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Water Reviews

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Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal

242 reviews

I tried a few of the Aquafina Waters and they are pretty good. some of them have a little bit of an aftertaste but you can get used to it. They really quench your thirst and the fact that's got vitamins and good stuff in it makes it way better
Glaceau Vitaminwater

159 reviews

Vitamin waters always good after a hangover ... Lol. It super tasty packed with minerals+vitamins and really good for you. Its extremely helpful when your sick or not feeling well. It makes you feel a ton better. I at least think it does. I love the acai one. It's super tasty.
Nestlé Pure Life Natural Spring Water

78 reviews

This is one of my favorite types of bottled water. It taste great and is not too expensive like some of those other bottled waters that are way over priced.
FIJI Natural Artesian Water

22 reviews

I enjoy drinking Fiji Natural Artesian Water because the taste is amazing, better than tap water. The Packaging is very effective and tropical looking. Great tasting water is worth the price. I would recommend Fiji Natural Artesian Water to anyone.
Nestle Pure Life Bottled Water

30 reviews

I like this water to have home for snacks or trips. The flavor is good, because some water I fell a bit heavy. It is easy to carry and go, also I like to have in my fridge for guest. The price is definitely good.
Kroger purified drinking water

7 reviews

This is the only water I will buy like go out of my way to get this water. It's cheap and good quality. They also have coupons on the app for it all the time.
Flow Alkaline Spring Water in Cucumber Mint

8 reviews

I am not a huge fan of water . But, flow water was a game changer . The cucumber mint is one of my favourite flow water . I noticed that this water helps me a lot when my stomach is churning from eating acidic food like spicy food or too much coffee. It’s a bit pricy . I...
Glaceau smartwater

2 reviews

When it comes to water I'm very picky. Most bottled water tastes like plastic to me. I have found my perfect water! Glaceau Smart Water is vapor distilled & it has added electrolytes. "Purity you can taste. Hydration you can feel. I noticed the difference immediately! This water...
Sanavi sparkling spring water

1 review

This is such a great sparkling water. Im obsessed with the coconut flavor. Its a great alternative to pop and calorie free. I hate that its so difficult to find!
Rozana - 1 Litre

1 review

Bonjour, Aujourd'hui je vais vous parler de l'eau Rozana - 1 Litre meme si la quantite n'est pas importante. Les + sont : - 100% Naturellement Gazeux - Nutri-Score A - Magnesium - Eau Naturelle - 100% Recyclable - Production Marque Sur L'Emballage Les - sont : - Emballage...
Aloe Vita Aloe Vera In Pure Water

1 review

I was very happy when I found that my local store carried these drinks, Pomegranate is the best, love the taste of their drinks. Very reasonably priced, I purchase them every week
Core hydration water

3 reviews

I know, I know, most people say that water tastes like water and they can’t tell the difference between different brands. I disagree wholeheartedly! There is definitely a difference in taste and quality between bottled waters. I went rock climbing a few weeks ago and the...
Propel electrolyte water beverage

1 review

I am a type 1 diabetic and have to stay away from drinks that contain sugar. This does not leave me with many options. I don't care for diet soda, so I drink a lot of water. Sometimes drinking plain water gets boring for my taste buds. I noticed Propel in the water section at...
S. Pellegrino pomegranite

10 reviews

j'ai découvert ce produit il n'y a pas longtemps ! et J'Adore ça ... appart boire de l'eau je ne boit rien d'autres alors une fois de temps en temps sa fait du bien.
Eska Water - Natural Spring Water

26 reviews

I’ve tried many other types of water, bottled and not bottled. Eska is one of the best I’ve tried. Great price for the quality and the whole family loves it. Highly recommend it for all!!!
nestle splash water with grape

2 reviews

I am the kind of person that hates drinking water because it tastes so boring. Nestle splash flavored waters taste great so I don’t mind drinking water. I especially like the açaí/grape flavor.
Flow Alkaline Spring Water Lemon + Ginger

5 reviews

It took me forever to find it. Then it was just at loblaws. The flavour is not subtle, it's a bit stronger than I was expecting but I didn't mind it actually so I'm just saying it for those expecting something else. I did like the mineral type of hint to the taste, being...
Kirkland Natural Spring Water

24 reviews

Bought from Prince George superstore, the kirkland water bottle is very dirty! ? i will never buy this brand of water again!! You don’t even know what is in that water, so many dirt in the water!!!
Topo Chico Mineral Water

1 review

If you love sparkling water, you can never go wrong with the original Topo Chico Mineral Water. I used to not like it but now I love it! I mix it with any kind of juice and it gives that extra zing to it. Highly recommended! Good to use as a mixer too!
Topo Chico Lime Sparkling Water

1 review

If you love sparkling water, this is a must-try. It is very refreshing and I love the extra lime flavor added. This is really good to drink on its own or used as a mixer to drinks.