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Palm Bay Spritz Vodka Cooler

111 reviews

This girl I know in university introduced me to the plan bay stuff and I'm glad she did. Not feeling like having the taste or the after taste of beer, why not grab a palm bay. Great stuff to be frank at both parties and even when just hanging with your friends!
Smirnoff Berry Blast Vodka Cooler

16 reviews

J’ai toujours bien aimer la smirnof ! Mais j’avoue que celle ci .... est une coche au dessu des autres ! Le goût est vraiment très bon ! Très rafraîchissant sur le bord de la piscine :) J’adore !!
Palm Bay Frozen Key Lime Cherry

30 reviews

This is the best drink. It takes a while to freeze, but well worth the wait. Drink it every weekend during the summer. only downside is its only available from may to august
Dixon's gin Fusion - cumber, ginger, mint & lime flavour

1 review

oh how i adore this cooler. Like a perfect cocktail in a can. Gin-based, not too sweet and a wonderful balance of cucumber, mint, lime and ginger flavours that tasted clean, crisp and natural. The only problem is I can't find it at the LCBO anymore! It was very tough to find...
Palm bay lime cherry

14 reviews

I was looking for a premixed drink that was easy to take camping or have outside in the backyard without the need to be up and messing around with mixing a drink. The lime mellows out the cherry perfectly. I did not think I would enjoy these as much as I do. I wish they were...
Casal Domingo spritzer Pinot Gringio - Pear

1 review

I don’t drink alcohol because I don’t like the taste of it so I’m always trying to find some alternative to drink on special occasion and I found my go to drink. It’s sparkly , tasty with no strong wine flavour aftertaste. They are also available in 2 other flavours...
Mike's Hard cranberry lemonade

1 review

My go for coolers is Mike's Hard Lemonades. I usually go for the black cherry or lime, both winners in my book, but I tried the cranberry the other night out and found a new friend! Just the right amount of tartness, without leaving a bitter after taste. Refreshing, bright...
blackfly gin fizz cooler

1 review

I love making cocktails, especially grapefruit-based ones, but not convenient to do so when we are at the beach or on our boat. These do quite nicely in those instances. Nice grapefruit flavor. And I love that it's gin-based (gin cocktails are always superior to vodka-based ones...
American Vintage Hard Iced Teas

1 review

These are amazing for a camping trip! 4 flavors in one box and they're always on sale. They're pretty strong but tasty, don't let them fool you they will indeed give you a brutal hangover. The peach teas are my favorite, second are the green teas!
Jack daniel's country cocktails

1 review

Where i am to you can only get watermelon,peach and fruit punch! They are absolutely delicious and if you are like me 2 or 3 and you arent feeling any pain 😂 but seriously they are delish! Personally, i think fruit punch is the best, then peach, then the watermelon! I wish...
Hires Root Beer and Vodka

3 reviews

As stated in my headline, this stuff is deadly in a really good way. If you like rootbeer you'll love this drink. It tastes just like a regular rootbeer so before you know it you're 4 in and feeling the effect. Yum!
Palm Bay Mango Passion Fruit

1 review

I tried this product because mango is my favorite fruit/flavor! These were delicious and I will buy more! Must be served icy cold. Very refreshing and no strong vodka taste.
The pop shoppe Hard Cream Soad

2 reviews

The pop shoppe drinks remind me of my childhood.....minus the alcohol of course. They are the perfect drink and taste amazing. I would definetly recommend this drink for summertime.
Palm Bay Frozen Dragonfruit Watermelon

6 reviews

I don’t like alcohol but this is great. Good flavour and refreshing we don’t taste the alcohol too much. I would probably use and buy again in the future!
Queens borough Gin Fizz Lime

1 review

Queens borough has become one of my favorite brands of alcoholic beverages. This particular drink of theirs, the lime gin fizz, doesn't have too much flavor to it because it's unsweetened, but has the lightest hint of lime, and is lightly carbonated. It is very hydrating for an...
Tickling Pink Pink Lemonade Vodka

1 review

I tried this product for the first time during a holiday long weekend, and can’t get enough of it! It tastes great on its own, or can be paired with nearly any food. This is definitely a great summer drink.
Smirnoff Ice 1Ltr

6 reviews

Mouth- watering deliciousness. Not only is this product good on its own, but it is also good if you make a mixture containing Smirnoff ice and any other flavoured cooler of your choice.
Schweppes Blueberry Elderberry

1 review

The first taste is almost shocking how they have put summer in a can. The blueberry is strong but you can still taste elderberry and the balance between vodka and Schweppes is perfect. The can does say limited edition but i really hope this taste does stay past summer it has...
Snapple spiked Rasp Cherry Tea Vodka

6 reviews

This is a great flavor explosion of raspberry and cherry, it leaves no aftertaste and has a great texture going down, good price and I love the hint of tea!
Smirnoff Ice Peach Bellini

5 reviews

A yummy summer drink! Tried this after having a fancy drink at a restaurant one day, and this was the closest I could find to the taste without actually making this drink from scratch. It has become a summer favourite,