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Protein Bars Reviews

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PowerBar Plant Protein Almond, Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate

1410 reviews

One of the best tasting protein bars I’ve had to date. It’s hard to find one that gives you want you need at the same time providing a great tasting factor. It’s delicious!
PowerBar Plant Protein Cashew, Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate

1391 reviews

So nice to have this at home very good. I love the cashewnuts ao much. Its very tasty for my it help me go through the day. Powerbar, power my day! I will definitely buy more of this!!!
PowerBar ProteinPlus Reduced Sugar Creamy Chocolate Peanut Butter

960 reviews

The bar is excellent fans very high in protein. I tried it to replace lunch and it did boost my energy and made me feel good. Not sure I really care for the taste, but it definitely is a good value for the cost.
PowerBar ProteinPlus Reduced Sugar Lemon Poppy Seed

952 reviews

I love to have on the go snacks or snacks for after the gym. These taste great. They give me the added protein I need and comes in a handy snack size I can throw in my pocket or gym bag. It comes in a variety of flavors and is a brand I can trust.
PowerBar Plant Protein Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

688 reviews

I like the flavor combination of this protein bar. It tastes great especially the dark chocolate bits. It is also not too sweet but filling at the same time.
Clif Bar Chocolate Almond Fudge Energy Bar

102 reviews

It was pretty good. Didn't taste like your typical protein bars. Definitely helped give me the extra boost of energy I needed late in the day. I'm now curious to try the other flavours!
Lärabar Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

73 reviews

Love it and love the fact that it is all healthy, I've been buying it since I received my sample! Quick filling healthy snack.....mmmmm my kind of snack!
CLIF Bar White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Energy Bar

45 reviews

These bars are great for every situation. Whether it's an on the rush snack or a pre/post workout one, it hits the spot. Great taste and not heavy so you are still able to do whatever it is you need to.
Quest Protein Bar Peanut Butter and Jelly

41 reviews

This flavor has been discontinued so I'm not sure why it is still here and why people are still reviewing it. However if you do happen to come across this bar (most likely in a Grocery Outlet) then it's an ''ok'' one to try, definitely not Quest Nutrition's best work. I wouldn't...
Kirkland Signature Protein Bar

37 reviews

They do the trick when you’re in a pinch. But I find them to be glorified chocolate bars with a whey-like taste. The bars are often hard (maybe just the boxes I was getting). The flavours aren’t the greatest. Although, if you warm the up in the microwave, they’re much...
Clif Bar Chocolate Chip Energy Bar

32 reviews

Ma barre préférée est celle au beurre d'arachide, mais j'aime bien la barre aux pépites de chocolat également. Elle a bon goût et comble la faim :) Ces barres sont un peu dispendieuses, mais elles valent le prix.
Pure Protein Bar Chocolate Deluxe

27 reviews

I have a very picky eater, and I find it difficult to get protein into him without him gagging, but this is one of the few protein bars that he will eat, and sometimes even ask for another!
Suzie's Good Fats Coconut Chocolate Chip Snack Bar

17 reviews

Decent bar for those into Keto. Taste is better than most. However other bars are more filling than this brand. Value is average. But good to try if you are looking for something new.
Special K nourish bar dark chocolate and almond

1 review

I have tried Special K nourish bar almond and dark chocolate for the first time. I just cant explain in words how tasty it is. Nuts made me mad with its great taste. Perfectly nutty, sweet and chocolaty. This combination reminds me something my childhood favourite snack. Me and...
Iron vegan coconut cashew cluster protein bar

2 reviews

The coconut cashew protein bar is filling and the taste is good as I like coconut. It’s not overly sweet and there’s no aftertaste. It contains a good amount of protein and fiber, all natural. The texture is somewhat gritty as most protein bars.
CLIF Bar Coconut Chocolate Chip Energy Bar

19 reviews

Protein bars are usually a hit or miss, but I have to say these bars are my go to. They are faster and aren’t chalky like other brands. Taste nice and a good texture. They may not look like they taste very good but they are delicious.
CLIF Bar Cool Mint Chocolate Energy Bar

16 reviews

Although my review on the taste is low, I do believe that people who really enjoy chocolate mint will like this bar! Unfortunately I am not the biggest fan but still support clif bars because of their nutritional value and organic ingredients!
Clif Bar Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch

20 reviews

I really enjoy these bars. They are perfect for my 3 sons who play numerous sports and need some quick energy on the go before their games or practices. Peanut butter is their favourite and it tastes great!
Kind simple crunch

1 review

This kind protein bars are awesome. It has only 8 ingredients. It has whole grain oats and creamy peanut butter, these bars are simply delicious. Very good to remove hunger on the go. Good healthy snack.
kind® nut butter filled snack bars variety

1 review

I love nut butter. This kind every bar is loaded with real, creamy nut butter. There is so much nut butter. Chocolate, honey, almond and creamy peanut butter. Excellent taste and snacks.