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Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Inc. is a Canadian multinational fast casual restaurant known for its coffee and doughnuts. It is also Canada's largest fast food service with over 3,000 stores nationwide.

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Tim Hortons Twitter

TimHortonsUS  Tim Hortons U.S.

@dawoodsaifmoha1 Hi there, we’re sorry for any frustration. Kindly DM us with the location/date/time of your visit,… https://t.co/8Gv1HbklIF

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TimHortonsUS  Tim Hortons U.S.

@TK47362 Thank you, we'll follow up with you there.

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TimHortonsUS  Tim Hortons U.S.

@andreascaitlyn We're sorry to hear this, Caitlyn. We've sent you a DM, and look forward to hearing from you. https://t.co/ZCiFUZAo9U

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Tim Hortons Reviews

Tim Hortons Dark Roast K-Cups
Tim Hortons is one of my favorites. The dark roast has a great strong rich flavor. As a k-cup it makes it easy to enjoy while at home or at the office!

Tim Hortons English Toffee
My favourite specialty drink from Tim Hortons. French Vanilla dominates all the Tim Hortons near me; I miss my English Toffee. It's heaven in a cup. Filling, thick, and just all kinds of yummy.

Tim Hortons Dark Chocolate Latte
I didn't like this at all, it tastes so artificial and nothing like dark chocolate. Their plain hot chocolate is 100000x better.

Tim Hortons Pumpkin Spice Tea
I'm sad that I don't like this one... it's both Timmies and pumpkin spice! It is very, very, very SPICEY. That's all I could say, that I was surprised how spicy it was. There were faint hints of an aftertaste of baking and pie which was good but that was a very mild...

Tim Hortons Tassimo Sweet Latte
Omg better then at the Tim Hortons place !

Tim Hortons French Vanilla Keurig Cup
Tried these because I love Tim’s French vanilla. Absolutely hated it. It was strangely sweetened and it tasted awful with a horrible after taste. Would not buy again

Tim Hortons Chocolate Latte
Omygosh i believe i am addicted Lol. I had never had one before until my friend treated me now I buy at least 2 a day. Lol i think i may need an intervention!

Tim Hortons Pumpkin Spice Latte
I love pumpkin spice, it is my favorite flavor. However having said that I wouldn't waste your money on this drink (I am also a huge Timmies fan) It is cloyingly sweet with very little actual pumpkin spice flavour, the whipped cream on top is usually a nice treat but it is...

Oreo Iced Capp
Oreo Iced Capp

3 reviews

the Oreo ice capps from Tim Horton's is my favorite you gotta make sure you have it made with cream and have whipped toppings if you love oreo's and iced capp's this will be your new favorite drink at Tim Horton's its only limited time so go now

Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino Mix
C'est une de mes boissons préféré a faire a la maison. Ça goute comme au tim horton. J'adore le gout de la vanille francaise c'eT tellement bon. Ca fait un bon cappucino

Tim Hortons T-Disk
I LOVE my Tim Hortons coffee! I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but when I do have it it's either because I bought an Iced Capp from Tims, or I made some myself at home with my Tassimo and I use my Tim's T Discs! So good!

Tim Hortons Mocha Latte
It didnt seem to have much caffeine in it. It was very bitter and it always seems to be different at different Tim Horton locations. I also find it to be a problem that you have no dairy alternatives for your coffee products.

Tim Hortons Iced Mocha Latte
J'ai vraiment adoré le goût et la fraicheur. Un peu dispendieux mais tellement bon et rafraîchissant. Je le recommande par une chaude journée ou tout simplement pour se faire plaisir !!

Tim Hortons Tassimo Iced Coffee
This is too sweet! I expected it to just be coffee...disappointing!