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Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Soap

I LOVEEE bath and body works soaps! They have so many new smells all the time which is so much fun even my boyfriend enjoys picking which ones he likes more! Always a scent for everyone! Cleans my hands so nicely without drying them out. Love the foam soaps, they're my favorite!

Christian lenart

J'achète maintenant depuis plusieurs années, cette eau de bleuets pour mes yeux. Qui apaise et decongestionne les yeux. Elle est adapté a tout type de peau. Je l utilise chaque matin a mon reveil et le soir, je l applique sur un coton et le passe sur mes yeux ( fermés). Je...

The green beaver company foaming hand soap

The green beaver company hand soap foaming in lavender scent in particular has been a household staple for us as a family. We leave the prettier and fancier soaps for guests, however for daily use natural is key and this particular hand soap works great for our family. The...

Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizers

I Love things, would buy again and again! Super easy to throw in the purse or backpack, and they smell so good and are so adorable! A must have for work!

Axe Apollo Body Wash

One of my favorite body washes to use. Dont need a lot and the smell is amazing! You can literally smell it for hours after you've used it!! Highly recommend.