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Soft Drinks Reviews

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Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale

1060 reviews

I have always loved ginger ale this is subtle but tasty it's nice at Christmas time if you make a punch also good with vodka just wish it didn't have that many calories or sugar
Canada Dry Lemonade Flavoured Ginger Ale

916 reviews

I had this yesterday for the first time and I was really impressed. I found the lemonade helped to tame down the ginger flavour and made the drink much more refreshing. I love Ginger Ale but on a hot day it's a bit intense, but not with the lemonade version!
Canada Dry Ginger Ale

487 reviews

I am very picky about sodas and honestly this is the only one I like to drink. It has a nice crisp flavour and I love ginger. It is sweet but not too sweet, it's perfect and refreshing.
Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale

438 reviews

When this first came out in my area I was quick to try it. Did not disappoint! My favourite flavour of ginger ale (that is still available) Goes great with lemon vodka for a refreshing summertime bevvy!
Pepsi Cola

352 reviews

Ma marque préférée :) J'adoooore le goût, la qualité et souvent des rabais intéressant sur la marque. J'aime encore mieux le Pepsi en bouteille de verre mais en canette, transport plus simple ;)
A & W Rootbeer

307 reviews

Best root-beer when bought in the restaurant, in a frosty mug. I find when bought in cans or bottles it is not the same. Always refreshing and tastes great!
Canada Dry Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale

220 reviews

I love the non-diet version of this product but this is still super tasty! If you're looking to cut sugar out and still crave cranberry gingerale during the holidays - def grab this!
Coca-Cola Classic

236 reviews

K, this one is easy for me as i've always been a coke fan! Love the taste and all! If in a restaurant that serves the other stuff, yes i will drink it, but i much prefer a coke.
Coca-Cola Zero

176 reviews

Growing up I had always ritualistically drank diet coke with my father, although eventually my preference faltered and I had been stuck searching for a soda with a bit more of a sweetness and bang to it - I tried other brands, but little did I know the best option was so...
Coca-Cola Cherry

96 reviews

I love cherry Coke! This disappeared off the market for years and I am so glad they brought it back! I love the subtle cherry taste that pairs perfectly with classic coca cola.

88 reviews

If this drink is served cold it can be super refreshing. I like almost all of the flavours, but my personal favorite is Orange. I would suggest for a better bargain to buy these drinks in bulk. Great idea to take them with you if playing sports too.
Diet Pepsi

81 reviews

Diet Pepsi is absolutely disgusting. Cold or warm is taste the same, terrible. It taste extremely sugary , leaves your teeth feeling gross. If I am at a restaurant and Pepsi is all they have , it’s a water for me.
Pepsi Cola Wild Cherry

59 reviews

Bring cherry flavor to a whole new level. Have tried a few colas infused with cherry before but Pepsi Cola Wild Cherry has the best flavor ever! I will definitely never go back to other brands again.
Diet Coke

92 reviews

Diet Coke is my go to soda! The taste is always fresh and bubbly, really quenches my thirst!! The packaging is eye catching and keeps the product fresh
Coca Cola Vanilla

68 reviews

This is my favourite Coca Cola drink out of them all. Such a delicious flavour of drink with a subtle hint of vanilla! Although it ican be hard to find here in Canada it is a garunteed purchase when I do!
Coca-Cola Cherry Zero

62 reviews

I love cherry Coke! This disappeared off the market for years and I am so glad they brought it back! I love the subtle cherry taste that pairs perfectly with classic coca cola. The added bonus is that it now comes in Coke Zero form as well! Less guilty for the same great taste
Dr. Pepper

36 reviews

I love Dr Pepper. I drink this very cold from the fridge or with ice. Tastes better from a cold can. I buy the bottles from asda and very cheap one pound or one pound twenty five. I drink the whole bottle in a day it is that nice.
Red Bull Energy Drink

55 reviews

This really helps wake me up and energized me. I can see why some people don’t like the taste but I personally don’t mind it. Bit expensive though.
Coke zero

7 reviews

I love Coke Zero!! It has a great flavor and more of the regular coke taste. I love the crisp taste and the fresh bubbles. The packaging keeps the soda staying fresh
Schweppes Bluberry Peach Ginger Ale

19 reviews

Please make this flavour (Blueberry / Peach) a regular flavour.....it is excellent and very addictive....lo. i bought up all the cases from all the supermarkets and drug stores around me in Scarborough, Ontario. Thank You......as far as your Csnada Dry side....the Lemonade...