ale is made with real ginger. The mini cans are a perfect serving as it fits a small tumbler. I drink this soda when I have an upset stomach and it helps my stomach. It is also not a very sweet soda. I would recommend this soda to anyone who has an upset...

Canada Dry® Tonic Water 355 mL
For every 8 ounces, it contains 90 calories, which is a good amount. This will also be a good indulgence without adding any more sugar. Almost watery upfront, clean and club soda like. Still get that fizzy bubbly without all the sugar from regular soft drinks. It doesn’t...

Canada Dry Raspberry
I’m a fan of the original Canada Dry Gingerale and even the diet version so I thought I would try this raspberry sparkling beverage version. I do enjoy the nice fruity twist! It’s great on its own or as a mixer. Give it a try!