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Body Sprays Reviews

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AXE Black Body Spray

305 reviews

I love all the axe body sprays and when they are on sale I buy a lot just to make sure I have some always available. There hasn't been any sent that in didn't like. I'm a huge fan of axe products. This one is amazing just like every one of the axe body sprays.
AXE Gold Body Spray

283 reviews

just love the array of the Axe products... of all this one is my favorite. have used this for a long time and have not find any other that works well enough.
AXE YOU Body Spray

206 reviews

Another added smell my collection of axe products, back and forth with them daily and is definitely in my top 3 for effectiveness, smells great, chicks dig it and lasts all day. Great for the I didn't have time to shower days or an quick blast if freshening.
AXE® Ice Chill™ Deodorant Body Spray

149 reviews

Well, I usually use the deodorant stick. But sometimes I just have time for a quick application. The cool feeling is awesome..it does kinda fade..and I did have to reapply but yeah I recommend it to my buddy's
AXE Dark Temptation Daily Fragrance

133 reviews

I have used most AXE products and this is one of my regular / daily use product. i love the scent and freshness a sit stays all day long. cannot go without this
AXE Sneakers and Cookies Body Spray

72 reviews

This is, in my opinion, the best smelling axe spray out there! It smells so good and it lasts on me all day! It’s my go to body spray! Defiantly recommend trying this one out if you haven’t yet!
AXE Excite Daily Fragrance

73 reviews

Je trouve que c’est du parfum qui dégage une mauvaise odeur très forte je ne trouve pas les lot pour d’écrire l’odeur et de plus c’est un parfum de base qualité
AXE Anarchy Daily Fragrance

63 reviews

This scent smells amazing and I would definitely buy this product again. Also, unlike most sprays, this one doesn't leave stains which is good. For someone looking to smell good, give this spray a try.
AXE Phoenix Daily Fragrance

62 reviews

I have been using this product for years, because of the price point, uniqueness of the product and quantity. It has drawn attention from people around me. Something to potential improve is reducing the make up the bottles.
AXE Kilo Daily Fragrance

60 reviews

I love axe, some scents more than others and Kilo is definitely one of my faves. It lasts a long time so my bf smells fresh all day. Highly recommend this spray.
AXE Apollo Daily Fragrance

88 reviews

Axe is another product with lots of different scents that are all really good ones. I like pretty much all the scents and Apollo is one of my favorite. It lasts a while which is good and I would buy it again.
AXE Wild Body Spray

37 reviews

this product smells great and it would last at least 8-10 hours per day if you don't exercise a lot. you can go swimming and it would stay on your skim. I really recommend it
Bath & Body Works Ocean Body Spray

1 review

This bath and body works Signature Collection OCEAN Deodorizing Body Spray is my favourite one. Smells amazing all day long. My everyday on the go product.
Adidas team force body spray

1 review

I like this body spray, my girl friend bought me it as a gift and I been using it ever since. It smells amazing, the only thing is, it seem to only come in the set.
Bod man body spray

1 review

This is my go to body spray, I use it almost everyday. It smell good without being too strong. My girl really like the smell too. The price is also really reasonable
Alfred sung

1 review

The go to for any woman who wants to feel special. The floral scent is uplifting and carries you away to the field of flowers that enchants our memories
Old spice Re Fresh Fiji

2 reviews

This had me wanting sunshine and a beach.. to bad looked out and still snow, a good lasting effect of a nice smell which isnt over powering and seems to build as the day went on, found myself sniffing to take me back to a beach
AXE Gold Temptation Daily Fragrance

7 reviews

My husband used this brand prior to switching to a different brand. I like the scent of this product. - has this general "masculine" scent ..The spray format makes it easy to apply.
perry ellis aqua

1 review

This is my favorite perfume, and I absolutely love it!! This scent is clean and fresh with a tiny touch of florals. Friends always say how great I smell and I tell them what I'm wearing. So thank you Perry Ellis!!
Old Spice Body Spray

17 reviews

Feels very fresh right after you use, but the freshness doesn't last for a while compared to the AXE sprays. Also the twist cap on the edge of this bottle is annoying at times since you have to look for the position all the time. Also the thumb space to exert the quirt is very...