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Milk & Cream Reviews

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Neilson 1% Chocolate Milk

55 reviews

I am not a fan of regular milk but I absolutely love chocolate milk. I always stock up on this chocolate milk when it is on sale and it does not last very long in my refrigerator
Carnation Evaporated Milk

48 reviews

Vraiment un excellent produit ! Je l'adore..je l'utilise beaucoup dans ma cuisine ! Excellent pour faire des sauces bechamel ! Je stock automatique lorsqu'il est en spécial !! Cest vraiment un à tout en cuisine
Dairyland 3.25% homogenized Milk jar

1 review

Everyone loves dairyland milk product. 3.25% milk is perfect for me. Excellent taste. Perfect amount of cream for me. Price is good. This is my everyday essential. I make some good desert from this too.
Boréalait 5%

1 review

Depuis toujours, je bois du lait 2%, mais seulement dans les céréales ou le café. Depuis que j'ai essayée le lait Boréalait 5% (produit de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue), je suis tout simplement ACCROS aux verres de lait !!! Je le cite comme étant mon lait préféré à vie !...
Earth’s own unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 review

This is our everyday milk in our house hold. It is low carb and great in cereal, smoothies and my toddler loves it! We highly recommend! It makes a great substitute for someone who has an allergy or someone looking to be on the healthier side!
Tesco’s Filtered milk

1 review

This milk is the same as Cravendale filtered milk but costs about 60-70 p a 2 litre carton less . I buy the full fat version but they do also make the semi skimmed and full skimmed version too just like cravendale milk company do . When a household with family go through the...
Earth’s Own Vanilla Oat Milk

1 review

After having baby number two and wanting to cut down on the dairy products, I decided to try this oat milk. With oats being good for breast milk production, I figured I couldn’t go wrong. I have bought numerous cartons of this milk over the last four months. I love it with my...
So Delicious Dairy Free - Organic Coconut Milk Beverage

1 review

After we had our son and realized he was allergic to dairy. He wasn’t lactose intolerant, he was unable to breakdown the protein in cows milk. We were in search of an alternative. We tried many different items, but have finally found “So Delicious Dairy Free - Organic...
f'real chocolate milkshake

1 review

This milkshake is so delicious! It’s a must try if you are a milkshake fan. The taste and quality are great. The price is a bit on the high side..must try though!
Silk Almond Dark Chocolate

5 reviews

I find this almond milk to have a nice taste and enjoy it in my protein shakes. Thickens it up. Price varies between stores but is reasonable and normally can find it on sale.
Silk vanilla almond milk

2 reviews

J'aime beaucoup le lait au amande la vanille de Silk, il goûte vraiment bon et il est une bonne alternative pour une personne qui ne tolère pas le lactose :) Mon mari qui est difficile l'aime beaucoup lui aussi et mes enfants également :) Sine pour la santé et surtout...
Fairlife Chocolate Milk

8 reviews

I am lactose intolerant, but a huge fan of chocolate milk. This poses a problem when I want to indulge but will regret it later. Thank goodness for Fairlife and their Lactose-Free Chocolate milk. It has less sugar than the average, and contains many daily vitamins and minerals...
Philadelphia Cherry Cheesecake

1 review

Saw this on special, and loving cheesecake well wanted to try! It is layered with graham crust, cheesecake filling and cherry top ! not like homemade but still very tasty, comes in packs of two!
Almond Breeze unsweetebed Vanilla Almond milk

6 reviews

I have tried lots of different almond milks (unsweetened is my personal preference) and while there are lots on the market, very few make a decent latte or Cappuccino. Unlike other kinds of nondairy milk, almond milks can often be difficult to steam, and don’t seem thick or...
Almond breeze sweetened vanilla

4 reviews

Almond milk is good but Almond Breeze vanilla is even better because it has the sweet vanilla taste and the thick texture it is worth every penny and is so good
Earth's Own SoFresh Oat – Unsweetened Original

15 reviews

c'est la meilleur boisson végétale que j'ai bu jusqu'à présent elle a une belle consistance en bouche donne un gout vraimenr super au café glacée et enplus c'est un produit vegan j'ai adoré
Sipahh Cookies and Cream

1 review

Recently tried these after receiving a sample from Costco and we are hooked! I cant wait until they are in stock again. The flavour is great and its such a unique idea, the kids loved it! Delicious and fun!
Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream

2 reviews

Wow! Cette crème fouettée est magique! Comme si on l'avait fraichement fouetté nous même. Elle est faite avec de la vrai crème et non un mélange d'ingrédients qui donnent un goût douteux. Difficile d'y résiter lorsqu'on en a dans le frigo par contre ;) Vraiment un...
Fair life 0% Skim Ultrafiltered Milk Lactose Free

2 reviews

Fair life lactose free milk Taste good doesn't hurt my stomach love that you get extra protein and less sugar so that’s a bonus I will keep buying it
Liberte 3.25% Goat's milk

1 review

Ever since I switched my toddler's milk from cow's milk to goat's milk due to her eczema outbreaks, this milk has been a staple in our house. This milk has been a lifesaver, I definitely see a change in my daughter's skin condition. A lot less break outs and bonus it stays fresh...