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Carnation Reviews

Nestle Carnation Hot Chocolate
I keep to a diabetic diet most of the time, and it is very nice to have a cup of hot chocolate once in a while. I like that I can still find it in the canisters instead of the very expensive little packets that they have at the store.

Carnation Evaporated Milk
Vraiment un excellent produit ! Je l'adore..je l'utilise beaucoup dans ma cuisine ! Excellent pour faire des sauces bechamel ! Je stock automatique lorsqu'il est en spécial !! Cest vraiment un à tout en cuisine

Nestle Carnation Hot Chocolate Variety Pack
I used to buy containers of hot chocolate, but found my family would drink only their favorite and the rest would take space in my cupboard. With this variety pack, everyone gets what they want, the proper amount for a serving (no waste) and when we get to the bottom of the...

Carnation Fat Free Instant Milk Powder
when I was younger the doctor put me on a fat free product they taught I had something wrong with my heart he advised my mom to buy fat free instant Carnation milk powder for me I've drank this milk for years I like the taste of it and it was healthy for me I used to go threw...