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Hand Wash & Soap Reviews

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Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Soap

4290 reviews

The fragrance of the product very nice and its very easy to use. After using it the fragrance remains very long time. I got it as a gift but will but it surely to check out more frangrancea
Dial Pure Micellar Foaming Hand Wash Hyacinth

307 reviews

Well is such a delight most amazing thing I've ever used hats off To the makers of this product I thoroughly enjoyed this product dried deathly bite again Maybe put it in some gift bags Christmas.
Dial Pure Micellar Foaming Hand Wash Juniper

319 reviews

I really like the smell of this soap. I am happy that my skin does not feel dry after using this. My hands feel soft after using this. It is very gentle on my skin.
Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System

242 reviews

Seriously love this! love Works really will and great control of the amount that comes out of the dispenser. No clogging, never had any problems with this product itself. Great for Times of COVID. will buy again!
Softsoap Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap Crisp Clean

144 reviews

love this product it smells amazing, does not irritate my skin and add moisture and hydration to hands. this soap is the best I have tried in ages. will be buying again
Live Clean Fresh Water Liquid Hand Soap

122 reviews

The line of Live Clean hand soaps are very effective, they are gentle to use and do not dry out my hands, and make my hands feel clean. I gifted a few of these to my sister and she loves them as well, especially the holiday scents.
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Aquarium Fresh

74 reviews

Works well as hands feel clean. I prefer different scents and this is on the basic side but it does work. I buy occasionally when I’m undecided about what to get and often use it in my second bathroom or laundry room.
Bath & Body Works Kitchen Lemon Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

71 reviews

J'adore ce produit! Après le lavage de main je trouve qu'il rend les mains douce, et il sent très bon. Je recommande sans hésiter, par contre un peu cher!
Softsoap Rich Shea Butter Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap

55 reviews

This hand soap is so moisturizing, I have eczema and this does not irritate it at all. It has a beautiful smell and I love the Shea butter beads in it.
Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

46 reviews

First, I LOVE bath and body works! This is one of my favorite scents and I absolutely love this hand soap!! The smell is amazing and it leaves my hands smelling great and feeling great! Seriously, you can't go wrong with this one!
Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

60 reviews

I love the variety of scents. I hit up every sale they have for this soap. This soap doesn’t dry out my skin or leave a film. My favorite scents are watermelon lemonade and mahogany teakwood.
Live Clean Sweet Pea Liquid Hand Soap

49 reviews

Love the small variety of scents. I think that this product is quite expensive for what you actually get. Unfortunately this is not a soap that I would purchase again.
Dove foaming hand soap

22 reviews

I used the coconut one it smelled awesome and I like the foam better then the hand soap and it never left a film on skin ..I also use it a lot for hand soap
Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Handsoap

14 reviews

It boggles my mind that this is more expensive at Walmart ($2.67?) than at Loblaws. I brought it home and Mom said at $2.50, hand soap isn't cheap, but then she used it and rather enjoyed it, especially because it does foam up quite nicely. There are a couple different scents...
method gel hand wash in lime + sea salt

29 reviews

I love Method hand soaps (and dish soap).. and this Lime Sea Salt scent is amazing! I have it in my guest washroom and people always comment on the soap scent! I try to use mostly natural products, and appreciate the quality of the Method products.
Dial Coconut Water and Mango Hand Soap

40 reviews

I got this soap during Covid 19 and it smells amazing. The soap leaves your hands feelings soft and smelling amazing. Your hands don’t feel dry after. Definitely worth it to try!
Bath & Body Work Black Cherry Merlot Soap

40 reviews

I love the feel of this foaming soap along with the scent that it leaves behind. All of my company that uses the soap loves it. It's not too girly for the guys to even love.
Lifebuoy hygiene hand wash

4 reviews

I think this is my new favourite hand soap. It smells amazing. It also doesn’t dry out my hands, which are bad enough. It’s actually helped keep my hands hydrated. Love this!
Live Clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap

42 reviews

First time using this hand soap and I am impressed it doesn’t dry out my hands like others have and I would have to use lotion afterwards. This one I don’t have to do that and the scent isn’t strong which is nice
Dove white beauty bar

3 reviews

Leaves you feeling fresh and clean, no residue. Recommended by my doctor after recurrent uti’s/yeast infections. Did wonders. No dyes or perfumes. No skin irritation. Good for acne prone areas as well