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Tea Reviews

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Tetley Super Green ANTIOX Tropical with Vitamin C

511 reviews

I've been an avid tea drinker for years, and over that time I've had my favourites, but this instantly made it into my daily rotation. The flavour is tropical and refreshing without being too artificial or sweet like other brands. Highly recommend.
Tetley Super Herbal Tea IMMUNE Lemon & Echinacea with Zinc

497 reviews

This is a delicious cup of tea, perfect to get you relaxed. Citrusy And aromatic notes . You can really taste the lemon . Not to overpowering but just perfect. Great affordable price too.
Tetley Super Green BOOST Berry Burst with Vitamin B6

481 reviews

Speaking from the perspective of someone who has tried many teas that are out there, Tetley Boost Berry Burst has one of the best natural flavours you will ever try. It consists of a very refreshing strawberry/raspberry taste. Super green boost berry burst tea also is an...
Tetley Orange Pekoe Tea

412 reviews

I usually don’t drink tea myself but I make Indian chai tea for my family. Tetley is our staple brand in my house. It’s full of flavour and perfectly strong for chai tea and the spices I add. I will definitely continue to purchase.
Tetley Cold Infusions - Strawberry & Watermelon

350 reviews

Tetley is my favourite brand for tea, never disappointed me that's why I decided to try this strawberry-watermelon tea. I was hoping It will give me a little " summer taste " unfortunately I don't like this flavour combination. Hut I passed it on to my mum who likes it.
Tetley Cold Infusions - Raspberry & Cranberry

347 reviews

I love Tetley Cold Infusions. In fact I love all the flavor in them. Firstly I got introduced to them when I received some samples, then I started using them regularly. I find drinking water very boring, after getting introduced to these flavors through samples, now I find...
teapigs Cleanse Tea

312 reviews

Great packaging and very clear instructions for those that are not avid tea drinkers. Very fragrant upon opening and more-so while steeping. I am not a fan of coconut so I found the smell overpowering but wanted to be fair and give it’s taste a chance. While I was able to take...
Tetley Cold Infusions - Mint, Lemon & Cucumber

354 reviews

My third review on tedley's cold infused tea with flavor of mint, cucumber, and lemon. Simply love this flavor as well. I always love lemon water. I cannot drink plain water, always drink water with lemon and mint but now I just grab this tea infused bag full of flavors of lemon...
Red Rose Orange Pekoe Tea Bags

326 reviews

I love tea! & LOVE red rose!! Has such a great full flavour. The new teabags are awesome. I enjoy the quality of them. - no tea debris are able to go through & that’s great because no one enjoys tea leaves in their tea. The price, quantity & quality is on point!! I will...
teapigs Super Fruit Herbal Tea

267 reviews

For the prize you really can’t go wrong. Tetley tea is by far one of the favourites brand of tea. Great value and great taste. I drink this tea on a special occasions.
teapigs Rooibos Crème Caramel

183 reviews

I received this in my ChickAdvisor EcoBox. I'm a fan of teas (David's, local shops etc) and the flavour TeaPigs offers is SO GOOD. It's perfect if you're looking for a light dessert flavour without the calories.
Tazo Zen Green Tea

185 reviews

Nice tea for night. Not too much of the peppermint flavour. Has a nice calming effect which makes me ready for sleep. The strength after brewing is not bad. I am looking forward to trying different flavours from Tazo. I recommend if you are looking for something mild for night...
Tazo Calm Chamomile Herbal Tea

186 reviews

My teenage daughter has been drinking my stash of camomile tea every day since the beginning of lock down. She makes a cup in the morning when she sits down to start her high school work and another after lunch when she sits down for her virtual classes. She adores it!
Tazo Chai Latte Concentrate

167 reviews

All time favourite cafe like experience at home . Super easy Starbucks like beverage. It is amazing hot or cold, there are so many different ways it can be used. Absolutely would recommend!
teapigs english breakfast tea

176 reviews

i love english breakfast tea and i like the brand teapigs. i like the packaging and it's not plastic. the tea smells really nice and it does have a rich tea flavour. price is a bit expensive, but it's a treat for myself.
Tazo Refresh Mint Herbal Tea

178 reviews

Tisane à la menthe est un incontournable et toujours rafraîchissant! Un délice à ne pas manquer! Je l’adore et je vous le recommande sans hésitation !
Tazo Organic Chai Black Tea

145 reviews

I do love chai teas and coffees but now I'm not so sure whether I'm usually buying/ordering chai options with some added sweetness, such as caramel or vanilla. Either way, I found this tea way too strong and very spicy. It hit the back of your throat just like a strong whiskey...
Tazo Passion Herbal Tea

181 reviews

This isn’t my favorite tea, but then again I’m not a huge hibiscus tea fan. I think it’s too sour. I can drink it but I wouldn’t really want to. My sister loves this tea so I think it comes down to personal preference.
Tazo Earl Grey Tea

151 reviews

I really enjoyed trying this earl grey tea! I'm usually not a fan of earl grey tea but this one has a great depth of flavor compared to other teas I've tried in the past. If you don't enjoy bergamot, I do not recommend it as it is pretty strong. I personally like this product.
Lipton Green Tea Naturally Decaffeinated Tea Bags

166 reviews

it's a very good green tea!!! it's perfect for ice tea during hot days and perfect hot during cold night!!!! good taste, not to strong!!!! i recommand it to all tea lover