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president's choice lemonade

Expected a slight spice but disappointed to say that there is not a single hint of spice or as they call it “zing” in this lemonade. As for the “jalapeño” taste… no. There is a green aftertaste that comes across like lawn clippings. It’s simply your less than...

Revive Superfoods Smoothie

Absolutely love these smoothies. Great flavors and super easy. Would absolutely recommend to anyone with a busy but healthy lifestyle! I add a little yogurt to mine for a protein boost!

Smirnoff Berry Blast Vodka Cooler

Drinking this was exactly like eating a rocket popsicle. Not overly sweet, could taste each flavour which was great. I hope they keep this flavour as it's one of their better ones.

Simply lemonade with raspberry

This is a household favourite! The tartness of the lemonade is just right and the raspberry is perfect and not overpowering. The ingredients are straightforward and recognizable. It often goes on sale and we stock up year long.

Coke zero

This is now my favourite pop, it is so refreshing and tastes just like normal coke but without the sugar. My husband started drinking this instead of regular and he also likes it a lot. He usually wouldn't drink any other pop.