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International delight peppermint mocha

I’m not usually a coffee drinker but I got this cause I thought it sounded yummy. And it sure was, I put some in my black tea and it transformed it into a magical flavour that was pepperminty.


Gatorade the best drink I usually get when I’m tired or exhausted. Even when I feel dehydrated. On summer time I mostly consume this product as I do cycle and do hike. When my body needs a recharge or a boost I usually get this drink specially the orange flavor which I like...

Tazo tumeric bliss

The ingredients in this tea makes it very soothing, it very rare to have sweet passionfruit infused to a tea bag, this one was well done, I will definitely be adding this flavor to my tea collection.

Canada Dry Premium Ginger Ale

I was lucky to try Canada dry premium, and i just want to tell that the taste is amazing, super cool my whole family loved it, even my small son. The bottle looks very cool and nice. The price is very reasonable and affordable. I highly recommend everybody to try it. and i...

Schweppes Ginger Ale

I love gingerale, so I decided to try this thinking it was similar to Canada Dry. But sadly it isn’t, this gingerale is more bitter which could be due to carbonation.