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Men's Shaving Reviews

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NIVEA Men Sensitive After Shave Balm

92 reviews

the first time that I tried this was from a product trial survey site and I am sold. This is one of the best brands for this type of product for men I find. I will keep using it.
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual Men's Razor Blade Refills

50 reviews

I've used women razors all my life and randomly picked this one up to try. I don't know why, but guy razors are so much better... the shave is so much cleaner and it lasts so much longer for me. They also feel more sturdy than women razors.
Schick Hydro® 5 razor

15 reviews

Got it as free sample a few months ago, and it still works as new. The hydrating gel reservoirs really reduces the irritation and really plucks out the hair, leaving no traces. Wish it could be cheaper so i can buy more, but it is still worth it for a great shave.
L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Power After-Shave

16 reviews

This is the first time that I started to shave and I was looking for after shaves. I tried old spice and that was good but then I searched for Loreal men expert hydra after shave, and though to try it. Then I ordered it through Amazon and I was pretty surprised by the effects of...
Gilette Disposable Rasor

10 reviews

I really like the Gilette disposables for the price I pay. I find it does a good job on my stubble. It’s better than paying a fortune for other premium cartridges.
Life Brand 5 Blade and Trimmer Disposable Razors (Men's)

15 reviews

When I actually got to use these razors I enjoyed the shaving experience, hardly any niks on my face, so the blades are certainly good. The wife agrees there good also, she can add her opinion because she got to most of them before I did. When will we come out with a razor our...
Gillette Fusion Proslide Sensitive shaving cream

5 reviews

This has to be the single most comfortable shave I have ever had, it's the first time I've actually not cut myself shaving with this and being not that expensive, it's definitely worth the try.
Schick Hydro Sensitive Shave Gel

8 reviews

This is a nice shaving cream. It dont irritate my face or leave any redness after I shave. It goes on nicely and feels nice. There is no cons to it at all. It is a pretty good price as well. I would definitely buy this again.
Jack Black Bump Fix Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Solution

1 review

I bought my boyfriend this product on his birthday and he has used and loved it ever since! Reduces bumps and ingrown hairs significantly. Although marketed as a Male product, woman can also use this. Jack Black is a trustworthy brand and this product does wonders!
Edge sensitive pro relief shave gel

3 reviews

I have tried alot of different shave gels and shave creams(foams) and I have come to love using my Edge shave gel. I get the sensitive pro relief due to getting bad razor burn on my neck, but that has gone away since I started using the sensitive type. The only issue I have is...
NIVEA Men Moisturizing Shaving Gel

1 review

Helps me get the best shave. Very moisturizing and nice. It's the only one I buy now. I Deffinitely recommend it!!! Nivea products are very awesome.. Quality is good
braun electric shaver

1 review

i used to use disposable razors until i received this as a gift and i will never go back! gives a good shave without any irritation,rechargeable battery and a cleaning station which is great
Proraso Green Shaving Soap in a Bowl

2 reviews

My boyfriend has started using the proraso line of men’s shaving products and is very impressed with the quality. The products are inexpensive and smell wonderful!
Schick Xtreme 4 Mens Disposable Razor

1 review

For a pack of disposable razors I was very impressed with the quality not only of the razors themselves but also of the shave. The handles on these razors is a good size and easy to use, and the blades are sharp and gave me a close shave without cutting the skin even once. They...
L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Moisturizing Fluid Serum

2 reviews

This refreshing moisturizer was great. Didn't last as long as 48 hrs but felt as though skin was hydrated enough. I didn't feel as though the scent was overwhelming. The pump worked well and dispensed a sufficient amount to be applied on face and neck.
Gillette Comfort Glide Formula FOAMY

4 reviews

Gillette Comfort Glide Formula FOAMY for men works well. It makes it easy to shave. It has and leaves a pleasant scent. The skin is moisturized , there is no skin irritation.. you can use it twice a day and still the skin is soft.
DUCKBUTTER Beard Oil Deluxe Gift Set

2 reviews

Just as you would tame the hair on your head, you should do the same with the hair on your face. A nice clean beard not only looks nice and clean, it smells better too.
Duckbutter Beard Oil Beardsman Pack Gift Set

2 reviews

Bought it off of Amazon for what I thought was a really low price so I wasn't really expecting much. Well I was happily surprised at the quantity and quality of this product. The scents are nice and mellow, not overpowering. I use these beard oils before work and work in a scent...
Johnny's Chop Shop Beard Oil

4 reviews

Very good beard oil for those that are starting out with this type of product. Very versatile and does what most beard oils do. Very nice and clean scent. Leaves beard with a nice shine and feels very nice.
Seacret MEN after shave balm

1 review

Just tried the new Seacret MEN skin care line with Dead Sea Minerals. This shave balm feels great, smells great and removes that annoying stubble and bumbs left by previous shave creams.