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Hand Sanitizer Reviews

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Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizers

610 reviews

i love bath and body works hand sanitizers they alwwys have such amazing smells for the times of the seasons and they work very well, my go to if i have goo on my hands as well!
Bath & Body Works Sanitizing Hand Gel

214 reviews

I find that the scent of these sanitizers are a bit to strong. I do like the scents but which they were not so potent. Other then that, I do like the size of them.
Purell Hand Sanitiser

21 reviews

I love this stuff. I buy this stuff all the time for myself, my husband, my kids to carry with them, and one big bottle for the house. There is no strong odor, doesn't feel greasy or sticky and dries quickly. I like the scented ones, they put off a soft, subtle scent, nothing...
PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer NATURALS

29 reviews

I send my kids with a few of these every year to school. They love the smell, I love that they aren't tracking in elementary school germs! I also use this at work. Gentle on the hands and smells decent.
Pur Fresh Lemon Hand Cleanser

1 review

I have purchased this brand of hand sanitizer for years and currently have it in three different scents. Lemon and Cucumber don’t really smell too nice on the hands when you’re done rubbing it into your hands but the original smells just fine. Don’t find I have a sticky...
Bath and Body Paris Anti-bacterial Hand Gel

22 reviews

I love how small and easy to use this is! I have mine in my purse and use it all the time. It leaves my hands feeling clean and smelling amazing! They often have new scents and they are all great.
Pc foaming hand sanitizer

1 review

Effective sanitizer with a subtle smell i work on a scent free environment and this quilalifies. I prefer the foaming type over the girls as it seems to be easier to control the amount used and it’s easier to spread across your hands.
Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes Hand Sanitizer

1 review

I love having these in my bathroom especially when i'm having my grandkids they love using it over and over, one of them bathes her doll in it...lol I'm using the peach one right now, I bought 5 different ones when they go on sale. I would love for everyone that loves a...
LaSenza Body Kiss Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Sanitizer

1 review

I picked up this LaSenza Body Kiss Hand Sanitizer in the scent of 'Berry Lovely' awhile ago.. I wasn't too sure of the price of it until I opened it and smelled the nicest hand sanitizer I have ever smelled.. It has these tiny microbeads in it that dissolve as you rub it into...
Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes Hand Sanitizer

13 reviews

This one is my favorite! I have one in my purse and one in my desk. A thousand wishes smells so wonderful! If you are going to use hand sanitizer, it might as well smell awesome!
Bath & Body Hand Sanitizer in Farmstand Apple

1 review

I have the 225ml version which comes with a pump, and i find it so useful to keep at my desk! I also love the scent of it, smells like fresh apples but unfortunately does have an afterscent of alcohol (but disappears almost immediately). While i don't think the "Farmstand Apple"...
Soley instant Hand Sanitizer.Coconut and ginger scented with aloe

1 review

Was a lil low on cash and saw this at my local supermarket_(Western Beef) I purchase a few bottles the smell is amazing also it dnt leave that stucky feeling like most sanitizer.leaves ur hands feeling soft also
one step sanitizer with aloe

12 reviews

For its me the best hand sanitizer . I always have it handy in my purse and at home . I think it does a great job in having your hands clean . I like that it has aloe in it because this way it doesn't dry out your hands .
One step extra strength hand sanitizer

1 review

This sanitizer just left a sticky feeling after being applied to hands. Not a fun feeling. Don't know how effective it is with that on my mind ?! Would not use again.
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer - Farmstand Apple

1 review

I love the smell of apples, and it's not hard to say that I love the smell of this! It smells of fall and apples, but without being artificially fake. And while it does have the aftersmell/ hint of alcohol at the end, that is to be expected as there is alcohol in the product to...
source invigorating gel advanced

1 review

This is the sanitizer I found while shopping at Aldis so I went ahead and grabbed it! This products works just as great as the other hand sanitizers you can buy. The only thing I don't like is that it smells stronger than the other but my hands didn't dry out after using and its...
Compliments Hand Sanitizer

1 review

This hand sanitizer is perfect. It doesn't dry my skin out. It smells great! And it even help soften my skin. The gel is cooling,and it contains aloe. It's even gentle enough to use if my skin is cracked or broken.
Microsan Encore foaming alcohol hand sanitizer

1 review

I was given this to take home from hospital. It has a pump dispenser and is easy to use. The foaming antiseptic really kills germs effectively and is nice to keep in the car or purse when washing your hands is hard to do.
Bath 7 Body Works Antibaterial GelDriftwood+Ginger

1 review

I bought my husband for his stocking #Bath&BodyWorks;Driftwood + Ginger hand sanitizer and he just loves the awesome smell of the ginger and wood scent and it kept his hands smelling clean & fresh and of course sanitized !!!He used it throughout Christmas as we traveled around...
Purell hand sanitizer wipes

5 reviews

I purchased these to get rid of nasty germs! Works great! Not only on my hands but can also use it on surfaces. Kills 99.99 % germs! The kind I got was fresh citrus scent and smells good!