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Dove Men + Care

 Building on the superior care that Dove users have trusted for decades, Dove Men+Care introduces a unique line of products designed for men so they can feel comfortable in their own skin.

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@KripkeChase Thanks for reaching out, Chase. How can we assist you today?

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DoveMenCare  Dove Men+Care

Black men have been misrepresented for far too long. We are proud to highlight the JHA Education Project and reimag… https://t.co/kdiOvxJgo5

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@Fy4ZshUR Hi there. You can browse our different deodorants directly on our website here: https://t.co/oxtfsCWspr

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Dove Men + Care Reviews

Dove Men+Care SPORTCARE Active+Fresh Body + Face Wash
Great product, I'd certainly purchase again. The scent is very aromatic - I have received many compliments to date immediately after using this one. The price is pretty average for a body wash.

Dove Men+Care SPORTCARE Active+Fresh 3-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Deodorizer
My son really likes this shampoo he says that even after a really great work out his hair doesn't smell like stinky sweat! the smell of the shampoo is still there so he can still run into a store without stinking!

Dove Men+Care SPORTCARE Active+Fresh Antiperspirant Stick
This deodorant works very well for the price. When applied, it dries transparent and does not leave any marks on my clothing. I also really love the scent, it has a somewhat strong scent which I love. It is very gentle on my skin and leaves me feeling fresh.

Dove Men+Care Elements Charcoal+Clay Body + Face Bar
Bought a 4 pack of these bars of soap on a whim for my husband. I have combination skin and use facial cleansers that help with oiliness. I found this product to be very effective with drying out the oil but did not make my skin too dry or tight like other facial cleansers I've...

Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Antiperspirant Stick
I buy this for my hubby because I love the way it smells. He works hard and it does the job. He always smells fresh and he has sensitive skin and it doesn't cause any problems.

Dove Men +Care Elements Minerals+Sage 2-in-1 Shampoo
This dove men 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner is my son favourite one. Deeply cleans and invigorates hair with a refreshing effect. menthol specially made for men. Good for daily use.

Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Deodorant Stick
I prefer the dry spray over the rub on. But i still think that dove is the best value and lasts the longest. Also the best at keeping sweat locked in.

Dove Men+Care SPORTCARE Power+Renew Body + Face Wash
Makes you feel cleaner. This product smells amazing. It is Worth trying. Love the clean feeling after use. Long lasting scent. Smell and feel fresh. Definitely would buy this product.

Dove Men+Care SPORTCARE Active+Fresh Deodorant
I really enjoyed the fresh scent of this deodorant and found it lasted most of the day (unlike a lot of other products I've tried). It blocked most sweat, but I'd imagine on a super hot day or if you're going to be very active you'd want a stronger antiperspirant. I'd recommend...

Dove Men+Care SPORTCARE Endurance+Comfort Body + Face Wash
I like body washes that do everything, you step in the shower and wash it all and step out. I found some left a dry flakiness on my scalp and it was itchy as well. i used this product, loved the smell and soapiness of it. I like the softness on my face and my head was not itchy...

Dove Men +Care  Fresh Clean Shampoo + Conditioner
My husband loves the smell of this and has added it to his daily toiletry routine. When he steps out of the shower he smells so delicious. He works as a foreman plumber so he is always sweaty and greasy and sticky but when he uses this product he said he feels so clean and...

Dove Men + Care Clean Comfort Micro Moisture Body + Facewash
Mon mari adore cette marque puisqu’il ne réagis pas et qu’il peut tous laver avec la même bouteille fantastique et sa sent tellement bon J’adore quand on homme sent bon Bonne chance à vous

Dove Men+Care SPORTCARE Active+Fresh Dry Spray Antiperspirant
Absolutely love Dove products. Specifically the dry spray antiperspirant. If your like me and have sensitive arm pits than this is the way to go. I've tried just about every deodorant and each and every one irritates. Then I tried Dove dry spray antiperspirant and no more. I...

Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Foaming Body Wash
I love this product I buy it for my boyfriend and for the last year it’s the only type he will use! I love the smell of it! It leaves his skin feeling good. It’s great quality for your money aswell!

Dove Men+Care Stain Defense Fresh Dry Spray Anti-perspirant
Dove has always been a trusted brand in my household, therefore when this antiperspirant came out I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! The scents are phenomenal, the effectiveness is fantastic and the value is great. This has become a staple!