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Red Rose

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Red Rose Reviews

Red Rose Orange Pekoe Tea Bags
love red rose, goes back to childhood, and those famous red rose figurines. wish you would bring those back, since you would have every one else buying those again and rekindle all those lost lovers of your tea again. bring back those gingebread men please.

Red Rose Orange Pekoe Black Tea K-Cup Packs
Les k cups a la long revient tres cher pour moi qui est une personne qui boit seulement du thé. Mais j avoue que j'adore le gout qui n est pas battable a compare au marque maison. Si je veux me gater alors j en achetes une boite de temps a temps.

Red Rose Canadian Breakfast Tea Bags
Definately recommend the Red Rose Canadian breakfast tea. It comes in a box with tea bags and keeps you going with out all the caffine like other teas have and keep you awake at night. Love it and great for tea parties with our little ones or even our friends and loved ones...

Red Rose Orange Pekoe Decaffeinated Tea Bags
For an inexpensive tea, I love Red Rose. Orange Pekoe is the primo gentle black tea. Mellow and rich without bitterness. Prefer the non-decaf version, but tried this one when my mom came to visit me. Not a huge fan, but it's not bad at all.

Red Rose Organic Orange Pekoe Tea
I was so happy to get the chance to try Red Rose Organic Orange Pekoe Tea. I made myself a cup of this Red Rose tea and sat down to watch some shows. It was absolutely delicious. I loved the taste and the scent. Some teas have an aftertaste but this tea does not. I will...

Red Rose Sweet Temptations Strawberry Cheesecake
Absolutely love this! I picked this up not expecting very much. They are the “Sweet Temptations” line by @shareredrosetea. This one is delicious by far my favorite tea

Red Rose Vanilla Biscotti KCup
I really really really wish companies would STOP PUTTING FAKE SWEETENER in the there single serve products. It just ruins the entire product with the terrible sucralose aftertaste. YUCK! I love vanilla tea. LOVE LOVE LOVE! So when I found a product for my Keurig, I was sold...