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Soft Drinks Reviews

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Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale

1092 reviews

I wait every year for this product. In Canada they only release it close to Christmas time and I find myself always excited to see it again. This brand produces superior ginger ale to any other brand I have tried.
Canada Dry Lemonade Flavoured Ginger Ale

930 reviews

I’m in aww with this new flavor, it has the perfect balance of lemon and ale. Poured over a glass of ice, the taste is light and smooth. I had to hind it from the family.
Canada Dry Ginger Ale

532 reviews

I have been drinking Canada Dry Gingerale for literally decades. It is the best gingerale out there. The competitors simply can't compete. You can actually taste the ginger without it being too overpowering and it always settles my tummy when I'm feeling sick. This is a pop...
Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale

444 reviews

These little babies are hard to find but they’re worth the hunt. So refreshing, not too sweet, and just the perfect flavour. Mix it with a little moscato wine and it makes a delightful lil’ cocktail, too!
Pepsi Cola

369 reviews

Pepsi vs Coke Isn't that the greatest debate? There is just something about Pepsi that has always had my heart! These days I don't drink much pop anymore but I get together with my one girlfriend and we're like. Who's grabbing the Pepsi. It's like a cheat day when we get...
A & W Rootbeer

327 reviews

This is one of my favourite tasting Rootbeer drinks .I love the sweetness of it . Love the design on the can . It looks great in the shelf at the store . I highly recommend this drink to make Rootbeer floats . My kids go crazy for them . Soo good .
Canada Dry Premium Ginger Ale

263 reviews

Ginger ale has always been my favourite pop drink and Canada Dry will forever be the brand I love and loyal to. Tried this premium line of theirs, the packaging of a glass bottle makes the whole experience to another level, it's very prestige and classy. The newly improved...
Canada Dry Premium Ginger Beer

243 reviews

This was some of the tastiest ginger beer I've ever tried! I used it to make moscow mules and they were so yummy. It had a good ginger flavour without being too spicy that it overpowered the rest of the ingredients. These are a little on the pricey side for how much you get but...
Canada Dry Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale

224 reviews

I enjoyed this very much! You can’t even notice much of a taste difference compared to the regular cranberry Canada Dry Ginger Ale, which made me very impressed. I’m definitely going to be purchasing this product in the future!
Canada Dry Premium Tonic Water

207 reviews

Très bon goût ! Belles bouteilles de vitre. Bel emballage de 4 packs en carton. On a bien aimé ce produit ma famille et moi et on le recommande fortement.
Coca-Cola Classic

244 reviews

coca cola in can is a good pop soda. it is enjoyable to drink specially on very hot day. this is a good treat when you want something heavy to deink or needed to burp.. it works.
Coca-Cola Zero

178 reviews

Zero cola was excellent for my diet, does not have that much calories which I love. Great addition for a soft drink! Love the flavour, and taste. Truly enjoy it!

94 reviews

Gatorade the best drink I usually get when I’m tired or exhausted. Even when I feel dehydrated. On summer time I mostly consume this product as I do cycle and do hike. When my body needs a recharge or a boost I usually get this drink specially the orange flavor which I like...
Coca-Cola Cherry

98 reviews

Pretty good flavour. Love the fizz. Best served cold. The flavour could be a bit stronger for my taste but still enjoyed. If you never tried and like cherry taste then this one is for you
Diet Pepsi

86 reviews

Diet pepsi tastes great and its a little better than regular soda. This is the only soda ill drink and I always get it with groceries. Something to help when you need the caffeine but its diet.
Diet Coke

99 reviews

My all time favorite drink no matter the day or temperature! I have drank Diet Coke for 40 years and the taste has never changed no matter the container it may be in!
Pepsi Cola Wild Cherry

60 reviews

I really enjoy this kind of pop. Its different than the regular Pepsi it a nice refreshing change. The cost is the same as the reg pepsi so it is not any more expensive. I also found this kind of Pepsi in the case you can buy 12 of.
Coca Cola Vanilla

69 reviews

I thought it would be a mild vanilla taste, but it kicks hard like cherry coke. I like cherry coke, however, but this was too harsh for me. A few friends really liked it, but after a few sips they changed their mind as well
Coca-Cola Cherry Zero

63 reviews

I love Coke Zero, and I love cherry Coke! I'm trying to lose my covid weight, and this drink really hits the spot. No sugar, with that delish cherry Coke taste. I wish I could buy this year round!!
Coke zero

19 reviews

This is now my favourite pop, it is so refreshing and tastes just like normal coke but without the sugar. My husband started drinking this instead of regular and he also likes it a lot. He usually wouldn't drink any other pop.