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Crest Gum and Enamel Repair Toothpaste

I have been using this toothpaste for almost a year now, and I can tell you it has done wonders for my teeth. It has definitely made my teeth stronger and healthier!

Crest 3D White arctic fresh toothpaste

I've tried other toothpastes but this is the best out there: it keeps my teeth white and keeps my breath fresh unlike other toothpastes I've used in the past. I love the arctic mint coolness on my breath!

Colgate Toothpaste

The colgate toothpaste works great. It cleans my teeth and it has a good mint taste to it. I recommend this to anyone. It's great for daily use and nighly use.

Colgate PreviDent Sensitive Toothpaste

My dentist recommended I start using a high fluoride toothpaste after my most recent series of visits. I was told to start using it to help prevent more cavities from developing in my already not so great teeth (thanks dad). I've noticed that the darker spots along the top of my...

Arm And Hammer Extra Whitening Advance White 3 In 1 Power Toothpaste

I love this tooth paste! Sometimes with other pastes I would get small pimples under my skin around my chin area but with this I haven't had any! It leaves my mouth feeling extremely fresh and I feel that it is actually whitening my teeth. I would try it out!