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Crystal Light

Crystal Light has no artificial flavours and has zero calories per 250 mL prepared serving. It is a portable drink mix that allows the consumer to customize their drink to suit their personal taste. It is a drink mix, in liquid or powder form that is added to water to create a refreshing, flavourful beverage. For more information visit www.kraftcanada.com

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CrystalLight  Crystal Light

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CrystalLight  Crystal Light

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Crystal Light Reviews

Crystal Light Citrus on the go packets
Crystal Light Citus with caffeine on the go packets are yummy. The citrus flavor is great and it has caffeine! It's a great way to drink water and still feel like you are drinking a soda! Much healthier option.

Crystal light fruit punch
I am a soda drinker right from the womb.... let me tell you. I never thought I would get off the sh*t in my life, i was straight addicted to soda! Ecpessially when I became a mom, I needed it in my every day life just to function! I quit smoking 6 months ago and turned to food...

Crystal light pure
This drink mix is amazing. I was looking for a healthier and more natural juice mix without artificial colors or flavors and this is what I tried. It does not taste chemically at all and is my new favorite Iced tea.

Crystal Light Singles Raspberry/ Peach flavour, package of 10
I buy Crystal Light singles all the time for my water. So refreshing. It helps me get my daily amount that I need. I would suggest you try it if you are like me and not really one for plain water.

Crystal Light Strawberry Orange Banana Juice 1.5 L Packets X 4
I always put different flavours in my water, because I don't like the taste of just water. My favourite is Strawberry, orange, banana. I also love lemonade flavour

Crystal light peach mango
Crystal light peach mango is the best ever!!! I add it to a bottle of water and can drink these nonstop everyday of the week 24 hrs a day 7 days a week!!! I’m totally addicted!!

Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade
I have some trouble drinking my daily requirement of water. Crystal Light in Raspberry Lemonade makes it so much easier for me. It’s by far my favorite flavor and doesn’t have that fake after taste.

Crystal Light Sweet Tea
Crystal Light Sweet Tea is the best tasting tea without all the added sugar. You can not go wrong with Crystal Light Sweet Tea. Enjoy the sweet taste with out the added sugar.

Crystal Light Liquid Drink Mix Blackberry Lemonade
I just grabbed this at the store and am glad I did. I love using this with sparkling water. Just a splash goes a long ways with flavour and this lasts a long time. Also on the weekends it is a great add in if you like to make your own vodka sodas which are really good.

Crystal light liquid drink mix blueberry razz
I have tried water enhancers in the past but found many of them leave an odd chemically-taste in your mouth. The Crystal Light drops don't have an unpleasant aftertaste. A bit pricey but it actually lasts quite a while if you only use one or two drops at a time.

Crystal Light Iced Tea in 4 Pitcher Packs
We are big tea drinkers in this house and i ran across these 4 pack crystal light teas and since we have bought these we have not went back to tea bags . These are so easy to use you just add a pack to a pitcher and add water. My kids love them

Crystal Light Liquid Drink Mix Aloha Pineapple Coconut
Pineapple is refreshing, coconut is sweet, this is a great combination, very good for a summer drink. Refreshing and thirst quenching. I will definitely serve it when I have a party

Crystal Light On-the-Go Energy Drink Mix - Grape
If mom is not happy no one is happy ! This is my go to drink for keeping up with the energy of the kids. I’m not a young mom anymore and this is my favorite option. I don’t like soda and this has all the things I need for my energy. Love love love the taste since it’s...

Crystal Light Mocktails
I tried the sugar free margarita mix. It was pretty tasty... But I didn't like how much coloring was obviously in there. I just find it unnecessary as I don't need my drink to be pretty. The good news is that most artificial lime mixes I have an allergic reaction to , and this...