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NIVEA Men Creme
Great quality cream that I would recommend. Nivea seems to always have good working product. My only dislike is the packaging it is in. The peel back foil is a little messy and I'm not sure if I trust the tin for packing in my luggage on a trip. Overall I am happy with the cream.

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Vaseline Intensive Care Men Repairing Moisture Unscented Body & Face Lotion
I use this this pretty much every morning after a shower, and even in winter, I rarely have to worry about dryness. The unscented is great in that it won't clash with an after shave or cologne.

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Vaseline Intensive Care Men Repairing Moisture Fast Absorbing Body & Face Lotion
This is our go to lotion brand I find it works well and smells masculine. It's not expensive and it doesn't leave his skin feeling greasy or irritated from the scent.

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Vaseline Intensive Care Men Repairing Moisture Extra Strength Body & Face Lotion
My husband uses this all-purpose lotion and finds it to be effective for dry skin. He does find the fragrance a little intense though. Absorbs quickly and lasts for several hours. It's among a few lotions that he uses and he may buy again in the future.

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NIVEA Men Sensitive Skin Moisture Cream
I recently purchased this moisturizer on a whim because it was less expensive than similar women's products. This product is completely scentless and alcohol-free which is great. It's very smoothing and moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling soft all day and night without...

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Biotherm Homme Aquapower Oligo-Thermal Care Dynamic Hydration
Depuis plusieurs années, j 'utilise Biotherm comme produit pour mon visage. Lorsque l'Oligo_Thermal Care est sorti, j'ai voulu le testeret j'en suis accroc dès le premier test. A chaque Noël je me fai un cadeau de moi a moi, et comme par hasard j'ai choisi la suite de voyage...

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Neutrogena® Men SPF 20 Triple Protect Face Lotion
My husband uses this lotion on a regular basis. It's non-greasy, moisturizes well and the fragrance isn't intense. He bought a couple of bottles a while ago, that's how much he likes it. Another reviewer mentioned that it was discontinued but I believe they sell it at Walmart.

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Biotherm Homme Aquapower Oligo-Thermal Refreshing Lotion Moisturizing & Invigorating
Mon conjoint a essayé plusieurs produits de compagnies différentes et le Aquapower de Biotherm est son préféré. Il hydrate la peau, il sent vraiment que le produit regorge d'eau. Il ne réagit pas du tout à ce produit même s'il a la peau très fragile. Je lui achète...

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Dove Men +Care Hydrate+ Face Lotion
I have been using this product now for 2 years and can't find anything that compares too this product. It works great after shaving and soothing your skin. It is also pretty hydrating on my face and does not leave a greasy feel afterwards. The scent is pretty good. Nice and...

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Vaseline Men 24 Hour Moisture Spray Lotion – Fast Absorbing
This lotion is awesome. Is not greasy and drys like it says. Scent is masculine and make you feel like a man when using it. I have even used this lotion on my hair as hair cream. Best lotion I've bought and become a dedicated buyer.

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