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White Wine Reviews

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Fetzer moscato wine

2 reviews

Affordable great tasting Moscato. I liked the sweet, crisp and light taste of their wine. Great for a night in with the girls!
Wild Vines Strawberry White Zinfandel Wine

81 reviews

I love wild vines strawberry white Zinfandel. The flavour is light and sweet. Great for sipping on a hot summer’s evening. It is carbonated which I like and makes it a nice treat.
girl's night out wine

6 reviews

This is one of my favourite LCBO go to items. Very cost effective, delicious in taste as well! Made in local winery. They have so many choices it's hard to choose one!
Oakridge Wine

1 review

This White wine is very affordable and tastes great, it also is right from Ontario
Skinny Girl Wine

10 reviews

I love Skinny Girl wine!!!!! It comes in a variety of flavors like red,white,etc. I am partial to my sweet red wine. I love it not only for the taste but for the fact that it’s very low in calories. It’s healthier than most wines on the market. I highly recommend this...
Relax Riesling Wine

14 reviews

This wine is so good! It’s perfect for a summer day, relaxing with the girls or just an evening by the fire. It’s a semi sweet fruity wine, but not sweet like a dessert wine. I have bought it several times and will continue to buy it! Just an all around great tasting white...
Moscato (Barefoot)

11 reviews

This wine is very very tasty and very refreshing. It is crisp and pairs great with a charcuterie platter with some friends. And the price is really great also!
apothic white

4 reviews

I love the Apothic Red so I figured I would give this white a try over my usual cheaper, better tasting picks. Mistake, it was not what I was looking for at all. Back to the red I go!
Arbor Mist

11 reviews

Such a good price for a bottle of wine! It's light, bubbly and fruity. It goes down smooth and doesn't leave that awful aftertaste some wines do. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a starter wine.
Bodacious Smooth White Wine

12 reviews

I just opened my first bottle of this tonight and was super surprised by the taste, everything. Not an expensive bottle of wine but doesn't taste cheap. Would be good room temp or chilled. Nice fruity flavour, smooth, perfect with dinner. Will be buying for get togethers this...
E & J Gallo White Zinfandel

3 reviews

I enjoy this wine relaxing with my friends with little dainties. It is a smooth relaxing wine and goes very well with chicken. We enjoy it a lot when all the girls come over to scrapbook with me.
Dr. Loosen - Riesling - Wine

1 review

Perfect for wine lovers new to Riesling, for everyday enjoyment and for occasions when you’re serving wine to a large number of guests. It is refreshing and fruity, with a fine mineral edge that is typical of the region. One of my favorite wines to serve to guests.
barefoot white zinfindel

6 reviews

This wine is a nice, sweet, crisp rose wine. It is perfect for a girls night necause the drink is quite sweet and can be paired with various food such as chocolate. It is a bit sweet so l was cautious not to drink alot because of a hangover. It is an inexpensive wine to buy and...
Copper Moon Chardonnay Wine

2 reviews

Cooper moon has the best wine, I’m very picky about my wine and have tried many wines, I don’t like wine with to much spice or oak taste, but them seem to have a perfect balance of sweet and spicy.
Frisky Zebras

1 review

No, no, the title isn't because I've gone crazy- That's the name of the wine I'm currently drinking, Frisky Zebras, and I have to say it's a pretty excellent buy! I was initially attracted to the colourful label, the silly name and the various stickers exclaiming it's...
Wild Vines Tropical Chardonnay

3 reviews

This is more of a fruit juice really with a touch of alcohol, it goes down quite easy, and the bottle is done fast. ;-) Good to mix with a wine you bought to try but tastes awful.
Girls' Night Out Strawberry Samba

39 reviews

Not only is this wine delicious but it’s very affordable too. I love the fruity taste it has the perfect amount of sweetness. If you like your wine sweet then give this a try you won’t be disappointed
Barefoot Moscato

79 reviews

I'm not a big wine drinker. When I do go to enjoy a glass of wine, I like a sweet white. This fits the bill. I love this wine! The price is so affordable! For such an inexpensive wine, the quality is there.
Jackson Triggs Pinot Grigio

9 reviews

This is a great wine. It's dry and not too sweet. I love the fruity taste. It tastes like melon, peaches and a little tart citrus. It's easy to drink and the price is great.
Jackson Triggs Sauvignon Blanc

11 reviews

This is my favourite wine ! I always have in my fridge. I love that it’s light and slightly sweet with just enough kick . It’s my go to for gifts and parties .