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Water Reviews

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Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal

243 reviews

This vitamin infused water is very refreshing with a bonus shot of vitamins. No after-taste with the added vitamins. All the flavors are great. Enjoyed all of them.
Glaceau Vitaminwater

159 reviews

Vitamin waters always good after a hangover ... Lol. It super tasty packed with minerals+vitamins and really good for you. Its extremely helpful when your sick or not feeling well. It makes you feel a ton better. I at least think it does. I love the acai one. It's super tasty.
Nestlé Pure Life Natural Spring Water

79 reviews

I buy this water on a regular basis, it is one of mine and my families favourite my spring waters for sale. It has a really nice taste, I drink this mainly all the time. The packages is appealing too. I would definitely recommend this water.
FIJI Natural Artesian Water

23 reviews

I love Fiji water it’s my favourite brand of water . Fiji water is on the pricier brand of water but I can really taste the difference in the water . I like the clean taste of Fiji water and I could the difference with this water compared to other brands out there. Definitely...
Nestle Pure Life Bottled Water

35 reviews

J'adore ce format de bouteille ! Il y a un capuchon transparent qui va sur le dessus qui protège contre les saletés. Ce bouchon se tire facilement avec les dents quand on bien pressé de se rafraîchir 😁 Je la réutilises beaucoup par la suite pour ne pas trop gaspiller. Je...
Kroger purified drinking water

7 reviews

This is the only water I will buy like go out of my way to get this water. It's cheap and good quality. They also have coupons on the app for it all the time.

2 reviews

I recently tried Powerade Zero grape flavoured. The best drink ever for diabetics made with Stevia! It reminds me a lot of grape Kool-Aid but sugar free. Though it's sweetened with Stevia extract, it doesn't have the after taste that goes along with most Stevia based drinks. My...

1 review

This is not just a water bottle, its made for people who hate water, you get these flabor sips of your choice (cartridges) and turn the dial to adjust the flavor strength. The flavor cartridge last anywhere between 6 to 7 22oz bottles! When you order you get 4 cartridges so...
True Lime Watermelon Limeade

1 review

True Lemon Watermelon Limeade is my summertime water enhancer go to. I add one pouch to 30 ounces of water. The taste is so refreshing, and it helps me keep track of my water intake. True Lemon offers a variety of flavors.
Crystal Light Citrus on the go packets

1 review

Crystal Light Citus with caffeine on the go packets are yummy. The citrus flavor is great and it has caffeine! It's a great way to drink water and still feel like you are drinking a soda! Much healthier option.
p.c. natural spring water

1 review

I love this water because it does not taste of the bottle it’s in or stale very clear and fresh tasting and you can’t beat the price and quality for the price so this water is a winner.
Hydrated leaf

1 review

I received a sample shot of a new CBD infused water coming on the market. I received it in shot form, apple flavour. It’s supposed to relax you, assist with sleep and help with pain I didn’t have pain that needed to be relieved so I can’t speak to that, but it certainly...
Flow Alkaline Spring Water in Cucumber Mint

9 reviews

Bien qu'un peu dispendieux, cette eau a un excellent goût, des saveurs naturelles et rafraîchissantes! Le goût de concombre est bien présent, la menthe beaucoup moins. C'est un produits que j'achète régulièrement!
Mio + Vitamins liquid water inhancer  Blackberry Rasberry flavour

1 review

Mio + Vitamins is a huge win for me. It's easy to take along where ever you go. I like it a lot better than Mio Sport or the regular Mio's that I have tried. The only thing I will say is that you have to add twice as much as they recommend to get a decent taste, but it costs a...
Oasis aqua shock

1 review

This particular brand of flavoured water is very nice. Very refreshing. Comes in lovely packaging and also at a great price. I didn’t expect the new flavour combination of raspberry and chilli to work so well but it really does. It’s very refreshing
Hemera Gemstone Water Bottle

1 review

There’s been a big upsurge in the use of gemstones in the health, wellbeing and beauty industries - from gemstone infused water bottles to the very sought after facial rollers that are often made of Jade, Amethyst and Rose Quartz. Gemstone infused water bottles are big news...
Chaokoh Coconut Water

1 review

I am reallllly fussy about coconut water. I like to have it on hand at work for days when I run at lunch. I picked this up at Metro because it was a really good price and they don't carry my other brand. I am glad that I did. Perfect size, Delicious. Really great value!
Life water

1 review

J'adore le gout de cette eau c'est la meilleure! En plus elle vient du quebec et a plein de mineraux dedans qui donne un tres bon gout. Elle est grosse et pas chere
Frasassi water

1 review

I really love this italian brand of water, my in-laws always buy it and I find that it tastes of clean and fresh, without any after taste. Highly recommend.
Bubly sparkling water cherry

1 review

I love drinking pop but I shouldn't drink so much pop. Enter Bubly. I love how it is a refreshing flavoured option to just drinking plain water. I often long for that serge of bubbles when I need a drink. This is tasty and just what I need.