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Tetley Earl Grey Vanilla Specialty Tea

THRILLED barely describes how i felt when i #gotitfree with #ChickAdvisor. I have always loved Tetley Canada but when i found out there was an Earl Grey Vanilla, i knew i could create my own London Fog at home. Bold brewed taste with a hint of vanilla warmed me up and brightened...

Guru Organic Energy Drink

I tried the Guayuss tropical punch and their sparkling water at lime and they are so good. The taste is great and they are not to sweet. Really good I recommend it!

Bang cotton candy energy drink

Bang cotton candy energy drink is my all time favorite drink. To be able to have energy every morning from a drink that tastes seriously amazing is awesome! The taste couldn’t be better!

McCafé® Premium Roast Ground Coffee

Do you wanna a cup ☕of coffee? For those who like coffee and miss Brazilian coffee but are already getting used to the American profile, this coffee is a great choice. It is a medium roast and 100% Arabic beans. I loved it!!!!

Gatorade Glacier Cherry

I get the Gatorade glacial cherry everyday. This electrolyte drink always helps me perk right up and it aids in dispelling that groggy feeling around noon