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Gillette is an American safety razor manufacturer that was introduced in 1895. The brand also produces personal care products. Since 2005, they have been a part of Procter & Gamble. Gillette products reviewed on ChickAdvisor include the Venus Embrace Razor, Pure Divine Body Wash and Satin Care Vanilla Dream.

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Gillette TREO was designed to make help caregivers more confidently shaved their loved ones. Learn more at… https://t.co/6yENliDg6B

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@kristishoe How handsome! He is lucky to have such a thoughtful and caring mom. Please do let us know how TREO works out for you! 💙

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@afterprohibends Give them a buzz at: 800174543

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Gillette Reviews

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual Men's Razor Blade Refills
So since Gillette came out with the fusion blades and line I have been an absolute fan! Just recently I have been using these blades to also shave my head and they do an amazing job. There is no irritation afterwards and they give you a very close shave leaving smooth skin. I...

Gillette Fusion Proslide Sensitive shaving cream
This shave gel give me the smoothest shave!! It smells good and covers nicely! No rashes with this stuff!! In the past I have had breakouts from shave cream but this gel keeps me feeling smooth!

Gillette venus shaving cream
Recently purchased the Gillette Venus shaving cream and it is by far my favourite shaving cream that I have ever purchased! Gillette makes the bottom of the can rust proof so no more rust spots on my shower! This product makes my skin feel very soft after shaving and will...

Gillette Skinguard Men's Razor
I really like gillette products because I have sensitive skin and they have a wide range which is suitable for my skin type and very affordable too so definitely recommend everyone who have sensitive skin

Gillette hydrate and body wash
My girlfriend got this for me to try. I liked it but not sure if it something that i would buy again. It did leave my skin feeling a little dryer and some of the other products that i have used in the past

Gillette shaving gel
This is by far the lowest in price at any store that you go to. But one thing is that it works way better and is foamy and leathers up amazingly. This product is getting your bang for your buck.

Gillette Comfort Glide Formula FOAMY
I'm a simple man, and I like simple things so when I found Gillette had a basic foamy shaving cream I was all for it, I don't need all the bells and whistles, it works perfect with a three blade razor, does not leave my skin dry ... Would recommend

Gillette Mach 3
Gillette Mach 3

5 reviews

I enjoyed the way my face felt after using thus razor. It was a close smooth cut free shave. I was able to shave every other day with it without any razor burn ever. I would recommend to every man who wants s great shave

this is my favorite deodorant . It has a great smell but not to overpowering. It does not leave any chalky white residue. It really eliminated the odor. I buy this product all the time.

Gillette Fusion Ultra Sensitive Shave Cream
This isn't the bets shaving cream I've ever used but it's not the worst either. The smell is pretty nice but it doesn't feel as creamy as many others do.

Gillette Series Shave Foam - Sensitive Skin
I'm not a fan of this product. It hardly foams at all.. it's more like watery white liquid that applies super thinly. Will definitely be going back to a shave gel after this. It's more of an annoyance than anything. I find I have to use a ton of product each time.. and since...