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Water Reviews

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Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal

245 reviews

I buy these drinks every so often when I'm out. I love the black & blueberry flavour, but the other ones are just so-so. Still, one of the better options when stopping at the gas station or corner store.
Glaceau Vitaminwater

169 reviews

I love all the different flavours they have of these, but my usual go to is the XXX! So good! Not as healthy as regular water of course, but just a great choice when I’m dying of thirst on a hot day! Highly recommend!
Nestlé Pure Life Natural Spring Water

82 reviews

I have been drinking this water for years and it is the only water I will really drink. I love drinking water especially because I've been trying to get healthier. Great product.
Nestle Pure Life Bottled Water

41 reviews

Well, this was the first time I tried a new bottled water and I think i would switch back to my original. So it does not go waste, I mix it when I have coffee or tea. I wont just drink as it. The packaging is also not very strong but for the quality, the price is fine.
FIJI Natural Artesian Water

23 reviews

I love Fiji water it’s my favourite brand of water . Fiji water is on the pricier brand of water but I can really taste the difference in the water . I like the clean taste of Fiji water and I could the difference with this water compared to other brands out there. Definitely...
Premium spring water

1 review

Tastes alright. But the quality is what matters. This premium spring water from the 'world's finest water' has a ph level of 7.1-8. Probably the best water brand out there. Recommend.
Western Family water enhancers

1 review

These water enhancers are very good. sugar-free, flavorful. Lots of flavors to choose from. No powdery after-taste as this is a liquid. Just add a few drops to some cold water.

1 review

this is awesome water, it's in an aluminum long can and what is awesome is that u can reuse it. the company is making waves by pointing out how much plastic we use and how it can end up in the landfill.
yeti rambler 26 oz

2 reviews

Yeti bottles are my absolute favourite it’s seriously worth the price! It will keep your water cold, I put ice in it and even 24 hours later the water is cool and depending on how much ice I put in there is still some in the bottle. It’s sturdy a bit heavy but that’s ok...
Sodastream Natural Flavour

2 reviews

The Soda Stream Natural Flavour line is hands down my favourite. My favourite flavour is grapefruit, then raspberry and lemon. These all taste true to the fruit itself and add a huge punch of taste with just 1/2 a teaspoon to a litre of water. The orange flavour is also great...
Country Time Lemonade Drink Mix

2 reviews

This was a pantry staple at my grandparents' house when I was young and I still love it to this day! The flavour is great and packs a punch. I love that this isn’t too sweet. I really like that the mix easily dissolves into the water! Such a yummy treat!
evian Natural Spring Water

4 reviews

Evian spring water has been dubbed as premium, natural , one of its kind since a long time now. Due to nostalgic reasons, I feel good and refreshing after drinking it. But does it taste good? You bet!
Nestlé® Pure Life® 500mL water Bottle

1 review

Regular water with no calories and no sweeteners, water is a smart alternative to sugary drinks. Easy grip and good kind bottle. These waters are collected from selected and protected springs. No calorie or sweeteners.
Sweet leaf water drops mango

1 review

I love the sweetleaf water drops peach mango water flavouring because it’s sweetened naturally a little goes a long way you can taste the peach and mango really strong and knowing it’s not filled with chemicals is a plus
Compliments Carbonated Spring Water

1 review

Compliments Carbonated Spring Water cans are great value. I love how much colder drinks are when they're in a can and this spring water is perfectly carbonated.

1 review

My partner is Greek so we have this water imported. It is the best spring water I have ever tasted. It’s so refreshing. It’s hard to drink any other water after this. A bit pricey tho.

3 reviews

There is never a time where you will see me without a Powerade Zero Grape. It’s my favourite drink, especially after a hot summer day. Or after a sweaty workout
Hydratedleaf 5MG CBD Shot

1 review

Hi all, I tried this product upon the recommendation of a friend. She suggested I try it because I was very anxious during my school exams and irritated throughout the day. I usually take one shot mixed with water in a 2.2 L jug and drink it throughout the day. It has really...
Hydrated leaf

2 reviews

I love these products! I ordered my first large case of water and drank a bottle every day. At first, I didn't notice any effects other than thirst quenching, great tasting water! In less than a week, people started commenting on how calm yet alert I was and that I had a...
Voss sparkling water

1 review

So I always fancied VOSS glass bottle and decided to give it a try. Turns out sparkling water is not my thing. It tastes funny, something I would drink if my stomach was upset lol. But I love the glass bottle, feels so rich. Ended up discarding the sparkling water and reusing...