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Hand Sanitizer Reviews

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Clorox Hand Sanitizer

1 review

I received this with a pack of two clorox antibacterial wipes. I really like this hand sanitizer for one particular reason, it is a spray. The spray makes it convenient and easier to apply. Although this is the brand clorox, this hand sanitizer does not contain bleach and it...
One Step Berry Blend Hand Sanitizer

1 review

I would say this stuff does the job. The smell though...I was hoping it would have a sweet berry smell, but instead it smelled like some kind of cough syrup. The smell is not that great, but it does what it says it does. A good brand of hand sanitizer.
The Body Shop Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

3 reviews

I had tried these years ago I found them so handy to have. i got them in a stocking one Christmas. I always carried one. Its been a few years since I have come across them. Haven't seen it anywhere.
Baléa handsanitizer gel

1 review

Now I am normally not a huge sanitizer fan but this stuff is AMAZING and smells delcious and wont leave hands sticky. I got the mandarin pomelo scent.10/10 would buy again.
Fortune Cookie Soap OCD Hand Sanitizer in Lollipop Your Cherry

1 review

This has to be purchased online through the USA, so with the exchange and shipping, it's not worth yet...right now. These sanitizers are amazing!! If you love scent and being able to smell it for a while after applying, these are perfect! The scents are strong and noticeable...
Bath & Body Works Amazon Rainforest Orchid Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

5 reviews

Living in an immuno-compromised home we have tried EVERY hand sanitizer that there is. Almost all are effective but very few have a nice smell to them. BBW's hand sanitizer have a nice smell base. Sometimes the scents can be overwhelming so we will mix these small versions into...
Aloe care foaming hand sanitizer

1 review

My hands really don’t feel clean after using this. They have them all over my workplace and while I’m sure they clean my hands, they just feel sooo dirty after using this. They get that “grimey and sticky” feeling...which creates a really strong urge to wash my hands...
Bath and Body Works Cat Pocket Hand Sanitizer Holder

6 reviews

I purchased this for my daughter who doesn't like big things so when i gave her this she was very happy with the size and enjoyed the appearance of it i also purchased the sanitizer to go with it.
Bath & Body Works Winter Cranberry Hand Sanitizer

1 review

bath & Body Works makes the most amazing scented mini hand sanitzers, they are perfect to take in your purse or your backpack for whenever you need to sanitize your hands. The Winter Cranberry is one of my favourite scents you can really smell the fresh cranberry and I love it.
Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel Devil's Food

2 reviews

BATH & BODY WORKS ANTI-BACTERIAL HAND GEL DEVIL'S FOOD Is a great product. It has a beautifully soothing scent and is also pretty in terms of cosmetics and can be easily used as room decor:)
Bath & Body Works Mini Antibacterial Hand Gel

4 reviews

Antibacterial gel is always in my purse. Like to think is best to be prepared and sometimes bath and body is too overwhelming with too many options. Love this smell for this period.
3M Avagard foam hand sanitizer

1 review

I use this hand sanitizer most of the time. It doesn't burn or dry my hands out like most gel ones. As far as hand sanitizer' go this ones pretty good.
Kleenex Moisturizing Instant Hand Sanitizer

1 review

with the flu season in full swing i was sure to pick up a few different hand sanitizers to ensure i dont catch anything. i find this one does help keep hydration in my hands over many others i have tried! its a must have for this season!
Bath & Body Works Pocketbac Holder

4 reviews

I love these and you can get them for a great price. The smell amazing and do the job :) this reminds me I really need to stock up on some more to attach to my purse and keep at work in my desk drawers
One Step Sanitizer Spray

7 reviews

Entre vous et moi : du désinfectant pour main ça pue! Mais certaines marques plus que d'autres et celle-ci ne fait pas partie des plus charmante ! Pourtant, ça fait la job! Et c'est pourquoi ce produit est fait pour donc là-dessus il est pile-poil. Un brin plus hydratant...
One Step Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer in Cucumber Melon

12 reviews

I have dry hands and cannot put any kind of sanitizer on but when i found this one out it really helps! Way less dry hands than with other brands, and it smells awesome too!