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Hand Sanitizer Reviews

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Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizers

886 reviews

addicted to these! I have them all around my house, my truck, i even got the key chain holder for my hand sani. Smells good and ur hands are sanitized. Couldn't ask for anything better.
Bath & Body Works Sanitizing Hand Gel

217 reviews

Omg this is one of my must haves . They hundreds of scents to choose from along with the colours. I have one in my purse at all times and Emmy children each have one in their backpacks at all times.
PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer NATURALS

40 reviews

Super produit et en plus il sent bon xxx.pas collent pour les mains. Je le recommende parce que il est pratique et simple a utilisser. Il vient avec plusieur senteur.
Purell Hand Sanitiser

31 reviews

Very good product. I find it very practical that there are several sizes of bottles. I bring a small bottle for shopping and it doesn't take up too much space. Fragrance-free scent is my favorite.
Bath and body works pocket hand sanitizer

6 reviews

I'd be completley and totally lost without these right now. They were the only ones I could find during the pandemic and there's such a huge scent variety to choose from to keep things from getting boring. I really love how convenient they are for clipping onto my purse for on...

1 review

You love one of their candles fragrance ? Chances are it's available in hand sanitizer form ! And what is even more convenient it comes in a easy travel size you can fit in any bag or even the tiniest of jean pocket. It leaves the hand feeling fresh and cleaner. With a powerfull...
Trader Joe's Grapefruit & Lemon Hand Sanitizer Spray

1 review

Trader Joe's Grapefruit & Lemon Hand Sanitizing Spray is my ATF product to keep in my handbag, in my car, on the nightstand & pretty much everywhere during COVID19. Sadly, I must ration my supplies, as we don't have Trader Joe's in Canada... and since borders are closed, I...
Argan gold argan & nano particle sanitising spray

1 review

I absolutely love this. Simply Argan do a great selection of products and this is definitely near the top of my list. I'm washing my hands a lot at the moment so I wanted a sanitiser that wouldn't leave my hands feeling dry and this fits the bill. It comes in a little spray...
Purcell hand sanitizers

1 review

We used their hand sanitizer frequently on our return trip from Aruba We self quarantine for 14 days and believe the frequent use of hand sanitizer kept us safe and healthy!
Chéri-moi gel anti bactérien

1 review

Enfin voici un excellent produit naturel à mon humble avis Il ne rend pas les mains sec même après plusieurs applications ces derniers jours 😏 quand j’utilise ce genre de produit je ne m’attends pas à une odeur autre que la propreté ( j’applique une crème à main...
life hand sanitizer

1 review

i bought the life gingerbread scented hand sanitizer, it does the job with just a little dab, my hands feel cleaner but the smell is a little off! the only thing i would change is to improve on the smell! it smells like gingerbread but also a mix of something else that smells a...
Germs Be Gone Sanitizer Gel

2 reviews

I purchased this great product at the Dollar store was unable to find it anywhere else due to COVID-19 I paid 6 dollars a bottle purchase 3 of this hand Sanitizer Gel it was worth the price it's very effective at keeping my family members hands germ free have one on my counter...
Cien Hand Gel

1 review

Coronavirus is spreading fast amongst the hot bed of cold, flu and other nasties you’ll encounter when out and about and you’re not always near a sink. A 60% alcohol or more sanitizer for hands is recommended when on public transport or dining out, etc, and Lidl’s Cien...
bath and body works pocketbac winter candy apple anti-bacterial hand gel

1 review

I love this scent so much! I got super excited when I saw they had it as a hand sanitizer also. I love getting hand sanitizers from bath and body works because the packaging is so cute and they smell amazing while getting my hands clean. It’s a win-win! Especially for such an...
DURA PLUS Alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer

1 review

This is a pump hand sanitizer works very good for me everyday. It it actually alcohol free, thats the good point for me. Effective for anti germ and it is foaming. Good for kids too.
Superdrug hand gel

1 review

Handy 100ml size bottle to carry around with you. Amazing Strawberry & Raspberry scent. Kills bacteria, keeps my hands clean and soft without drying my hands like most hand sanitizers. Bottle lasts ages as you don’t need to use loads
Dans un jardin - Gel nettoyant mains sans rinçage Fleur de coton

1 review

Cet assainisseur à mains est une belle découverte, car l'odeur est agréable et il ne laisse pas de résidut collant. Comme il vient avec une pompe, ce produit est pratique pour laisser au travail ou dans la voiture.
Cuticura Hand Gel

1 review

I bought the Summer Blossom scent from Primark - it’s a perfect, handbag sized bottle and the scent is lovely! People ask what perfume/room fragrance I use! It smells lovely and fresh and leaves my hands feeling clean. I have one in most of my bags, car and desk at work...
Bath and Body Paris Anti-bacterial Hand Gel

23 reviews

I'm all about these sanitizers! There isnt a time that I dont have one. I love the variety of scents and cute little holders for them as well. Very well priced!
Pur Fresh Lemon Hand Cleanser

1 review

I have purchased this brand of hand sanitizer for years and currently have it in three different scents. Lemon and Cucumber don’t really smell too nice on the hands when you’re done rubbing it into your hands but the original smells just fine. Don’t find I have a sticky...