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Coffee Creamer & Whitener Reviews

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Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer

305 reviews

I love love love using this in my coffee. I love the different flavours and variety and also love that there is just a double double for when you don’t want any flavour. I do find it a bit expensive so I don’t treat myself often.
Baileys Coffee Creamer

84 reviews

I had never tried this coffee creamer before, but when I seen they had this at one of my local stores in the flavor Mudslide, I knew I had to try it! I became addicted to only using this coffee creamer! Unfortunately, my local stores no longer sell the Mudslide flavor, but if...
International Delight French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

72 reviews

très bons rapport qualité prix j'adore sont gout vanillé mon mari en raffole et boit sa tout les matin avec son café j'en ai déjà racheté plusieurs fois et je continuerai a en achetée

18 reviews

I love this creamer for my coffee. I find a lot of times creamers can be too sweet or taste like syrup but Coffee Mate Hazelnut doesn't at all. It makes your coffee taste super delicious. Would definitely recommend this product.
International Delight Hazelnut Coffee Creamer

40 reviews

I use this daily in our coffee and we love it ! We try to keep a few large bottles stocked in our fridge at a time so we don’t ever run out. We tried it’s competitor coffee mate hazelnut but I find it’s thinner and not as tasty . The price is a bit higher than we like to...
Western Family Organic Premium Coconut Milk

1 review

I was looking for a cream alternative for my coffee and so many of them have a lot of nasty ingredients in them. This coconut milk is so delicious! It comes in a can so you can so I just give it a good stir and store it in an air tight container in the fridge. Tastes very rich...
International delight Almond Joy Coffee Creamer

1 review

The InDelight creamers are so delicious! I just love the chocolate and coconut flavor of this one, it adds a little joy to my routine cup of coffee. Oh btw, these creamers are great to bake with also.

7 reviews

What else can I say but, “Yum!” This coffee mate magic makes my home brewed coffee taste like it came straight from a high end coffee house! I don’t even need any sugar/sweetener in my coffee because it’s just the right amount of sweet. I love that it is dairy free...
Delight creamer peeps

1 review

I am not a fan of peeps. It was good I might buy it again. It taste like a sugar cookie something. It was sweet. I did enjoy it and would recommend it.
International Delight Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer

3 reviews

I've purchased several brands of "sweet cream" creamers. Most don't hold up to their claims, but this one does. It's delicious and I struggle to buy another type if it's ever out of stock.
coffee mate butter toffee creamer

2 reviews

I love love love this creamer. It has a great flavor and taste just like toffee. Just a little will take you to a magical place when taking that first sip of coffee in the morning. Not only does this creamer have flavor, but it is also lactose- free and gluten free! So for the...
Naturel half and half

1 review

Love all Natrel products, and the fact it is a Canadian product makes our family happy! The taste is fresh, and for the half and half, use in my coffee and also for cooking in creamy soups and sauces.
Coffee mate vanilla carmel coffee creamer

1 review

My work had bought this to use at their annual family BBQ it was so good. So I bought some for home and when it runs empty I go out and buy a new one and I always get the same one vanilla caramel. I would recommend this to my friends. I also think it ks lactose Free another...
Land o lakes mini moos half & half

1 review

Land o lakes mini moos are the perfect size for me to add creamer to my coffee. It's easy to use and pour. Prevents you from adding to much creamer to your coffee or even making a big mess by spilling it like the regular conatiners. They don't take up too much space in your...

1 review

Such an amazing product has great flavor great texture doesn't curdle when you put it in your coffee or tea excellent in hot cereal and very low in calories extremely easy to digest and doesn't leave you with a sway feeling absolutely love the silk products it's fantastic has a...
Cremora non dairy creamer

1 review

Cremora may not be one of the top creamers today but it should be. It has a creamery taste than any of the ones I have tried before. The cost is better, the taste is better and to me I believe the ingredients are even better. It's been around for years but other brand and types...
International Delight White Chocolate Macadamia Coffee Creamer

1 review

Seriously this tastes exactly like a white chocolate macadamia cookie! It is SO good and my new favorite! Some flavors just do not taste like how they are advertised but this is so good!
Coffee-mate Italian sweet creme creamer

2 reviews

The taste is pretty good but after about half a cup of coffee it starts to leave a weird aftertaste in your mouth. This used to be one of my favorites but I feel like it has changed somehow. I still love coffeemate just not this flavor.

1 review

I have tried so many creamers and most of them don't come close to tasting as described. Then I tried International Delights Ameretto coffee creamer and found the one true to its description!!!
International Delight Southern Butter Pecan Coffee Creamer

29 reviews

I love everyone of these creamers, this is one of my favorites , Irish cream and French Vanilla is some of the others ones. I've added this to most of my coffee's , I've added it even in my fresh milk , I would definitely recommend this to anyone if you love creamers in your...