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Eye Care Reviews

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BioTrue Eye drops

10 reviews

I especially liked the portable one- time use packages. This will come in handy for trips and travel. Also, I really like this company’s contact lens solution and their eye drops are equally as good! I will definitely be looking out for this product in stores!
Bio true eye drops - Dry eyes

8 reviews

@biotrue_solution drops are great for dry eyes. I suffer from dry eyes a lot because of working on a computer and I have pretty sensitive eyes so it's hard to find eye drops that don't irritate my eyes more or make the dryness worse and itchy. These hydrate my eyes and help them...
Opti-Free Replenish Contact Lens Solution

38 reviews

This contact solution is gentle on the eyes and also very effective. I find it cleans my lenses well and I would recommend trying it if you haven't found a solution you like!
Fronnor-Eye-Massager-with-Heat-Vibration,Air Pressure Electric Portable Shiatsu Massager for Dry Eyes Eyestrain Temple Headaches Fatigue Relief Therapy

1 review

I suffer from severe migraines and was tired of medications not working or only working short term. Purchasing this from her eye massager was the best thing I could of done. It heat, massage and pulse in one. It literally helps just by massaging your eyes. If I use this while...
Insta Naturals Vitamin C Moisturizer

1 review

Insta Naturals has a line of awesome skin care products the vitamin c moisturizer is my favorite. It provides full hydration non greasy and the best of all natural products. No harmful ingredients! If your looking for skincare definitely check this line out. I have all their...
Refresh Relieva Eye Drops

1 review

I tried Refresh Relieva Lubricant Eye Drops. They really help dry eyes feel better. I have allergies and they help relieve the itchiness. They relieve the burning and irritation. I would recommend them.
Sustain ultra lubricant eyedrops

1 review

Systane ultra lubricant eyedrops is an excellent product. It gives long lasting relief too tired, dry ice. It really does hydrate your eyes My eyes sometimes will feel dry and itchy but this product truly does help

1 review

The only downside i have with them is that their shipping takes FOREVER. they say it was 7 business days from purchase, but it took my glasses over a month. I like the quality though, and my lenses have prism on them which most discount places do not offer.
L'Oreal Paris voluminous Lash Paradise Primer

1 review

This is a primer you put on before you put your mascara on. And ladies it's amazing how it makes your lashes look so full and beautiful. And it helps with longer wear of your mascara. If you haven't already tried it you really should....
Tijn Blue light glasses

1 review

These blue light filter glasses are effective. I work long hours in front of the laptop screen as I am studying all day or watching Netflix. That tends to dry out my eyes and irritate them. I have started using these blue light glasses and those problems are significantly less...
TonyMoly Algae Eye Serum

1 review

When I applied this product, I instantly felt a cooling sensation. It reminds me of my cucumber eye serum I normally use. It absorb instantly and my eyes felt more awake. Definitely woke up the skin. I plan to use this straight out of my refrigerator for a nice, cool pick-me-up...
belif moisturizing eye bomb

14 reviews

I like that it comes with .84 ounces rather than the standard .5 for eye products and the price wasn't crazy. This jar will last a long time. It does what it says in regards to moisturizing well. I like using it before make up. I think it does help to smooth out some of the...
Clear Eyes Triple Action Relief

4 reviews

Works very well for the dry, itchy eyes.. especially with the dry ever changing weather. feel more relaxed and relieved with the heaviness after days work.
Marcelle eye makeup remover

1 review

For anyone with allergies, this eye makeup remover is fantastic. It lasts a long time as not much is needed. I prefer the product in the bottle and I use a cotton ball. You can buy it in removing pads, but you’ll pay more.
Blue Light Blockers

1 review

Product: Blue Light Blocking Glasses Many years ago, I had corrective eye surgery.Though it has been almost 30 years now and I am sure the surgery has advanced, there were a few long-lasting side effects such as my eyes becoming tired quite easily and light sensitivity. Life is...
zennioptical.com prescription glasses

1 review

I have been buying my prescription glasses from zennioptical.com for years and they are just as good as a $200 pair. They are good quality, last for years, and they have 1000's of styles to choose from. The site is really easy to use and you can upload your picture so that you...
Dailies AquaComfort PLUS - Toric

2 reviews

I have had a lot of trouble with dry eyes wearing contacts. These ones are the best of any I have tried and I've tried them all. They fit nicely and are easy to put in. The marker for the toric is easy to see on the contact making them easy to get inserted right side up. My only...
Mascara maybelline

6 reviews

Maybe Kline has several great mascaras in their line. You can buy them at the drugstore or your local grocery store. Amazon sells them on subscribe and save. You can get a new tune every 3 months
Vichy Supreme Eyes

1 review

Vichy Supreme Eyes is so gentle which is great for a part of your face that is so delicate. It was easy to work in and didn't leave a greasy feeling. Made my skin in the eye area very moisturized
Equate Multi-Purpose Solution For Soft Contact Lenses

1 review

This multi-purpose solution is a great value of 12 ounces for the price of a few dollars. I use this in place of a more expensive name-brand solution and the Equate solution works just as well. I use it daily for my soft contact lenses and it has helped retain moisture and keep...