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Hand Wash & Soap Reviews

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Bath and Body Works Beautiful Blue Skies Hand Soap

1 review

This soap works nicely and does trick. It goes on nicely and doesn't dry you out. This is my first time trying this scent, as I always have my go-to ones that I just love to use every day. This scent is nice but not overpowering. I don't find I notice it much at all when I...
Seventh Generation Hand Wash Black Currant & Rosewater

1 review

I was a huge fan of Bath and Body Works until I found this particular hand wash! It smells absolutely phenomenal!!! Its a natural and plant based formula that foams up very nice in your hands. A little goes a long way as the foam in the soap is so nice. Its made without...
Bath and body works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin deep cleansing hand soap

7 reviews

The smell and quality of the product is absolutely magnificent. It not only heals your body and soul by aroma therapy, but also gives you absolutely clean and soft hands. Everyone who comes to out house and uses it, goes and buys one for themselves and their household.
Dial Pomegranate & Tangerine Antibacterial Soap with Moisturizer

6 reviews

Its gentle on my children's hands, while smelling amazing AND killing germs! Love this hand soap! My kids have no problem using the pump action handle, and it's a narrow enough bottle it doesn't take up much counter space.
Live Clean Monoi oil hand soap

8 reviews

I would have to classify Live Clean hand soap as probably the best I’ve come across yet. It is a very reasonable price, lasts a long time and doesn’t dry your hands out one bit. I think a bottle is about $3.50 and at our house it lasts around 2 months. It is so moisturizing...
Bath & Body Works Anti Bacterial Foaming Soap Cucumber Melon

29 reviews

I remember receiving a basket of bath and body works during highschool. I remember what it smelled like...like cucumber melon. It was the first time I had ever heard of bath and body works. The scent was sweet but refreshing. It made you smell like you had just gotten out of the...
Pharmasave Coconut Lime Hand Wash

2 reviews

I love the quality it was a cute bottle matched very well in my bathroom, smells great and makes your hands smells good and feels soft and smooth, would buy again soon!
Bath & Body Works French Lavender Hand Soap

1 review

This is one of my favorite scent from Bath & Body Works foaming hand soaps. This scent might be a bit feminine for some men but I believe it carries a soothing scent that can appeal both genders. However, if you wash your hands very often, this soap might dry your hands over...
Bath and Body Works Winter Candy Apple nourishing hand soap

7 reviews

This Winter Candy Apple hand soap is gentle and doesn’t dry out my hands. The scent is so yummy smelling that I use it year round in all my bathrooms. The bottle lasts a fairly long time too !
Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

9 reviews

Okay this is the smell that dreams are made of. Think of the most refreshing and clean linen smell of your best batch of laundry and this is what you get. Just like fresh sheets on the clothesline in the summer. I find it super relaxing. The foam covers your hands well and...
Bath & Body Works Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Eucalyptus Mint

1 review

This is one of my favorite scent from Bath & Body Works foaming hand soaps. I think this scent carries a great neutral scent that attracts both genders so it will not be too feminine for your men in the house. However, just like the foaming soap, if you wash your hands very...
Equate liquid hand soap

7 reviews

This is the only brand of hand soap my family buys. We like the Honey and Milk scented one. It smells just like the Soafsoap brand, and works just as well for a fraction of the cost.
Whole Foods Lavender Foaming Soap

3 reviews

I absolutely love this soap! Smells insanely good and is ok to use for my sensitive skin!! I've purchased several times and will continue to purchase!
EchoAcc Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

1 review

I'm known for my love of kitchen and bathroom gadgets, pretty much anything that makes my life easier gets a thumbs up from me. As lazy as it feels to admit it, this really made a difference and I'm enjoying it a lot. I went from having a manual soap pump that was not...
Bath & Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte

4 reviews

I love this soap, not only does it leave my hands feeling super soft, but they also smell good for the rest of the day. Doesn't dry my hands out, no residue either.
Bath & Body Works Candy Cane Bliss Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

5 reviews

Christmas in a bottle!! Love this product. The soft subtle smell, the gentle non-abrasive feeling. Would highly recommend this product. Will be purchasing in the future.
SoftSoap Soothing Aloe Vera Hand Soap

17 reviews

This hand soap is a great product and offers great value for the price vs quantities you are getting. Try to buy online to get better prices than in the grocery/drug stores.  I found out that this brand lasts for so long and it's pretty economical when buying the refill! The...
Twisted Peppermint Anitbacterial Hand Soap Bath And Body

3 reviews

I love the smell of this soap and I like the fact that it lingers throughout the day. This soap leaves my hands feeling super soft and hydrated. Like the fact that it's not a sickly-sweet peppermint scent.
Bath & Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap Aloe Agave

1 review

I like Bath and Body Works hand soaps and I got intrigued by its vitamins marketing properties on the bottle. The scent is described as "a fresh and subtle blend of dewy cucumber, watery honeydew & sweet agave" from their official website but the sweet agave scent is a bit...
Bath & Body Works Deep Cleansing Hand Soap- Wild Passion Flower

1 review

I've had this soap in my powder room and every single person, even guys, have complimented on how amazing this smell! It is sooooo good! It smells like you are walking through a tropical flower garden!