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Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale

The Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale is a wonderful tasting refreshing beverage unlike any other beverages i have tasted! It has the perfect amount of flavour without being too overpoweringly sweet. I always look forward to my next sip and it has become a staple in my household...

Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino

I absolutely loveee this drink! Any time of the year, tim has my back for my sweet tooth! 😅 It doesnt really taste like coffee, which is why i enjoy it more. Really refreshing & makes any day better. Would recommend!

Tazo matcha mate grapefruit tea

I’m always on the lookout for great new tea so l was happy to try Tazo Matcha Mate Grapefruit herbal tea. It has green tea, yerba mate leaves, matcha, natural flavour and grapefruit oil. I really like the clear brewing instructions on back of the packaging, which give water...

Tazo tumeric bliss

I’ve been curious about turmeric teas and was happy to be able to try Tazo Tumeric Bliss herbal tea. It has licorice root, ginger root, turmeric, orange peel, lemongrass, lemon peel, spice and natural flavour. I really like the clear brewing instructions on back of the...

Grace pure coconut water

This is my go to brand for coconut water. It tastes like it came straight out of a freshly cracked coconut. It's sweet but not too sweet and it's a wonderful drink to have straight out of a fridge on a hot summer day.