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Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair Extra Fresh

The taste is refreshing I also love that it helps prevent cavities, and actively repairs weakened enamel.I will be using this Sensodyne ProNamelIntensive Enamel Repair I Strongly recommend this product. My teeth are very sensitive and It definitely helped lessen my tooth...

Compliments ToothBrush Cross Angled

I picked up a new toothbrush at Safeway today to store in my hospital bag so I can be as packed as possible before I go into labour. Compliments toothbrushes are really great value and look identical to the more expensive alternatives.

Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Rinse

This is honestly the best mouth wash I’ve used, my mouth and teeth feel so clean after I use it and it definitely helps with bad breath (especially in the morning). Everyone should have this product!!

Colgate Total Advanced Health Professional Clean

This toothpaste is effective in cleaning my teeth and gums and breath feels fresh afterwards. The paste texture gives a good foam when brushing making it feel like getting a good clean. I prefer the flip cap of this instead of the screw top. This toothpaste isn’t abrasive to...

Colgate Total Pro Health Daily Repair Toothpaste

I feel it helped maintain good gum health and gave my teeth a good clean. Breath feels fresh and the taste isn’t bad, has a nice mint flavor. The paste version doesn’t drip out when you flip open the cap so less mess. There is no bitterness or aftertaste.