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Starbucks Bottled Vanilla Frappuccino Coffee Drink

I enjoy the nice vanilla flavor added to the coffee, gives a nice punch to a quick fix of coffee in the mornings. I chill my Frappuccino and in minutes it’s ready! Nice blend of coffee and vanilla flavor combined.

Casal Domingo spritzer Pinot Gringio - Pear

I don’t drink alcohol because I don’t like the taste of it so I’m always trying to find some alternative to drink on special occasion and I found my go to drink. It’s sparkly , tasty with no strong wine flavour aftertaste. They are also available in 2 other flavours...

Mountain Dew Baja Blast

Never been a Mountain Dew fan but this Baja blast flavour changed my mind. It tastes great and is very refreshing especially during summer. Taste a bit like blue raspberry to me. Very good. My mom liked it as well.

Simply Peach

I love simply juice and I am a big fan of peach flavoured juice so when I saw this one at my local grocery store I had to buy it but what a disappointment. Really bland taste. I wouldn’t purchase it again.

Rockstar Pure Zero Grape

I recently tried Rockstar Pure Zero Grape Energy Drink. I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the flavour, but I actually love it. I appreciate the fact that it is sugar free. I also doesn't have a strange aftertaste. It gives me energy as those super busy days.