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Red Rose

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Red Rose Reviews

Red Rose Orange Pekoe Tea Bags
This red rose orange pekoe tea is in the classic teabag format with string. I’d like how quickly it steeps — I don’t have to leave it in my cup for too many minutes end it doesn’t leave a bad residue on my teeth behind. The price is good and I always tend to buy a...

Red Rose Orange Pekoe Black Tea K-Cup Packs
Les k cups a la long revient tres cher pour moi qui est une personne qui boit seulement du thé. Mais j avoue que j'adore le gout qui n est pas battable a compare au marque maison. Si je veux me gater alors j en achetes une boite de temps a temps.

Red Rose Canadian Breakfast Tea Bags
It has been awhile since I really had Red Rose Tea and I mostly had it as a teenager and then stopped for a few uears Now, I am finding myself drinking it more and more. It tastes exactly like it did over 10 years ago and the fond memories are wonderful while sipping a hot or a...

Red Rose Orange Pekoe Decaffeinated Tea Bags
I am very picky when it comes to my tea but Red Rose decaf is by far my favourite. I highly recommended it especially if decaf is important to you. Nothing else compares.

Red Rose Organic Orange Pekoe Tea
Not sure why this tea specifically but red rose orange pekoe always makes my day a little brighten when I am feeling under the weather or on cold winter days

Red Rose Sweet Temptations Strawberry Cheesecake
Absolutely love this! I picked this up not expecting very much. They are the “Sweet Temptations” line by @shareredrosetea. This one is delicious by far my favorite tea

Red Rose Vanilla Biscotti KCup
I really really really wish companies would STOP PUTTING FAKE SWEETENER in the there single serve products. It just ruins the entire product with the terrible sucralose aftertaste. YUCK! I love vanilla tea. LOVE LOVE LOVE! So when I found a product for my Keurig, I was sold...