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Men's Shaving Reviews

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NIVEA Men Sensitive After Shave Balm

100 reviews

I use this after every shave, you only need a little bit, and so it lasts for good value, and it doesn't burn the skin, sometimes I use it for trouble spots on my face, Nivea is for sure the best after shave lotion out there, try it once, you'll see,
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual Men's Razor Blade Refills

62 reviews

Funny how I came across these blade refills, as these exact ones are the only ones I buy and use. So much softer on the skin than any other blade refill. I highly recommend these if you have rough skin.
Gillette Fusion Proslide Sensitive shaving cream

18 reviews

This is a great product. It comes out of the can as a gel(which feels cool) but quickly transitions to a lather. Gives a smooth shave. Price is reasonable value is good.
Gillette fusion5 proglide

6 reviews

This is a nice razor that does not leave my skin feeling irritated and is nice and smooth after a shave. There are 5 blades on this razor that help get the facial hair down nice and short. The handle is also a heavier and it does feel like it's cheaply made, unlike some other...
Schick Hydro® 5 razor

17 reviews

I'm always trying the newest and latest razors but always end up coming back to the Schick Hydro 5 They give a very close shave, the strip does a great job lubricating and the 5 blades do make a difference! Well worth the money, don't know why I keep trying the latest, newest...
Henri et Victoria Shaving Soap For Men

1 review

This product was very easy to use. I got the Cognac and Cuban Cigar scent. This was very mild scent and the person I bought it for loved it. It prevents razor burn and dry skin. I highly recommend this product!
Nivea men shaving gel sensitive skin

2 reviews

My brother told me about this shaving gel, as he uses it. I gave it a try and wasn't disappointed. It has a nice scent and it gives me a good shave. It's a little pricey though, so I don't buy it all the time; just when I want to treat myself.
L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Power After-Shave

17 reviews

I have tried different brands of after-shave and this one stands a little bit better. My skin is usually irritated easily, so when i shaved and used this after-shave, i calmed my skin instantaneously. I was quite relieved and it stayed effective till the next day. I
Gillette FUSION5

1 review

This fusion blades from Gillette ranges is really good as it has 5 anti-friction blades. The big plus for me is the precision trimming capacity. Long lasting and it has lubricating strip that is also very very useful for me.
Shaveworks The cool fix

2 reviews

I get razor burn and bad ingrown hairs which are so painful. I went looking for something to help and found this stuff. It is amazing, after using for a few weeks I no longer get razor burn or any ingrown hairs. I never thought a product could stop the ingrown hairs, I was only...
The body shop shaving brush

1 review

The body shop shaving brush is designed specifically to increase lather and maximize the effects of shaving cream. Super soft to the touch and made from FSC wood. I just love as my daily shaving friend.
The body shop Arber after shave balm

1 review

The Arber Afershave Balm is easily absorbed on my skin and helps to soften and gives smooth skin after shaving. It has woody scent with a hint of citrus enriched with aloe very from mexico. Super cool.
The body shop maca root shave cream

1 review

Maca root shaving cream is, shaving with this luxuriously smooth operator, our smoothing Maca Root & Aloe Softening Shaving Cream. This cream leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and nick-free after a shave. Love it.
Super max twin blade disposable razor

1 review

One of the best daily use disposable razor for me. Very good quality disposable razor with very affordable price. Razor on the go. Even excellent for travelling for me. Very useful.
Dove Men + Care Hydrate+ Shave Gel

8 reviews

I accidentally used my husbands shave gel and I honestly think it’s better than some women brands! Smooth shave no bumps or cuts it works very well and I love the smell haha
Dollar shave club razors

4 reviews

I have been using the medium range razors for 2 years now, and their razor blades have never caused me issues. While they recommend changing blades every 2 weeks, I have been able to use them for much longer periods of time while still maintaining their sharp edge. They also...
Bic shaver

1 review

The bic men’s razor surprisingly works great! My husband was nervous about trying this because he hasn’t liked the bic razors in the past but this one left his face silky smooth and it was very gentle on his skin. He told me to buy more so I’d say it’s a A++
L’Occitan After Shave Balm

1 review

This shaving balm is very refreshing and cool. It has very good type of smells like something natural and free from bad harmful chemicals, from that point its a very good shave balm, just the price should be less.
Nivea Shave Cream

5 reviews

This is a beautiful treat for the skin and I’ve been buying it for ages..smells amazing and leaves my skin softer than any other shower or bath products I’ve tried before. Great value for money. Beats more expensive brands hands down. Fabulous product.
Bull dog razor

1 review

Used the bulldog razors cause I usually love mens brand razors for my legs. These sucked! The invisible band that it has for moister or whatever sticks out more than the blade so I find you have to shave at a certain angle making hard to reach spots even harder to reach. My s.o...