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Body Sprays Reviews

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AXE Black Body Spray

299 reviews

I use a lot of different X products or fragrances but I used this one also quite a bit I highly recommended it smells awesome if you don't have it it you got to buy it
AXE Gold Body Spray

276 reviews

I love all AXE products, but the Gold line really intrigued me. The scents are classic and smell very expensive, while the products are so cheap and affordable lol. I loved this scent the most and got so many compliments:) AXE on guys :)
AXE YOU Body Spray

200 reviews

I Absolutely go no where without using my Axe YOU Bodyspray. I love the fresh smell even if my mom says it’s too strong. Lol. I use the spray first thing in the morning and it lasts all day. The girls like the fresh smell too.
AXE Dark Temptation Daily Fragrance

123 reviews

I never leave without using my axe. The smell of this one is one of the best and always buy it for my son ,so he can go to school smelling good like his dad.lol
AXE Excite Daily Fragrance

71 reviews

This product has made my top shelf in my room. I use different scents for different occasions. I like this one when I am going out for the evening with friends. This smell makes me feel confident.
AXE Anarchy Daily Fragrance

58 reviews

My wife loves it after i come out of the shower and i cuddle up to her. She seems to creap in and smell up all over me... Think she likes it more than i do ..
AXE Phoenix Daily Fragrance

56 reviews

I love the fresh scent. I always have one at home and one in my vehicle. It's masculine and I love to feel fresh and smell fresh. My wife loves the scent, my sons use it all the time and I've had friends and acquaintances ask me about it. When I smell so fresh it makes me feel...
AXE Kilo Daily Fragrance

56 reviews

My son absolutely loves this product. He started highschool this year and was looking for that different kind of smell...unique but amazing and this product is it!
AXE Apollo Daily Fragrance

83 reviews

This product smells great! I use this all the time after working out. Definitely a great buy since it lasts a long time. Smell it if you haven’t already, it’s good!
L'Oreal Men Expert Arginine Resist x3 Reinforcing Spray

1 review

Bon produit je recommande fortement. L’odeur est très bien, bonne efficacité de celui ci. De plus le prix est très interessant pour un produit de bonne qualité comme ce produit.
Alfred sung

1 review

The go to for any woman who wants to feel special. The floral scent is uplifting and carries you away to the field of flowers that enchants our memories
AXE® Ice Chill™ Deodorant Body Spray

2 reviews

I use Axe body sprays everyday and more than once a day! Love the smell of this one because of its cool clean scent! Love to try all the sprays! Would recommend the Axe Body Sprays to every guy who does not want the heavy smell of cologne!

1 review

These products are just what I need. I am a senior and most products are Giving me a problem. I have sensitive skin. The quality is excellent and also the value. Other products do not work as fast.
AXE Gold Temptation Daily Fragrance

5 reviews

We buy this all the time for my son. It's not over bearing and some of the scents are really close to colognes out there. The price is great and it's super easy to use.
perry ellis aqua

1 review

This is my favorite perfume, and I absolutely love it!! This scent is clean and fresh with a tiny touch of florals. Friends always say how great I smell and I tell them what I'm wearing. So thank you Perry Ellis!!
Old Spice Body Spray

12 reviews

Ok, it sprayed on smooth and quenching. The can is even calming to pick up and h andle. Price wise well again it all based on your location. All in all it is very vibrant.
AXE Peace Daily Fragrance

1 review

Fragrance pour le corps Axe, personnellement je n'ai jamais adoré cette marque mais les fragrance! Ils sentent très bon, dure longtemps, rajoute une touche d'homme! Après tout il le faut bien! Je vous le recommande fortement!