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The Nestlé Company was founded in 1867 by Henri Nestlé, who developed the first milk-based baby formula in order to save the life of a neighbour’s baby. His Farine Lactée formula went on to nourish many babies who were unable to feed from their mothers or unable to accept the usual substitutes. Since this beginning, nutrition has been the heart of the Nestlé business.

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Nestlé Reviews

Nestlé Pure Life Natural Spring Water
I used to buy Nestles water over the no name brands. But this past year something has changed with their water. If you drink Eska water from Quebec you will not go back to Nestles. Problem is Eska is only affordable when on sale. Looking to buy a drinking water purification...

Nestlé Iced Tea
Nestlé Iced Tea

44 reviews

Nestea lemon iced tea has a good lemon taste, I like how much it’s sweetened. It’s refreshing. A good pick for iced tea any time. It’s hydrating, taste good cold.

Nestlé Pure Life Bottled Water
Nestle purified water has a great taste with no metal or Herb tastes as you will find in much of the waters on the market. Other waters like desani are bottled with too much air and I do not recommend this water when in the gym or running. I drink nestle in the gym. I drink...

Nestlé Splash Water with Grape
I am the kind of person that hates drinking water because it tastes so boring. Nestle splash flavored waters taste great so I don’t mind drinking water. I especially like the açaí/grape flavor.

Nestlé Nesfruta Orange Peach Mango
juice is made by a good namebrand, made with real fruit juices; citrusy, sweet, with some tang, such refreshing flavors together. easy quick on the go in a bottle or in a glass of cold water. quite expensive for the bottle, even on sale.

Nestlé Gold
Nestlé Gold

3 reviews

Not a coffee drinker, I prefer tea. But I received this as a sample and it was very nice. Already had milk added to it so it instantly foamed on top which was welcome. The flavour was delicious without being bitter or too sweet. Would drink this again!

Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water Pomegranate Lemonade
I was really excited to try this flavour since it was lemonade but I barely taste anything at all. I find it has a weird aftertaste. I was really happy with the price of this product but unfortunately was not happy with the quality

Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Lemon Lime
I got this drink expecting a mild lime taste. It is definitely stronger than I was looking for. Just the right amount of carbonation. It isn't my favourite, but it'll do in a pinch. And if you like lime, this is for you.

Nestlé Double Double Coffee Creamer
I find other creamers to sweet but this one is just right, like ordering the perfect double double every time. I don’t like other brands of creamers because I tend to get sick of the “fake” taste.

Nestlé Pure Life Lime Sparkling Carbonated Water
It's perfect for when you crave pop and want to avoid all the chemicals. Its 0 calories, 0 sugars and therefore you can have as many as you want. I buy a caeton every week. Would definitely recommend...

Nestlé Carnation Light Hot Chocolate
The light hot chocolate is good. It's not as rich as the regular hot chocolate. But, it's better since it has less sugar. It's good in hot water or with hot milk for a treat. It's terrific on a cold night.

Nestlé Cherry Berry Pure Life Splash Water
I love this stuff but it doesn't come in big bottles, just the 330mL size but that works fine for me. This water has great flavour and zero calories. It doesn't have a yucky aftertaste either! Kids love it too!

Nestlé Sparkling Pure Life Water
I love this water for one it doesn't leave an after taste in my mouth.its pure, water is life and its makes my life much easier for me when my friends come over ,they can just easily grab a bottle of Nestle pure life water .

Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Black Cherry Water
Love the refreshing taste of this drink. Also love the fact that there is Zero% sodium. Many others have way too much sodium in it which gives horrible after taste this definitely doesn't happen with Nestle. Keep cold so it keeps the carbonation. Great taste and product

Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Raspberry Lime Carbonated Water
This product is a great sparkling water with ZERO calories, carbs... does it get any better than that? Along with the taste that it has, it sure is one of the top sparkling waters on the market today!