Men's Deodorant/Antiperspirant Reviews

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AXE YOU Body Spray
J'ai reçu le gel douche, le désodorisant et le spray pour le corps. Je les aimes beaucoup. Ça sent bon et ça laisse la peau douce. Je le recommande c'est vraiment des bons pris.

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AXE Signature Gold Antiperspirant Stick
Smells amazing but not overpowering. And my boyfriend has really sensetive skin so he can only use aselect few deodarants and this didnt irritate him at all!

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Dove Men +Care Elements Minerals+Sage Dry Spray Antiperspirant
This product was fair for the price to quality ratio. I would buy if I was not going for anything in particular. Dove is a house hold name and always have decent product. I like the fast drying of the spray really good for those hot or cold days.

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AXE Signature Gold Dry Spray Antiperspirant
Just got this last week and it is one of my favourite products from axe. It smells nice and is long lasting. I will continue using those brand, they always have quality products.

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Dove Men +Care Clean Comfort Anti-Perspirant Stick
Care Clean Comfort is one of the anti-antiperspirants my husband uses on a regular basis. He uses a few brands. The fragrance is light, fresh and lasts all day. It's not sticky or greasy and is effective at keeping the area dry. He'll definitely buy again.

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Dove Men +Care Clean Comfort Non Irritant Deodorant Stick
Smells good, gets rid of b/o. Would recommend to any body! Leaves a little stain on shirt but easily comes out with laundry detergent and a scrub brush! 10/10

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Dove Men +Care Extra Fresh Non Irritant Anti-Perspirant Stick
J'ai acheté ce produit pour mon conjoint car il avait fini le sien qu'il avait. Malheureusement, ça ne lui a pas fait. Les aisselles sont devenus toutes rouges et irrités et il avait beaucoup de difficulté a reporter un autre produit par la suite.

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Dove Men +Care Cool Silver Non Irritant Anti-Perspirant Stick
Works well, good scent along with non irritant formula. Lasts all day, only apply once in the morning. Good value when onsale or regular price. Suggest to all my friends and will definitely repurchase!!

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Old Spice Pure Sport Deodorant
My husband always buys this deoderant, it smells so good! Lets be real, i use it too. Lol. It is not overly priced and works really well! Its a must have, the body wash is good too!

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Dove Men +Care Extra Fresh Deodorant Stick
Very nice and clean scent, doesn't leave my skin irritated like other brands, and pretty good price. Lasts me quite a while too, not really sure why. It's definitely my go-to deodorant stick when I'm picking one up, and i don't sweat at all when I use it even though it isn't an...

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Old Spice Deodorant High Endurance Fresh
I bought the Old Spice Deodorant High Endurance Fresh for me. The classic smell...not too strong which makes is perfect for grown men.The bad thing is that it does not seem to last that long! I'm likely to use this during days when I'm at home; I definitely need another one for...

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Old Spice deodorant: bear glove
Both my hubby and my son-in-law buy this and they find it to be very effective. Old spice as a whole, is a tried and true brand that even my father used to love. Smells good, too.

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AXE Deodorant Spray
If used properly, and not totally CAKED on, this stuff is great! Good for the morning, after shower, on the go. Just remember- it's meant to be sprayed on your skin- not your clothes!

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AXE Antiperspirant in Phoenix
I bought this recently and will be buying it again when I run out. Axe is always quality product at a affordable price. Friends complimented my smell and asked what products I was using.

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old spice deodorant  wolfthorn
I've been using this deodorant for quite a while. Even my wife loves the smell of it and steals it once in a while. It doesn't leave chunks behind and keeps me dry all day.

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Old Spice Wolfthorn Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant
I know this is a 'men's' product but I personally love using it myself. I find that a lot of women's anti-perspirants and/or deodorants simply do not work for me. I find myself getting sweaty more often that I'd like to or I start to get a little smelly sooner that I would like...

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AXE Black Deodorant
Axe Black Deodorant is a wonderful product. Great protection throughout the day. Smells amazing and that scent lasts all day and night. Team this with an Axe bodywash .

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Axe Dry Kilo anti-perspirant
One of the anti-perspirants my husband uses on a regular basis. As with other deodorants/anti-perspirants, we vary from day to day to maintain effectiveness. I find the fragrance delicious and it works very well to block odour and moisture all day.

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Axe antisudorifique
j'aime l'efficacité de ce déo vraiment il tient toute la journée et on sait combien c'est trouve qu'il sent bon et qu'il est facile d'application

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Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Dry Spray
Of all the Dove sprays, this and Invisible are, in my opinion, the best scents. You do have to be careful to apply only to dry armpits, otherwise it's not so "clean"

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