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Member Since:  April 24, 2019
I'm 38 yrs old 🌸 single mother to 1 yr old Autistic boy🧩. From New Brunswick🌸 Canada. #ProudCanadian🇨🇦, Studying Medical Aesthe 🌸 Makeup Junkie 🌸

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2023-10-04 20:10:51

July 13, 2020 

Yes we are friends now. Thank You Have a Great Week
 Thank You

2023-10-04 20:10:51

March 31, 2020 

@JessCanadian, thank you for the sweet note on my profile! Yes, those pics do go back over the years. I have not always been the best at taking care of my skin, but a couple of things I have been pretty regular about. (1) SLEEP, sleep, and more sleep. For real, nothing comes between me and 8 good hours usually. On nights when I cheat or have insomnia, I definitely look a lot rougher in the morning. (2) Better quality skin care products. Everyone has certain brands that work for them, but I have definitely found that the cheaper brands are NOT for me (which is sad because I'm a cheapskate). I have been using Vichy for many years now and it has been a very good fit for me. I mostly use the Aqualia line which is for hydration. Even though I have Combination skin, hydration is still important. And I use the serum and night cream too. Have to do the full routine! (3) For weekly pampering, I do a clay mask or a DIY honey mask. Also very hydrating, and also very gentle. I found most clay masks work for me; you don't have to go expensive here (although I really like Vichy's clay mask). And the Honey mask is literally just pantry honey that I smear over my face. (4) I sleep on my back. For a long time I slept on my side and saw significant wear on that side of my face. Ever since I switched to back sleeping it got better! (5) Exercise and sauna. I am so very very spoiled to have a sauna in my house, but sweating benefits can also be gained by a simple steam mask from time to time. And exercise for me is switching between power yoga and running. The cardio is so good for my circulation that my skin looks the very best about a half hour after I finished my exercise. It doesn't hurt that I'm drinking lots of water during these things, which is something I otherwise struggle with (I dislike the taste of plain water). (6) And failing all of those things, CC cream :) It really does make a huge difference for me. I blend it with my regular day lotion so that it appears really seamless.

Hope that helps, and hope you have a wonderful day in beautiful New Brunswick! I visited Saint John as a teenager and have always wanted to go back. Hopefully some day :)
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2023-10-04 20:10:51
Lynette Barkley

March 07, 2020 

hey will let u know soon ok
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2023-10-04 20:10:51

September 17, 2019 

Jessica Richard
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