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David's Blueberry Jam Loose Black Organic Tea
I love black tea and fresh fruit so this tea is so perfect. The blueberry taste isn't too sweet and is so fresh. A splash of milk and agave make this the perfect drink for the cool fall mornings and make me just thirsty for more!

DAVIDsTEA - Forever Nuts
My boyfriend normally don't like tea. But he can't resist to this one. I like it a lot too. It taste so good and it's easy to fall in love with this product!!!

David's Tea Stanta's Secret
My favourite holiday tea from davids tea! It had a great smell and even better flavour! It has the perfect mix of candy cane and black tea! There a few other hidden tastes but those are the strongest and they make it delicious! This tea pairs very well with some yummy cookies or...

David's Tea Birthday Cake
Wow.....super yummy and such a treat. It's the most scrumptious smelling tea, a rich vanilla cake with sprinkles. Another favorite! It's also non caffeine which is Awsummmmm before bed! This always is one I buy as a treat. I don't have it often because I have to be in the mood...

DAVIDs Tea - Pink Lemonade
Les thés david’s thea sont délicieux! Il y en a de tout les goûts! Sucré, fort, amère et même sur! Celui à la limonade rose est mon préféré! Vous pouvez le boire chaud mais je préfère personnellement le boire froid. Il a un goût fruité et surette en même temps...

DAVIDs Tea - Mother's Little Helper
I have bought this one on multiple occasions. It’s a really good herbal option - it tastes pleasant and helps you sleep. I also like that it’s organic. The blend is great

DAVIDs TEA Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait Tea
If you are wanting something sweet, but not overly sweet with just the right amount of sour - this is your drink! Not a coffee drinker so started buying teas. Was one of the first kinds i purchased and was not disappointed!

DAVIDsTEA Genmaicha
If you love the toasted rice green tea from Japanese restaurants, you will love this tea. It's full-bodied and the toasted rice gives it a toasty, smooth aftertaste. It's also on the affordable end of Davidstea, usually around $6-$7 per 50g, which makes it a great every day...

DAVIDsTEA Cream of Earl Grey Organic
Ce thé remplace facilement le café en fin de soirée, la caféine en moins. Très bon goût riche et crémeux. Je le recommande à tous. J'en achète régulièrement.

DAVIDsTEA Banana Nut Bread
One of my favourites from Davids Tea. Works anytime day or night and smells as good as it tastes! I gifted this to a friend at xmas and she also loves it and has gotten many others onto it too.

DAVIDs Tea Just Beet It Tea
I am a coffee addict. But this tea is slowly but surely converting me into a tea lover. Refreshing in its flavour, the tea is a perfect blend of apple, beetroot, raisins, and such fruits. Love it!

DAVIDs TEA Pêche Parfaite
J'adore particulièrement boire ce thé glacé. Pour moi, cela remplace le jus. Il est suffisamment goutteux pour combler mes envies de jus. C'est un très bon choix de thé pour ceux et celles qui aiment les pêches!

DAVIDs Tea - Dark Chocolate Delight
This is hands down one of davids tea's best creation. It tastes and smells amazing and it has the right amount of everything needed to create this tea. It's not bitter and it has the sweetest smell.

DAVIDsTEA Buddha's Blend
This tea from Davidstea is lovely and smooth, and one of my favorites to help get over that mid-afternoon slump. The only catch is that you really have to watch your steeping time - any more than 3 minutes and it gets undrinkably bitter pretty quickly. If you're looking for...

David's Tea organic pure chai
This is my absolute favourite chai. It has a wonderful blend of cinnamon, cloves, and black tea that I have never found in another brand. I wish David's still offered Pure Chai as part of their line up. I miss it so much! No other chai compares!