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Coffee Creamer & Whitener Reviews

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Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer

311 reviews

I love the variety of the coffee creamer and wish that we could get some of the values they have in the states in Canada. I have many cups of coffee a day and enjoy the creamer flavor.
International Delight French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

81 reviews

This is great. It adds just the right amount of sweetness to your coffee. It’s not overly priced as well so good value for your money. It last a long time and doesn’t spoil fast so you don’t need to worry about drinking it asap. Taste great and good value.
Baileys Coffee Creamer

86 reviews

Hands down this is my favourite coffee creamer. I use daily. The taste IMO is better than the original Bailey's. It's not too sweet and it is SO tasty. The French vanilla is my favourite flavor.
International Delight Hazelnut Coffee Creamer

43 reviews

I love this product and buy it all the time now. I can't imagine not having it in my coffee. I love the flavor and the creaminess it adds to my coffee. Originally bought for a special family occasion dinner, but now use ALL the time. The product is a fair price but I can...

18 reviews

I love this creamer for my coffee. I find a lot of times creamers can be too sweet or taste like syrup but Coffee Mate Hazelnut doesn't at all. It makes your coffee taste super delicious. Would definitely recommend this product.
Silk caramel creamer

2 reviews

I love that Silk has created a line of creamers. They are flavorful and a healthy alternative to traditional creamers that are loaded in everything artificial.
International delight

1 review

I absolutely love International Delight Sweet Italian Creme. I am a big coffee drinker who was accustomed to 5+ tbsp of sugar, but when I tried Sweet Italian Creme for the first time I fell in love. I no longer use sugar and if I run out of my creamer it's almost criminal!
Coffee Mate Dove Dark Chocolate Almond Liquid Coffee Creamer

3 reviews

I love this creamer!!! its amazing!!!I love coffee mate products. it is the only creamer i use in my household and my daughters use these products as well.
Hannaford brand vanilla creamer

1 review

This is hands down the best French vanilla creamer I’ve ever tried. It’s very sweet and creamy with the right amount of vanilla flavor. Makes the perfect coffee every time!
Coffeemate Peppermint mocha coffee creamer

3 reviews

I like this Coffee mate product, the subtle hint of peppermint always reminds me of christmas. I really try to enjoy every season, and this product helps bring the mood of winter festives to me.
coffeemate caramel vanilla creamer

1 review

I've tried a few different coffee creamers, but this is hands down my favourite! I take some with me to my local coffee shop when I'm getting a latte made, and they love the smell. It makes my coffee enjoyable, and it's a treat for me!
internationl delight hershey's chocolate caramel coffee creamer

1 review

I don't like coffee, but as a mom, I need it! I stumbled across this gem, when I was looking for something that was going to mask the tarty flavor that coffee has. This creamer does just that! Paired with some chocolate syrup, and two splenda's, this creamer makes my coffee...
Modere Logiq Coffee Creamer

1 review

I can't drink coffee without cream, so when I ordered a box of Modere's Loqiq coffee, I knew I had to buy the creamer. You get a big tub of powdered creamer for around $55 which should yield 30 servings. For best results, follow the directions, mix 2 scoops with cold water and...
Bliss coffee mate sweet cream

1 review

A very delicious creamer for my coffee. It was on sale so I decided to try it and I love it ! My coffee is just perfect now will buy again ! Thank you Coffee mate
International delight Almond Joy Coffee Creamer

2 reviews

Almond Joy is one of my favorite creamers, it taste just like the candy bar. Nice Chocolate and coconut flavor to my coffee As it says on the bottle, creamer is to coffee as almond is to coconut

8 reviews

I usually prefer to get almond or soy creamer but picked this up to give it a try. I like the consistency and sweetness of this creamer . It’s not overly sweet and you only need a bit in your coffee. It tastes great and I love the vanilla flavour it gives my coffee an extra...

1 review

The camera is lightweight and simple to set up right out of the box. It is user friendly and perfect for someone who isnt well versed in using and setting up electronics. The camera can be relocated from room to room as needed and offers a wide view. This camera has two way...
International Delight Southern Butter Pecan Coffee Creamer

32 reviews

Sweet, creamy and the perfectly paired with coffee to start my day. What a treat!! My favourite coffee pairing as I will not need to add sugar or any other additions. Stays fresh for a long time while keeping its delicious flavour. Such a great way to start the day.
Western Family Organic Premium Coconut Milk

1 review

I was looking for a cream alternative for my coffee and so many of them have a lot of nasty ingredients in them. This coconut milk is so delicious! It comes in a can so you can so I just give it a good stir and store it in an air tight container in the fridge. Tastes very rich...
Delight creamer peeps

1 review

I am not a fan of peeps. It was good I might buy it again. It taste like a sugar cookie something. It was sweet. I did enjoy it and would recommend it.