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L'Oreal Men Expert One Twist Hair Color - Real Black

21 reviews

I received the L'Oreal Paris Men Expert One-Twist Hair Color in 02 Real Black for in exchange for my honest review from @Chickadvisor @thisisbutterly @thexystuff. My husband loves it. In this kit you will find two sachets (colourant + developer) to perform a skin allergy test...
L'Oreal Men Expert One Twist Hair Color - Dark Brown

21 reviews

I loved the result of this product. My husband have abundant amount of grey hair. The product doesn’t smell so bad, it comes with a tester before trying it on your hair. To check for any allergies. So, yeah it works for me! I can reccommend this to anyone.
L'Oreal Men Expert One Twist Hair Color - Medium Brown

15 reviews

My husband likes to dye his hair at home. He has a busy work schedule so he does it himself. I know from the different boxes that’s he tried several and they all have one thing in common, messy and drippy. He usually needs help from myself or my daughter to do the back of the...
L'Oreal Men Expert One Twist Hair Color - Light-Medium Brown

10 reviews

Marvellous Monday everyone!💫 Does the man in your life colour his hair? I’ve got a great option for him! It’s Men Expert ONE-TWIST Hair Color from L’Oréal Paris. I was fortunate to receive it in exchange for my honest opinion from @xystuffclub @this and...
L'Oreal Men Expert One Twist Hair Color - Dark Blonde

7 reviews

It took me a while to try this after first receiving it because I was worried it would be a dramatic change, which in the end, it wasn't. The product is super easy to use, smells good and works well at covering the grey, even on super short hair. My only negatives were: the...
L'Oreal Men Expert One Twist Hair Color - Jet Black

4 reviews

My husband loves this product!He is used to buying box of hair dye from the store and having a hard time hiding the spots that he want. But with this easy to use hair color, he loves to style his hair every now and then!
L'Oreal Men Expert One Twist Hair Color - Light Brown

5 reviews

This is the worst product I have ever seen in my life! The dye does not come out and there is barely anything inside! Literally had to cut open the container because it all of a sudden stopped coming out of the bottle! Tried everything to get it to work again and nothing...
Comfort and Care

1 review

This is a small package that you mix in with your bleaching kit for hair. It's purpose is to eliminate the burning, and irritation to scalp while bleaching is processing. I did not know this product or any of its kind for that matter existed until I stumbled upon it whilst...
Bulldog Skin Care for Men Original Beard Balm

2 reviews

Just grew a beard and decided to give this a try. Made my beard super soft smelt incredible also. This line of products is something I reccomened to everyone!.
HASK Argan Oil/Bamboo Oil

1 review

I have been using these products for years. My hair always gets compliments on it's high shine and luster. It gives my ends nourishment with added strength. I am proud to say I use these products and it shows in my hair.
Blue Beards Revenge Beard Conditioner (Mint)

1 review

Bluebeards Revenge provides an entire range of men's beard care and general support. This product has worked fairly solid for me, I don't notice a massive different in the softness of my beard but I will say I feel like it freshens everything up a lot and it is a strong mint...