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Body Sprays Reviews

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AXE Black Body Spray

297 reviews

This product really is confusing, it is not an antiperspirant so it does nothing for sweat, it smells good for what I've come to have a negative review of axe sprays.
AXE Gold Body Spray

275 reviews

I think I enjoy the smell of this Axe Gold Body spray more than my husband... I honestly can’t stop smelling him when he wears it! It definitely has a stronger scent but this means that he only has to use a small amount to smell great. Usually we aren’t huge fans of Vanilla...
AXE YOU Body Spray

199 reviews

I love it’s scent on my husband it’s very refreshing and unique and smell so good such smells you can only find in highend perfumes but in this price it’s awesome
AXE Dark Temptation Daily Fragrance

121 reviews

Ladies, if your man doesn't have this please do yourself a favor and get it for him! Trust me, your nose will thank you. When my guy wears this, I could literally follow him around all day like Toucan Sam. "Follow your nose." It combines fresh from the shower, chocolate...
AXE Excite Daily Fragrance

71 reviews

This product has made my top shelf in my room. I use different scents for different occasions. I like this one when I am going out for the evening with friends. This smell makes me feel confident.
AXE Anarchy Daily Fragrance

56 reviews

Very nice smell, not overpowering and it lasts all day, I plan on making this a daily use body spray. I definitely will buy this again. Love the twist to open feature.
AXE Phoenix Daily Fragrance

56 reviews

I love the fresh scent. I always have one at home and one in my vehicle. It's masculine and I love to feel fresh and smell fresh. My wife loves the scent, my sons use it all the time and I've had friends and acquaintances ask me about it. When I smell so fresh it makes me feel...
AXE Kilo Daily Fragrance

56 reviews

My son absolutely loves this product. He started highschool this year and was looking for that different kind of smell...unique but amazing and this product is it!
AXE Apollo Daily Fragrance

80 reviews

This smells great, i put it on after I take a shower and it lasts and lasts, kind of strong at first, but by the time i get whee I am going its mellowed out but still distinctive
AXE Gold Temptation Daily Fragrance

5 reviews

We buy this all the time for my son. It's not over bearing and some of the scents are really close to colognes out there. The price is great and it's super easy to use.
perry ellis aqua

1 review

This is my favorite perfume, and I absolutely love it!! This scent is clean and fresh with a tiny touch of florals. Friends always say how great I smell and I tell them what I'm wearing. So thank you Perry Ellis!!
AXE Peace Daily Fragrance

1 review

Fragrance pour le corps Axe, personnellement je n'ai jamais adoré cette marque mais les fragrance! Ils sentent très bon, dure longtemps, rajoute une touche d'homme! Après tout il le faut bien! Je vous le recommande fortement!
Old Spice Body Spray

11 reviews

OLD SPICE BODY SPRAY REVIEWS BY OLD SPICE This product is a good size and continues to stick to its original branded scent of honourable masculinity. I would buy this again.