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Anti-perspirant/Deodorant - Natural Reviews

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Schmidt's Sage + Vetiver Natural Deodorant

336 reviews

I liked this deodorant because it is relatively long-lasting compared to other brands I've used in the past. I think its retail price is a bit steep but I'd say you get your value for the money with this deodorant. One application is good for abour 5 hours for heavy sweaters (of...
Schmidt's Charcoal + Magnesium Natural Deodorant

323 reviews

Overall great product. Scent was amazing. Just not enough protection for sweating. Overall it didnt last all day for me. I felt sweating all day. But other then that I would recommend to someone that maybe didnt sweat as much
Schmidt's Bergamot + Lime Natural Deodorant

291 reviews

I received Schmidts Bergamot and Lime Natural Deodorant free for testing but all opinions are my own. The initial scent is such summer like lime and fresh however it doesn't last long. I don't have problems with body odor so unsure how well this product worked for that but it...
Dove Men+Care Refillable Deodorant Starter Kit, Clean Touch

93 reviews

My husband received the Dove Mens deodorant which came with a handsome stainless steel reusable container. It was a bit of a pain to put the refill in. He did not like the scent and would have preferred an antiperspirant. He also felt there was too much product hiding out in the...
Dove Men + Care Refillable Deodorant Starter Kit, Fresh Feel

94 reviews

Great deodorant - keeps me fresh and dry all day long. Nice, subtle scent. It is great that it is refillable and therefore less waste. Can't wait to see more products like this!
Schmidt's Here + Now Natural Deodorant

50 reviews

I highly recommend this product or any of their products when it comes to natural deodorant it really does work with helping to reduce the odour the only downfall is that it rubs off on clothes sometimes.
Schmidt's Bergamot + Lime Natural Deodorant Jar

11 reviews

I absolutely LOVE the scent of this deodorant!! This was the first natural deodorant I’ve tried and I’ve repurchased 5 times so far. I prefer the stick version for convenience, but appreciate the less waste with the jar.
Tom's of Maine Long-Lasting Men's Natural Deodorant

1 review

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this all-natural deodorant, but I was pleasantly surprised by what a great job it did. It’s free from artificial colours, fragrances and preservatives AND it’s not tested on animals, all things that I’m glad to know about a product like...