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Irish Spring

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Irish Spring Reviews

Irish Spring Original Soap Bar
This strong soap bar has a fresh smell that leaves your body feeling refreshed and new. The price is lower than a body wash and works the same way. So bar or body wash what are you going to choose?

Irish Spring Aloe Soap Bar
Bought these soaps for my husband as I was tired of the smelly ones he was using. Always loved the smell of the regular Irish Spring but they had none in stock so I opted for this and I am so glad I did. His skin is less dry, he smells better, and I can use it myself as the...

Irish spring body wash intensify
This is hands down the best scented body wash on the market. Can generally find this on sale, even when not on sale the body wash is very affordable. Top is easy to open not like some of the bottles you have to really pry open.

Irish Spring Signature for Men Exfoliating Bar Soap
It’s soap on the other hand makes me feel gross by the end of my shower. I’d improve this product by making the after feel smooth and airy not dry and caked. It has a great sent and feel, I’d recommend for someone other than myself.

Irish Spring Gear Advanced Performance Skin Hydration Soap
This is the only soap I buy for my husband. It smells incredible and the scent lasts through the day. I bought the whole line so he always smells this good now.