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Carbonated Water Reviews

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Canada Dry Club Soda Orange-Mandarin

444 reviews

The taste is lovely. It went well along with my meal. I had steaks with veggies and mashed potatoes. When I gulped down my drink, the food particles just went along with my drink. I didn't think it would do that.
Canada Dry Club Soda Pomegranate-Cherry

469 reviews

I got it for free thank goodness. I thought for sure I would like this but I did not at all. I love that it was free but thats about it. I will not be buying it again.
Canada Dry Club Soda Lemon-Lime

279 reviews

I am always a lemonade lover specially in summers always feels refreshing n feels like lemonade always boost me..i hope whenever i will get the samples it will boost me to grabb this product in my monthly grocery
Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

58 reviews

I love Perrier. It's great for all seasons when you are looking for something cold and fizzy. It tastes great and you can even spritz a lemon or lime for a citrus punch. Perrier has been a staple in my fridge since I was a teenager. It's sophisticated and delicious.
Bubly sparkling water strawberry

23 reviews

This flavour of Bubly. The flavour is the most "intense" and it smells like strawberries too. It doesn't taste like air like many other sparkling water beverages. The cost is alright too.
Perrier Lime Carbonated Water

48 reviews

This is currently my favourite carbonated water. Very refreshing, lots of flavour but does not taste fake like other brands. I am trying to reduce the amount of pop that I drink and this is the perfect substitute. I love Perrier but the lime is my favourite
Perrier Pink Grapefruit Carbonated Water

34 reviews

I don’t drink pop or juice but keep this on hand as a refreshing treat when I want something other than flat water. The grapefruit is my favourite one.
Bubly sparkling water lime

11 reviews

It tastes exactly like Sprite but with none of the downsides of soda. Super refreshing. I want to try the mango flavor next and maybe the cherry one too! I've tried the Strawberry one before and unfortunately, I can't say anything good about it. If you like the taste of Sprite...
Perrier Strawberry Carbonated Water

7 reviews

I am not a big carbonated water drinker but when I crave it once in a blue moon, I go for the best brand Perrier. I recently tried the strawberry flavour and it kinda got me hooked. It has a good amount of flavour (especially compared to Bubly’s strawberry flavoured water)...
Simply balanced sparkling water

1 review

This is the best sparkling water I ever had. Its tastes better than the actual leading brands. It's also a good price for the quality and the taste. Definitely I will over picked this over any other brand it's worth trying it.
Sparkling ice drinks

7 reviews

I Anna type 1 diabetic and finding difficult to find no carb/low card drink options. I picked up a bottle from a local convenient store a few years ago and I have bee HOOKED ever since. I buy it by the case from Costco. It comes with 4 different flavors. I'm obsessed with...
Sodastream source

7 reviews

I'm still figuring my soda stream out, I love the idea of making my own coke an sparkling water. Still having trouble with water pouring out while I'm trying to add the carbonation. I'm sure I'll get it soon lol. The taste of the cherry coke syrup really tastes nothing like...
Canada Dry Club Soda

5 reviews

I love this pop, the flavor is the best thing that conquered my attention. Also the low sodium in this can bring some benefits to my health. I certainly would buy this again. Thank you.
bubbly sparkling water

1 review

This Sparkling water is very good. You can mix it with gin or straight up. The colors on the can and the smile on it is pretty irresistable also. I would recommend it to everyone.
Clearly Canadian Raspberry

3 reviews

Hands down my favourite pop. It’s a sparkling beverage but it’s my pop. Half the amount of sugar then regular soda but definitely not lacking in flavour or taste. I don’t let my kids have any because it’s mine.
La Croix Cran-Raspberry

5 reviews

I like the La Croix Cran Raspberry it had just enough flavor of raspberry and taste really good. It is all natural with no actificial sweeteners, no calories, and sparking water.
Nestle pure life sparkling water pomegrante lemonade

2 reviews

I bought this recently because it was on sale. I LOVE the flavour of this sparkling water. It is delicious without tasting too fake or the flavour being overpowering.
PC Blue Menu Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Water

2 reviews

I really love this sparkling water! I think the value for your money is amazing on these and they taste delicious! I love the pink grapefruit flavour, it’s very light tasting but there’s a hint of flavour in it! Delicious!
Fruit 2O sparkling water lime

1 review

If you are looking for a calorie free drink that tastes quite good then look no further. It has lots of fizz and loads of flavour. Would be a great mixer for a “cocktail” or just a nice little treat without consuming all of the sugar and carbs of pop or juice.
Trully Spiked Sparkling Water is trully A Winner!

1 review

Trully Spiked Sparkling Water is Sparkling Water with a fruity twist that is spiked. Normally I dont drink alcohol, but this carbonated spiked wateris really a thirst quincher with natural fruity flavors and 5% alcohol per can. You get no alcohol breath at all. It has only...