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President's Choice

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President's Choice Reviews

PC Aloe Hand Sanitizer
This hand sanitizer is great. I really like how my hands do not feel sticky. I would buy this again. This is now my favourite hand sanitizer. It also smells good.

President's Choice West Coast Dark Roast Gourmet Coffee
I love coffee and especially dark roast coffee. It’s been a challenge to find a good coffee that not only smells good but tastes good and has the strong dark roast flavour, I tried this one and loved it!! I will keep buying it over and over again.

President's Choice Cranberry Gingerale
I like cranberries, and ginger ale, and thought this might be a good choice. I am very disappointed - while the colour is great, there is no cranberry flavour, and not much ginger ale, just a generalized sweetness and acidity. It's closer to pink cream soda than it is to ginger...

P.C. Natural Spring Water
I absolutely love this product because its a great price, it tastes like fresh air and you get lots for the price.I love everything about it except the bottles. maybe a thicker bottle or carton instead of plastic but still great.

PC Blue Menu 100% Whole Wheat Bread
I'm always looking for a nice, low calorie bread and usually have to get it from the States. Now I found a bread here! The slices are a good size and not too thin, like some other brands. They taste good toasted or untoasted.

Presidents Choice 100% Sparkling Fruit Juice Pomegranate Cranberry
It's got all natural ingredients and a nice bubbles. Tastes great by itself or mixed with regular juice or even alcohol. It's just the right size, not too much and not too little.

President's Choice Great Canadian Coffee Maple
I tried this coffee on a whim and now I'm hooked! I also feel good about buying a product that is 100% compostable. The flavour and aroma are amazing and the price is awesome. You can't go wrong at 5.99 for 12!

Presidents Choice Medium Roast Whole beam coffee
Presidents Choice Medium Roast Whole bean coffee is amazing in taste. I use to be a Tims only coffee drinker. This coffee is great tasting, nice and smooth. Won't break the bank either. For sure pays to grind you're own coffee. So fresh much better than pre ground.

President's choice mocktail cosmopolitan
Not much for canned drinks other than pop...BUT this tasted like the real thing. Next one goes in the freezer door the slushy effect. Don't think I would want to spoil the taste with the position much ice. A little would go a long way. BRAVO! President's Choice.

President's Choice Earl Grey Tea
I am very particular about my Earl Grey tea and this is by far the best I've tried in forever. It kicks Tetley's out of the ballpark. So flavourful and such a bargain

President's Choice Ginger Peach Herbal Tea
This is a fabulous tea to drink when you are sick, and it is great to drink for fun when you're not. It has a wonderful taste, and is great lightly sweetened. It's not too gingery and has a strong peach taste. It's great in every season. It also works well as an iced tea, which...

President's Choice Moroccan-Style Mint Green Tea
My favorite mint green tea. I don't brew cups of this, I brew pots. I find it especially good when I feel a cold or flu coming on, or when I find myself stuck in one or my throat gets messed up. I strong pot or three of this stuff and I can at least breathe or speak for a...

President's Choice 100% sparkling fruit juice
I always pick these up. They taste amazing. I would like to say I always have them in the fridge. But they don't really last long. My kids always drink them as soon as they see them

President's Choice Medium Roast Coffee
This is the best cup of coffee you’ll ever get ! It’s not too strong no bitter taste it’s the perfect cup. We’ve tried all different ones and find this to be the best one.

President's Choice with pulp 1000% orange juice
This is amazing orange juice!! It tastes just like a freshly squeezed orange. It's so refreshing and fresh..hard to stop drinking it. I usually don't like pulp in my juice, but this doesn't bother me at all.