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Listerine is a brand of antiseptic mouthwash. The first Listerine formula was used by dentists in 1895, and the original formula is known for its notoriously strong flavour. The brand is currently manufactured by Johnson & Johnson and has expanded its product line to include Whitening Strips, Pre-Brush Treatment, toothpaste, fluoride rinse, PocketPaks and PocketMist. The Antiseptic Mouth Wash is still a favourite among ChickAdvisor reviewers.

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Listerine Reviews

Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash
Listerine Antiseptic Mouth wash keeps your mouth feeling fresh and clean It also fights bad breath and germs. I would definitely buy listerine again and I recommend this product.

Listerine ZERO Antiseptic Mouthwash
Listerine is my go to for mouth wash and the zero alcohol is great for sensative gums and teeth. After use my breath feels fresher my mouth cleaner and teeth smooth and protected. It is pricey but definitely worth it for the benefits it brings

Listerine Agent Cool Blue Tinting Rinse
I mean this is pretty much most people’s go-to mouthwash I feel like. We have been using this for the longest time and I don’t see is changing unless something really great and different came along. The price is good and it does a great job! /// Je veux dire que c'est à...

Listerine Smart Rinse Mouthwash
My neice and nephew love it. I will definitely be getting it for them for home too. They live the colors and graphics on the bottles and they say how clean their mouth feels. I'm very pleased with it.

Listerine Pre-Brush Treatment
This stuff is amazing. I was so skeptical when i first started using it, but now I am in love. You use this before you brush your teeth , as soon as you start to swoosh it around it starts to foam in your mount , you rinse for a few minutes, spit it out and continue on with...

Listerine PocketPaks
LISTERINE® PocketPaks are great to use on the go. I have a busy job that requires a lot of transportation to meet customers and business partners. I found this LISTERINE® PocketPaks are amazing to keep in the pocket. They help to keep my breath fresh and clean. I feel more...

Listerine Total Care Zero
Let me be the first to say I’ve never liked the taste of any Listerine product, I always thought they were too harsh tasting BUT I got sick last week. In researching natural remedies for sore throats, every ingredient in this amazing product, the Listerine Total Care Zero was...

Listerine Antiseptic Advanced Mouthwash
I love this mouth wash it is gentle on the mouth but gives a great rinse. This is one of my go to brand compared to others I have tried this is now part of my every day routine

Listerine Total Care
Best mouth wash I have ever used. I love how it leaves my mouth fresh and the alcohol in it helps me know it's working and doing its job. I would definitely say its worth the burn to know it's working well.

Listerine Fluoride Antiseptic Mouthwash
This mouthwash is very good at masking my bad breath. It leaves my mouth feeling cleaner than brushing my teeth alone. It burns my mouth sometimes, but it is worth it.

Listerine Whitening Plus Restoring
As someone who has two porcelain crowns, whitening has always been an issue for me. But with this, it really is as simple as swill and spit. It works, it’s fairly gentle on the gums (providing they’re healthy) and it really does maintain a healthy oral experience.

Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash
This is my favorite mouth wash. It might be a little more expensive than some of the other brands out there but it leaves my breath feeling and smelling fresh and clean. During my last pregnancy my gums were starting to bleed so I bought a bottle of Listerine since the same...

Listerine Multi Benefit Mouthwash
I use this mouthwash prior to brushing each night and I find it has a lot lee of a "burn" than other listerine products I have used and works well. A bit pricey though.

Listerine Total Care for Sensitive Teeth
J’aime la marque « Listerine » en général. Je l’utilise régulièrement. Je n’avais par contre jamais essayé celui-ci et je suis agréablement surprise par le gout tres doux et qui est plus tolérable à mon avis. Je l’adopte c’est sur!

Listerine fresh burst waxed floss
Dental floss is essential to a good mouth hygiene. This one as a great size, easy to put in the bathroom, as a really refreshing mint taste and it's easy to use. This is the one that I use right now and I love it.