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Hair Styling Reviews

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498 reviews

Great shine very nicely made good product holds well easy to style very nice. My wife liked it aswell . Good product would be buying again in the future
AXE Signature High Shine Gel

83 reviews

Je n'aime pas du tout ce gel coiffant. Il a une odeur qui ne me plaît pas et jamais je ne le réutiliserai. Je le déconseille à quiconque souhaitant garder sa tête propre.
Dove Men + Care Sculpt & Texture Fortifying Styling Paste

70 reviews

I use this product just for the sides of my hair to kind of slick it back to make my hair stay tighter to my head and let me tell ya, this product works really good. Lasts all day too!
AXE Matte Gel

34 reviews

This was used both on dry and wet hair. It did an alright job when dry; however, it did not hold up as well as competitors when applied to wet hair. It just ended up flopping. I probably would buy this on sale but not otherwise
AXE Flexible Paste

35 reviews

My boyfriend really liked using this product. He said it was easy to scoop and mold into his hair into the style that he likes. He liked how it did not make his hair look greasy and had a nice loose hold, He also really liked the smell of the product which is a bonus.
AXE Extreme Hold Gel

34 reviews

This Axe Extreme Hold Gel is probably the gel I'll get for my husband from now on. I love it's smell and he says the hold is very effective. It last for at least 15 hours.. Will definitely get it for him again.
AXE Shine Pomade

34 reviews

This is a wonderful holding pomade for my hair! Not a bad price and holds my hair in place and leaves it looking fresh!!! Thank you so much for letting me try this because now it just might be my go-to! Will be buying when I run out! #gotitfree
AXE Classic Pomade

34 reviews

I've always been a fan of pomade now that AXE has it, it's so easy to use and sets the hair up for a good period of time. The classic product is an all time favorite and especially since it's fragrance is also not a repellent. Its goes well with short hair and doesn't let the...
AXE Softening Control Clay

31 reviews

Axe softenin control clay est une pomade ramolissante qui améliore instantanément la texture de vos cheveux pour les rendre plus souple. J'ai apprécié de pouvoir retoucher le look de mes cheveux tout au long de la journee sans avoir a rajouter de pomade
AXE Conditioning Cream

32 reviews

La creme coiffante AXE look naturel est vraiment simple et facile à utiliser. Prend à peine de crème et donne un look parfaitement naturel. J'ai été agréablement surpris de la douceur que la crème AXE a procuré à mes cheveux. Je le recommande
ogx aspen extract texture

1 review

C'est une première fois de ma vie que je m'achète un genre de spray pour mes cheveux. Mais je vous explique ce qui m'a autant motivé . Mes cheveux étant très fins se déplacent facilement au vent. Et aussi j'ai commencé à essayer les produits de la marque OGX que j'adore...
Always Bearded Beard Cream

1 review

Not only the best beard cream that I have ever tried, it's also made right here in Canada -- Awesome way to support local! Smells amazing and has all the right ingredients to help your beard grow in thick and healthy.
Osis+ flexwax

1 review

I have tried many different brands of hair gel over the years, and was never truly satisfied. I finally found Osis+ and will never try another brand. Works great in any weather!
Tresemme superior hold hair spray

1 review

After spray, it leaves a light good smell on my hair and it can hold my hair style whole day long even in a strong windy day. Nothing would messy my hair.
L'Oréal nourishing cream

1 review

If u have curls you must they this!! It's leave your hair smelling amazing Definition plus 24h hydration controls frizzy hair all day is a plus.. It's not expensive would definitely recommend this
Reuzel Grease Pomade

1 review

I purchased this product almost 2 years ago from my favourite barber. It really holds my hair in place and lasts all day. This product smells great too!
D:fi D:struct Pliable Molding Creme

1 review

I don't use gel or wax often, because it takes too much effort and time to wash it out... but when I do need to style my hair, D:fi is my go-to product... it doesn't flake, smells good and keeps the hair matte (i.e. not shiny).
Cantu leave in conditioner

1 review

This product as made getting my waves so easy, I put it in after I wash my hair and put my Durag on and the waves just happens. As am growing out my hair makes my hair so soft and easy to comb
Power mist finesse ultra hold

1 review

This spray is one of my everyday styling products. It have very good ultra hold property. Texture is very good. Does not have bad odour after applying. Holds very good after applying for any style. Very affordable price.
American crew forming cream

2 reviews

Very nice product line works amazing and smells great. I have been using it for a a few months now for short/medium length hair. It doesn’t leave my hair to shiny or oily either which is a plus. This product can be applied to wet or dry hair I find dry works amazing