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Carbonated Water Reviews

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Canada Dry Club Soda Orange-Mandarin

449 reviews

Okay, as a big fan of Canada Dry myself, and my husband too. This is the worst you can expect and get when you mix flavour that doesn't blend together. I don`t know who taste it before launching it to the market. At least they get my money once.
Canada Dry Club Soda Pomegranate-Cherry

474 reviews

i was disappointed about the product.im a huge lover of canada dry but this one didn't make into my list. doesn't taste good. i hope they will improve it
Canada Dry Club Soda Lemon-Lime

288 reviews

As much as I like the original Canada Dry, this flavor does not disappoint. It gives a little lemony twist and quenches your thirst. I would like to try other flavors!
Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

63 reviews

Perrier sparkling water tastes really refreshing. I love how fancy the bottles look while the price is really affordable. It's the perfect amount of bubbles without all the sugar of soft drink.
Bubly sparkling water strawberry

44 reviews

I absolutely love the strawberry flavored Bubly! Like many people, I am trying to reduce my sugar intake. I admittedly drink too much pop because I crave the carbonation. Bubly hits the spot for that carbonation craving, and the strawberry is so delicious. Bonus points for...
bubly Sparkling Water Grapefruit

39 reviews

I love me a good grapefruit flavoured anything. Nice and natural flavour and perfectly balanced. Definitely one of my favorite Bubly flavours and my fridge is never without at least a case of these!
bubly Sparkling Water

30 reviews

This is the best tasting sparkling water on the market. Light and refreshing but enough flavour that I am satisfied as though I am drinking wine!! My favourite Mom treat!
Bubly sparkling water lime

29 reviews

Great taste - flavor tastes natural. Would buy again and again. The packaging is also very fun. It would be a good way to get kids to drink more water, thinking it might be pop!
Perrier Pink Grapefruit Carbonated Water

43 reviews

Très bon breuvage lorsque je veux autre chose que de l’eau, je l’adore puisqu’il ne contient pas de sucre ni de sodium. La grandeur des canettes est parfaite,pas trop grosse pour éviter le gaspillage
Peach perrier

1 review

New favourite sparkling water! Perrier Peach, it has a subtle but realistic fruity peach flavour with no sweet after taste also no sweetener, no sugar and as always zero calories. I like to have it over ice with a generous squeeze of lemon and it’s just like Peach lemonade...
Pc sparkling water Rootbeer flavour

1 review

I love the newish PC sparkling water Rootbeer flavour it’s got the kick I want from pop but without the sweet or guilt of drinking a sugary soda. The rootbeer flavour is spot on although I can tell my kids notice a difference because they will never finish a whole can. It’s...
Cherry Viveau

1 review

This drink intrigued me. I saw it in the store and didn't know what to expect. It states fresh pressed ripe cherries and sparkling mineral water. The only other ingredient is apple cider. But when I saw 35 calories I had to try it. It's refreshing and on the sour side but has...
Bubly sparkling water cherry

18 reviews

Bubly has replaced soda and juice for our home. It has no added sugar and tastes delicious! It’s guilt free and refreshing and our fridge is always stocked. It’s nice to have instead of plain flat water and there are so many flavors to choose from. Cherry and peach are my...
White Claw Hard Seltzer

3 reviews

Its super refreshing and a perfect drink for the summer patio with friends. I wish there was more flavors! Also the mango favour isn't has strong but the lime and black cherry is great.
Schweppes tonic water

2 reviews

The best high ball is... gin and tonic! No need to splash out for the fancy tonic water when Schweppes Tonic water is available! Add some lime and your happy hour awaits!
Perrier & Juice: Lemon and Guava

1 review

I am a HUGE fan of this carbonated water/guava juice combo - the guava is really pronounced and it takes me back to a beach in Mexico or Hawaii. I love mixing it with vodka for a refreshing spritzer as well! This is definitely going to be a staple in my house from now on.
Kirkland flavour carbonated water

1 review

So if you struggle to drink water then you definitely need to try Kirkland flavoured carbonated water because it tastes like a mix between a fruit drink and soda. So delicious
Sodastream source

18 reviews

So glad that my recycle bin is no longer loaded with carbonated water bottles. So easy to use, carbonation on demand! Add a little or add a lot. I don't use the flavoured syrups, just the water. Great purchase!
nestle triple berry sparkling water

1 review

I honestly used to hate sparkling water. I used to drink pop only every day all day. My doctor told me to stop it so I chose to drink nestle triple berry sparkling water. it is so good I highly recommend that you go out and try it.
Perrier energize

1 review

first time trying it and I liked it. good mix of pop without the same heaviness to the drink. multiple flavour available so looking fwd to trying out the rest as well