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Carbonated Water Reviews

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Canada Dry Club Soda Orange-Mandarin

442 reviews

Thank you club soda, for creating these delicious club soda flavoured beverages! As a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic it has been very tough finding sugar free options that taste good! I am a frequent soda water drinker and after one sip, I was immediately hooked. I now have a...
Canada Dry Club Soda Pomegranate-Cherry

464 reviews

Light and bubbly ....The aroma is barely existent, with a faint smell of ginger ale and no pomengranate and the color is translucent. The flavor for sure where this drink shines with a touch less carbonation and a hint of the cherry/pomegranate. And with zero sugar added and 0...
Canada Dry Club Soda Lemon-Lime

275 reviews

I do not usually drink club soda unless it is mixed with another drink. I do like Canada Dry brand. This drink is light and refreshing. It has a hint of flavour without being too sweet. I love that it is unsweetened while still being a sparkling drink. I got this product for...
Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

54 reviews

I absolutely love regular Perrier. I never drink carbonated soft drinks anymore. Not too fussed on the flavours, like regular Perrier with a slice of real lemon or lime. Perrier is so refreshing. Try it. You will love it.
Perrier Pink Grapefruit Carbonated Water

34 reviews

I don’t drink pop or juice but keep this on hand as a refreshing treat when I want something other than flat water. The grapefruit is my favourite one.
Bubly sparkling water strawberry

15 reviews

My entire family loves the new line of sparkling Bubly waters. We’ve tried apple,mango,black cherry,and strawberry. They all taste amazing but the strawberry is by far everyone in our houses favorite! I highly recommend!
Perrier Lime Carbonated Water

46 reviews

I have been trying to avoid soda over the past few months and I found this water. And I have become addicted for about 4 months now I drink this on at least a weekly basis. I love the balance of carbonation and lime. It has enough flavor to taste good but it is not overpowering.
Bubly sparkling water lime

6 reviews

I was presently surprised with the new 'Bubly' line up from Pepsi. While grapefruit and strawberry deliver the best from a flavour perspective the Lime is also a refreshing beverage alternative. Priced better than higher end bubbling water, it was a great addition to our summer...
Perrier Strawberry Carbonated Water

3 reviews

I have a problem. I’m seriously addicted to Perrier. It started years ago when the lime flavour came out, and it was in glass bottles. Then the grapefruit omg. But now.... this. I mean I’m drinking so much I think I should buy stock in the company. My kids love the...
Nestle pure life sparkling water pomegrante lemonade

2 reviews

I bought this recently because it was on sale. I LOVE the flavour of this sparkling water. It is delicious without tasting too fake or the flavour being overpowering.
Clearly Canadian Raspberry

2 reviews

Clearly Canadian is back. It found its way to kickstarter a few years ago and our family bought 12 cases it hopes to help bring it back and it worked! Raspberry is good Mountian BlackBerry is by far the favorite! If you find this in stores snatch some up it is still pretty...
La Croix Cran-Raspberry

4 reviews

This is so refreshing and has a great taste. I love that it has zero calories and sugar but still tastes great. It has no artificial flavors which is a plus. It has the right amount of carbonation.
Canada Dry Club Soda

3 reviews

We used to drink another carbonated beverage that was a lot more expensive and decided to try out the Canada Dry brand club soda and loved it! We drink it daily plain and mixed with drink drops.
Sparkling ice drinks

2 reviews

These are outstanding in taste and quality. My daughter loves the "Crisp Apple" flavor and we keep all of the flavors on hand. It's so nice to have different flavors.
PC Blue Menu Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Water

1 review

I absolutely love this flavor of the sparkling waters. I've tried all the flavors of the Blue Menu brand and this is, by far, my favorite. One issue with naturally-flavored sparkling waters is that the taste is simply not there. However, I found that the pink grapefruit flavor...
Fruit 2O sparkling water lime

1 review

If you are looking for a calorie free drink that tastes quite good then look no further. It has lots of fizz and loads of flavour. Would be a great mixer for a “cocktail” or just a nice little treat without consuming all of the sugar and carbs of pop or juice.
Trully Spiked Sparkling Water is trully A Winner!

1 review

Trully Spiked Sparkling Water is Sparkling Water with a fruity twist that is spiked. Normally I dont drink alcohol, but this carbonated spiked wateris really a thirst quincher with natural fruity flavors and 5% alcohol per can. You get no alcohol breath at all. It has only...
Sodastream source

3 reviews

I was constantly purchased bottles of carbonated water but could never get the right taste and I hated how much plastic was going into the recycling. I looked into a few water systems and the source was a no brainer. It allows me to carbonate to my liking, add flavors depending...
Thirsty Buddha Sparkling Coconut Water with Watermelon

1 review

I have always enjoyed sparkling water, but I never enjoyed flavoured water (or coconut water, if I'm being honest) until I tried this one. Pros: It is not a fake watermelon flavour Remarkably fresh Not too sweet A good amount of carbonation Cons: Haven't seen them sold as a...
talking rain

1 review

love this carbonated water and buy it all the time, it is refreshing and even makes great floats in place of using soft drinks. it also comes in many flavors as well :)