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Carbonated Water Reviews

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Canada Dry Club Soda Orange-Mandarin

445 reviews

I tried it at a friends house and loved it. Went to the store and bought it myself. My grandkids love it as well. Such a nice tasting drink that it doesn't even taste like pop.
Canada Dry Club Soda Pomegranate-Cherry

469 reviews

I got it for free thank goodness. I thought for sure I would like this but I did not at all. I love that it was free but thats about it. I will not be buying it again.
Canada Dry Club Soda Lemon-Lime

281 reviews

j'ai été choisie pour testé ce produit et j'en suis très heureuse car il est excellent bon gout rafraichissant quand il fait chaud. vraiment je le recommande a tout le monde. très bon achat à faire.
Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

61 reviews

This is the best drinking sparkling mineral water ever. It has many different flavors and it is best for people who does not like sweet drinks. I like to mixed it with 100% juices instead of drink sodas for diabetic reasons. It is a healthier drink besides water. Love it and...
Bubly sparkling water strawberry

26 reviews

This sparkling water in strawberry flavor is so good, the flavor is not too strong. It's ZERO calories, that there is no artificial flavor, sugar added or sweeteners. The bottle is cute and the price is okay.
Perrier Pink Grapefruit Carbonated Water

36 reviews

I love sparkling water. I really ought to get a soda stream. I like perrier a lot but for the price I often buy President's Choice instead. It tastes about as good but the price makes it my go to.
Bubly sparkling water lime

12 reviews

Love this flavour of Bubly. Well heading out on a hot sunny beach day a few bubly on ice is all you need. Its refreshing with a hint of lime that will quench your thirst. I love all the flavours!!
Perrier Lime Carbonated Water

48 reviews

This is currently my favourite carbonated water. Very refreshing, lots of flavour but does not taste fake like other brands. I am trying to reduce the amount of pop that I drink and this is the perfect substitute. I love Perrier but the lime is my favourite

3 reviews

I'm not a pop drinker because I find it's too sweet, but I love a little fizz in my drink. Bubbly is perfect for my non sweet tooth! The cherry is to die for!
Perrier Strawberry Carbonated Water

7 reviews

I am not a big carbonated water drinker but when I crave it once in a blue moon, I go for the best brand Perrier. I recently tried the strawberry flavour and it kinda got me hooked. It has a good amount of flavour (especially compared to Bubly’s strawberry flavoured water)...
Pc club soda

1 review

This club soda is far cheaper than a soda stream. Add a splash of fruit juice or fresh fruit and you're good to go. My favourite is cranberry/raspberry cocktail.
LaCroix Carbonated Water

1 review

They have multiple flavors available that are all pretty great tasting. I would be more for each person to decide which one they prefer. I used to not be a fan of carbonated water but when I came across these (orange, lime, lemon) it was a game changer. I really like that it is...
Sodastream source

9 reviews

I am addicted to bubbly water. I love the fact that I can control how much my water is bubbly. I can make it flavoured and it is always fresh. It is a great value for Rhodes who love bubbly like I do.
bubbly sparkling water

5 reviews

I buy this all the time they have many different flavours! Great sub for pop! Especially in the summer when it’s hot it has a very refreshing taste! Would recommend to anyone
Perrier Sparkling Water - Peach

1 review

love the refreshing flavour of peach in this classic sparkling water drink. Enjoy it cold any time of the day. Very light flavour - not over sweet. Would recommend!
Simply balanced sparkling water

1 review

This is the best sparkling water I ever had. Its tastes better than the actual leading brands. It's also a good price for the quality and the taste. Definitely I will over picked this over any other brand it's worth trying it.
Sparkling ice drinks

7 reviews

I Anna type 1 diabetic and finding difficult to find no carb/low card drink options. I picked up a bottle from a local convenient store a few years ago and I have bee HOOKED ever since. I buy it by the case from Costco. It comes with 4 different flavors. I'm obsessed with...
Canada Dry Club Soda

5 reviews

I love this pop, the flavor is the best thing that conquered my attention. Also the low sodium in this can bring some benefits to my health. I certainly would buy this again. Thank you.
Clearly Canadian Raspberry

3 reviews

Hands down my favourite pop. It’s a sparkling beverage but it’s my pop. Half the amount of sugar then regular soda but definitely not lacking in flavour or taste. I don’t let my kids have any because it’s mine.
LaCroix Cran-Raspberry

5 reviews

I like the La Croix Cran Raspberry it had just enough flavor of raspberry and taste really good. It is all natural with no actificial sweeteners, no calories, and sparking water.