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Hand Wash & Soap Reviews

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Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Soap

2042 reviews

Love all the different smells, and the scent actually stays on hand, it doesnt just wash off like some. I would buy the soap again. I usually stock up so i dont have to go often because i always spend more money then planned on other things
Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System

231 reviews

The refills are difficult to find in stores and comes in slightly different shape which do not fit properly thus soap does not flow out of container. Frustrated after looking everywhere but still cannot find correct refills. Given up on it.
SoftSoap Antibacterial Hand Soap

115 reviews

I order this soap off amazon and refill all my dispensers with it. It’s cheap, smells good, and lathers really well. Also comes in containers That make it super easy to refill my dispensers.
Live Clean Fresh Water Liquid Hand Soap

85 reviews

I love this brand! Not only do their products smell so good and refreshing, they leave your skin so soft! No harsh chemicals or scents. Gentle on my hands that get really dry in the summer.
Dove body wash

45 reviews

This has been the ONLY body wash I have used in years, I feel so clean when I use it especially in the summer when I take a mid day shower... ahhhh sooo nice
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Aquarium Fresh

62 reviews

C'est un petit savon à main bien pratique et pas cher du tout. Il savonne bien et fait bien l'affaire, il ne déshydrate pas trop les mains. Il a une odeur que j'aime bien.
Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap

47 reviews

I am all about highly scented everything and both the regular hand soap and the foaming soaps do not disappoint. I don't think I've come across a scent that I really dislike, I have a select few I don't care for but they don't smell awful compared to other cheaper soaps I have...
Softsoap Rich Shea Butter Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap

37 reviews

I am huge fan of the Softsoap brand handsoaps. They work really well and this scent in particular (shea butter) smells amazing. They are also super affordable which is also a nice bonus.
Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Soap

35 reviews

J'ai découvert la gamme de savon pour les mains de bath and body works, mais j'ai particulièrement aimé cette senteur! Un parfum de fraîcheur et une sensation de peau douche pour ce savon. À essayer!
Live Clean Sweet Pea Liquid Hand Soap

38 reviews

I can’t stop buying Live Clean Sweet Pea hand wash! I am proud to say that my home only includes plant based cleaning products and our hygiene products are fairly close to the same! I love this scent because it isn’t overpowering which means it doesn’t cause headaches and...
Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

44 reviews

I can't really say enough about the soap. I have been an avid buyer of soap and they come out with so many great scents. I love when they have great sales on it I stock up.
Dial Coconut Water and Mango Hand Soap

32 reviews

Un savon que j’adore vu que la senteur est très agréable. De plus , le savon mousse bien et lave très bien les salissures. Finalement, il laisse les mains très douces et ne les assèchent pas ce qui est un très grand point positif vu le nombre de fois qu’on se lave les...
Method Hand Soap

17 reviews

Absolutely love this company. I wanted to get an eco friendly soap for my bathrooms and I am so glad to have chosen Method. Not only are the ingredients worry free, they even made sure that their product package came from 100% recycled plastic! How amazing is that! Of course...
Garnier whole blends shampoo

12 reviews

This is a good shampoo with a great scent. It has a very rich lather and smells delicious! That is honestly what prompted me to buy it. If you like coconut scented products, you will probably like it. It does a decent job of cleaning my hair and leaving it manageable. I use the...
SoftSoap Juicy Melon and Crisp Cucumber Hand Soap

38 reviews

This is an average soap that is average quality. It is generally cost efficient and does have many great scents, however it always dries my hands out. I would choose this product last .
Live Clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap

34 reviews

I love this liquid hand soap! First of all the smell is amazing and really filled the room. Secondly, it actually didn't dry out my hands like other brands!
Dove Instant Foaming Body Wash

6 reviews

I was a little hesitant to purchase this because I wasn’t sure how much I would like a foaming body wash. However, after using it, I have to say it’s quite nice! My skin feels clean, fresh and moisturized after every shower!
Secret 24 hr control

14 reviews

I tried the product and was very impressed with the fresh scent and the long lasting effect. Did not leave white mark on my clothes. Price is very reasonable for such a fantastic product. Would highly recommend to friends.
Pantene Pro V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo

4 reviews

Ah que c'est bon de se sentir à l'abandon.Cette douceur sans couleur me donne chaud au cœur.Cheveux merveilleux j'en suis heureux.Extase comme une simple phrase: Oui je Le veux soyez heureux.
Bath and Body Works Antibacterial Hand Soap

10 reviews

This hand soap smells amazing. They are fairly priced and last a very long time. I am in health care so having clean hands is part of my job and I would recommend this to anyone!