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Bread Reviews

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Villaggio Classico Thick Sliced Italian Style Bread

77 reviews

Hands down this is the best sliced bread ever made! It is so soft and fluffy and doesnt crumble. It toasts beautifully and makes for an awesome grilled cheese or just slice of bread and butter as a side for dinner. Its thick but delicate, and compliments every kind of sandwich...
D'Italiano Thick Slice Bread

72 reviews

No matter how far away from the expiry date, this bread is always dried up and tasteless. I have purchased it several times hoping for a change but it's always the same. Terrible bread.
Dempster's 100% Whole Grains 12 Grain Bread

59 reviews

After having tried most of the different brands and variety of breads offered in my local supermarket, I have found Dempster's 12 grain to be my favorite (followed closely in second by the Dempster's Ancient Grains). It is on sale probably 50% of the time and when it is it...
Sun-Maid Raisin Cinnamon Swirl Bread

68 reviews

Yummy little loaf of bread. So good toasted with margarine and cinnamon sugar on top - definitely the way to go. Obviously a glass of milk is necessary also ;)
Dempster’s 100% Whole Grains Honey & Oatmeal Bread

31 reviews

What else can I say? I eat 2 slices of Dempsters every single day. The honey gives it just the right amount of sweetness and it fills me up until my morning break at work. The bread is very soft or it toasts up to perfection
Villaggio Artesano Italian Style White Bread

33 reviews

My husband and I love this type of white bread from villagio. It is softer than other bread. It is so good for toast. It’s become our daily bread since the first time we try it!!
Dempster's White Bread

46 reviews

We bought this bread for years, and it appears the recipe has changed ( for the worst) It used to be soft and moist, and now is dry and airy lacking substance. We will no longer be customers.
Dempster's 100% Whole Wheat Sliced Bread

26 reviews

Best tasting whole wheat bread i have ever had. Also try the thin sanwich version which is really delicious. Texast toast is awesome too. It is perfect for making sandwiches. I usually toast them and apply a little non salted butter and have with tea. It is perfectly priced to...
Dempster's 100% Whole Grains Seed Lover's with Chia Bread

26 reviews

I really enjoyed this bread. I loved the taste and because there are whole grains in the bread, it is much healthier for my family. I will buy this bread again.
Villaggio Italian-style 100% Whole Wheat Bread

23 reviews

I got this bread for free #familyrated. I normally buy white bread in this brand. I have tried whole wheat in other brands but tend to not like it much. This brand I actually enjoyed. I love the thickness of the slices.It's perfect for sandwiches for work or toasts up nicely for...
Country Harvest 100% Whole Wheat - no sugar added

1 review

I love most of the Country Harvest breads but was very happy to see the latest 100% whole wheat without sugar, and no alternative sweeteners replacing. Most of the time I eat my bread, it is with savory toppings so there is no need for added sugar.
PREMIÈRE MOISSON 100% whole wheat round loaf

1 review

This is my favorite line of bread when I am too busy or not in the mood to make bread. This is No Fat, No Sugar, GMO free, just simplest 6 ingredients and no artificial flavours or colours. It is hardy, weighty and fulfilling. It's great for sandwiches, toast, and beyond!...
Carbonaut Seeded Multigrain Bread

2 reviews

This bread is AMAZING for a low carb bread, I have to order this online because where we live we don’t have access to it. I really missed my bread and this bread fits everything I was missing absolutely love it.
crispy traditional style baked tandoori naan

1 review

The crispy traditional baked garlic naans are so versatile. Great on their own, or with a little butter or even a crust for pizza. Really good garlic flavor and great size and nutrition value.
Dempster’s Smooth Multigrains Bread

18 reviews

This bread was pretty tasty still feel like it was that much different than any other brand that you do buy at the store but it was good quality had a nice soft texture and my whole family enjoyed it I would definitely recommend this brand other people based on my experience...

2 reviews

Great tasting bread - easy to use in sandwiches, or just as toast. I like that it is grain-free and low carb. Will be looking out to try more products from this brand! #trynatural
Country Harvest Seeds And Grains 600 Gr

1 review

This bread is whole grains with quality ingredients.It contains numerous great vitamins and protein I just do not find in a regular loaf of bread. especially the white which is chock full of sugar. Sticking with this I am eating something that not only tastes great but is also...
Sun-Maid Raisin Bread

37 reviews

I just love this bread so savoury and it’s a different twist for breakfast or any time of the day. It is slightly on the expensive side compared to other bread but it’s definitely worth the try

1 review

I found it very hard to find the right bread as my kids are very fussy this is the only white bread they will have they love this product always very fresh and lovely and soft
Kirkland croissant

1 review

Costco croissants are the best croissants ever!! Fluffy inside and rich butter flavours and yummy. Golden brown outside looks great. 12 pieces a pack cost only $5.99. This is my favourite breakfast!!