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Carbonated Water Reviews

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Canada Dry Club Soda Orange-Mandarin

448 reviews

I love anything with a hint of citrus flavours. This once is such a refreshing change from lemon. Not sweet and doesn't leave any unpleasant after taste in your mouth. Definitely the best when served icy cold! Will be my first choice for a summer beverage.
Canada Dry Club Soda Pomegranate-Cherry

472 reviews

At first I wasn't sure if this would be a good addition to the Canada Dry family, after trying this product I found it was amazing, I was surprisingly impressed. Is great on its own and I am sure he can mix it with your favourite drink. I am getting this product at 9 out of...
Canada Dry Club Soda Lemon-Lime

286 reviews

Definitely takes time to get used to the taste, but having a very cold drink in the middle of summer without the ridiculous amount of sugar is a godsend.
Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

63 reviews

Perrier sparkling water tastes really refreshing. I love how fancy the bottles look while the price is really affordable. It's the perfect amount of bubbles without all the sugar of soft drink.
Bubly sparkling water strawberry

38 reviews

Nice to have on a hot summer day. Highly recommend. Once you take a sip it'll take you back to those warm, summery days as a child. Great to make a mix drink out of. I'd also try the lime, mmm.
bubly Sparkling Water Grapefruit

34 reviews

I love sparking waters or all type....flavoured and unflavoured. This grapefruit taste was definitely weird, as I was hoping it would be more citrus tasting. Not loving this one, but other bubly’s are decent
Bubly sparkling water

25 reviews

My new favorite summer drink! I've had grapefruit, cherry BlackBerry and orange! Every one has been delicious! I'm looking forward to trying all the flavors!
Bubly sparkling water lime

26 reviews

Does not have a bad aftertaste!!quite refreshing I add this to wine to make a spritzer buying it from Costco makes it worth the value for every can!
Perrier Pink Grapefruit Carbonated Water

42 reviews

I get these on and off when i want to treat myself. I don't get the grapefruit one often as it is a strong flavour (not that i mind but i need to be in the mood)
nestle triple berry sparkling water

1 review

I honestly used to hate sparkling water. I used to drink pop only every day all day. My doctor told me to stop it so I chose to drink nestle triple berry sparkling water. it is so good I highly recommend that you go out and try it.
White Claw Hard Seltzer

2 reviews

Just when this whole covid 19 thing struck someone upstairs decided to send us a new package of white claw seltzers! The new variety pack arrived just in time to make quarantine a little easier to tolerate. I thought the original pack was great but wow this second one is...
AHA strawberry cucumber sparkling water

1 review

AHA sparkling water is amazing. I love the light fresh taste. It isn't thick or syrupy, like some of the other sparkling water brands I have tried. It has a light taste, but enough flavor that it doesn't taste like plain water. Not too carbonated, just the right amount of fizz.
Perrier Lime Carbonated Water

50 reviews

I love Perrier and any other carbonated drink This is my susbstitue to pop and has been for a while I’m not much of a water drinker so this is the best for me I’ve actually turned my husband and daughter into Perrier drinkers as well
Aha blueberry pomegranate

2 reviews

Love the taste! Doesn’t leave that horrid after taste that most sparking water would and the price! That’s even better way way cheaper than Perrier which is amazing
Soda stream soda press organic blueberry lime

1 review

This is the most amazing flavour! It has 50% less sugar than other soda stream flavours, but it doesn’t give you that awful aspartame taste (and headache!) Hands down, my favourite. The kids too! A little more expensive than the regular variety flavours, but absolutely worth...
Sodastream source

14 reviews

We went through a LOT of soda water and decided it was time to give Soda Stream a shot. We must have already saved hundreds by using this machine, and also reduced our recycling bin contents. We should have read the instructions more carefully though - we used it incorrectly for...
la croix sparkling water

3 reviews

I usually buy a case from a grocery store I mix this sparkling water with wine to make a spritzer it does not have a bad aftertaste it is really refreshing
Blackberry Bubly

1 review

If you love blackberries this drink has a nice light flavor. I enjoy all of the Bubly favors but this is my new 1st choice. I love that it usually is on sale somewhere every week so I have yet to pay full price!
Bubly sparkling water cherry

12 reviews

I was a bit skeptic with Bubly thinking it would be another flavourless carbonated beverage but I needed something to replace my need for carbonated drinks. I purchased cherry flavour in the hopes it wouldn’t disappoint and let me tell you it did not. I was so surprised to...
Aha Peach and Honey Sparking Beverage

2 reviews

I seen this brand and had to try it as a I love sparkling water. The peach and honey flavor is nice and light you get more a peach flavor than you do the honey.