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President's Choice

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President's Choice Reviews

President's Choice Liquid Water Enhancer
For a person who is not big on drinking water, this is a great product to use. Not only does it taste great, but it also is not sweetened with sugar. It uses stevia instead. I have tried all the flavors, and they all are really good.

President's Choice Black Chai Tea
This tea is a great option if you enjoy chai tea. I make chai tea lattes by shaking up milk in a mason jar, removing the lid and microwaving it for a few seconds. So delicious. #presidentschoice #chaitea

President's Choice Hazelnut Cream Flavoured Coffee Grounds
President's Choice Hazelnut Cream Coffee is my favourite flavour to brew. I grind the beans fresh when I am making coffee to preserve the freshness. It smells and tastes great.

President's Choice Root Beer
This PC drink is OK. The flavour doesn't last for long, it stops being fizzy after a day. I don't drink too much pop, anway. I wouldn't buy it again.

Presidents Choice Fine Grind Coffee
I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this coffee! It has a strong bold flavour yet it's not too strong to raise the hairs off your back. I really like this coffee in the morning, it's the perfect roast to start your day off right.

presidents choice the great canadian tassimo
A great cup of coffee. I only buy discs for my workplave coffee machine and this makes a great cup of rich coffee for a beggars price. Will absolutely purchase again.

President's Choice Berry Banana Smoothie
President's Choice Smoothie; my boss first introduced me to these smoothies very natural tasting home made squeezed fruit tasting more natural than others not as sweet good fruit flavour, natural flavour nice texture easy to drink good price