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Soft Drinks Reviews

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Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale

1076 reviews

Every year this comes out my family and I stock up! This is the best tasting soda ever! It's even better then the regular ginger ale. Sweet and delicious, it's a must try for everyone!
Canada Dry Lemonade Flavoured Ginger Ale

929 reviews

The only bad thing is that you can’t get it year round, my favourite summer drink! I love to stock up in the summer! The perfect drink to mix with some jacks !
Canada Dry Ginger Ale

528 reviews

I love love love this gingerale. It’s a go to for typical parties but also if my stomach is a bit uneasy. I think the flavor combinations is just right between ginger and sweet.
Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale

442 reviews

I’ve only been able to find this flavour once but omg it’s my absolute Favourite. Perfectly balanced of sweetness and tartness. I usually find it in 2l bottles but when I can find the cans I always stock up
Pepsi Cola

362 reviews

I like the taste of soft drink. You can have at lunch or dinner or even served to friends with snacks. It’s very affordable to buy in cans. I would recommend others and my friends to buy that soft drink.
A & W Rootbeer

322 reviews

This stuff is amazing!!! Would absolutely buy this again, it tastes just as good as sitting in the restaurant with the ice chilled glasses. Would absolutely recommend to everyone 👍
Canada Dry Premium Ginger Ale

263 reviews

Ginger ale has always been my favourite pop drink and Canada Dry will forever be the brand I love and loyal to. Tried this premium line of theirs, the packaging of a glass bottle makes the whole experience to another level, it's very prestige and classy. The newly improved...
Canada Dry Premium Ginger Beer

241 reviews

I'm a huge ginger beer fan so I've been on the hunt for one that suits my tastes. This one is one of the more affordable ginger beers on the market when it goes on sale. Very little sediment, and good ginger flavour without being overpowering to the senses. They come in a pack...
Canada Dry Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale

223 reviews

My son and I each bought a bottle when it was on sale, and fell in love with it! Nice to have something light and refreshing in a diet pop. Unfortunately, when we went back to stock up on more, we couldn't find tge diet version anywhere! Guess we wait until next Christmas and...
Canada Dry Premium Tonic Water

207 reviews

Très bon goût ! Belles bouteilles de vitre. Bel emballage de 4 packs en carton. On a bien aimé ce produit ma famille et moi et on le recommande fortement.
Coca-Cola Classic

242 reviews

This is the only soda drink I like I can’t drink cheaper versions as it really isn’t the same as the original the taste has always been perfect absolutely love this product
Coca-Cola Zero

177 reviews

I don't really like this pop. To me it just has a weird taste. My husband drinks it like water. lol He switched from regular pop to this because of pop having way too much sugar.

94 reviews

Gatorade the best drink I usually get when I’m tired or exhausted. Even when I feel dehydrated. On summer time I mostly consume this product as I do cycle and do hike. When my body needs a recharge or a boost I usually get this drink specially the orange flavor which I like...
Coca-Cola Cherry

96 reviews

I love cherry Coke! This disappeared off the market for years and I am so glad they brought it back! I love the subtle cherry taste that pairs perfectly with classic coca cola.
Diet Pepsi

86 reviews

Diet pepsi tastes great and its a little better than regular soda. This is the only soda ill drink and I always get it with groceries. Something to help when you need the caffeine but its diet.
Diet Coke

97 reviews

I enjoy from time to time a cold Diet Coke !!! Very refreshing when needed. Soda is not my first choice but when I have a craving diet coke is my favorite bubbly soda
Pepsi Cola Wild Cherry

60 reviews

I really enjoy this kind of pop. Its different than the regular Pepsi it a nice refreshing change. The cost is the same as the reg pepsi so it is not any more expensive. I also found this kind of Pepsi in the case you can buy 12 of.
Coca Cola Vanilla

69 reviews

I thought it would be a mild vanilla taste, but it kicks hard like cherry coke. I like cherry coke, however, but this was too harsh for me. A few friends really liked it, but after a few sips they changed their mind as well
Coca-Cola Cherry Zero

62 reviews

I love cherry Coke! This disappeared off the market for years and I am so glad they brought it back! I love the subtle cherry taste that pairs perfectly with classic coca cola. The added bonus is that it now comes in Coke Zero form as well! Less guilty for the same great taste
Dr. Pepper

37 reviews

Dr. Pepper is my drink of choice. I love the taste. I purchase this product over any other product. It is my go to pop when I need a pick me up, when I need to quench my thirst.