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Moisturizer & Treatments Reviews

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NIVEA Men Creme

990 reviews

This is one product that's god for mens working on the construction in the winter.Good product on a regular basis. Fan of this product because it softens ț keeping it fresh and smooth.
Vaseline Intensive Care Men Repairing Moisture Unscented Body & Face Lotion

136 reviews

This is the perfect lotion for my husband ,who do not like lotion. It doesn’t leave your hands feeling all greasy after using it. The smell is nice and relaxing and I would recommend
Vaseline Intensive Care Men Repairing Moisture Fast Absorbing Body & Face Lotion

133 reviews

This is the best moisturizer ever. It is Fast absorbing and quick drying. Works great to keep skin moisturizer for hours. It is especially good since it is none
Vaseline Intensive Care Men Repairing Moisture Extra Strength Body & Face Lotion

114 reviews

I bought this product last month and from that day my skin feels like heaven as it provide all the nutrients that are needed for men skin. This is one of the best vaseline product
L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Boosting Moisturizer with Creatine

21 reviews

The is one of my go-to products. I’m obsessed with it and highly recommend it. It makes my skin feeling gentle and soft. I’ve tried others but nothing can quite compare. Love it!

1 review

It's a very nice, lightweight moisturizer and sinks into the skin super fast. I also apply it as an eye gel, which depuffs and hydrates the eye area..
Elf Foundation

1 review

I really like the finish this Elf foundation has. It’s super light and not cakey. It looks natural and it goes on really smooth too. Before I started using Elf I used the same brand of foundation for like 10 years so J had very high expectations!! I will never go back to my...
Vaseline Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly

2 reviews

Si vous utilisez de la vaseline pour vos soins corporels vous allez adorer celle ci car elle laisse une très bonne odeur de cacao en plus :) Un petit plus que j'adore et c'est le petit plus qui fait la différence, quand ca sent bon moi j'adore ;)
Vaseline original petroleum jelly

1 review

Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly is the original skin protectant since my parents childhood to mine. It has been used to protect, help heal, and lock in moisture for dry skin. This Vaseline moisturizer speeds up smoothness on my skin and gives natural recovery from dryness. My...
The body shop hard working face protecting cream

1 review

This is very good for very dry skin to an instant hit of heavy-duty hydration. This intensive facial moisturizer soothes, hydrates and helps protect my skin exposed to everyday elements when i go for work.
Bliss micro magic

1 review

Un puissant et doux exfoliant en crème avec des petites billes. Ce traitement exfoliant aide à éliminer les cellules mortes de la peau. Vous allez ressentir une sensation de fraîcheur dès l’application. L’extrait d’aloès et de champignons réduit l’inflammation et...
The body shop tea tree oil targeted gel blemish stick

1 review

This tea tree oil targeted blemish gel stick is my on-the-go targeted care. Enriched with organic tea tree oil. It has easy wand-applicator, this quick drying gel can be applied directly onto skin and totally mess-free stick. I use it when i see some new pimples on my skin. Good...
Aveeno glow max

1 review

Primer, blends in well on skin, feels it looking greasy without being oily. Can apply facial cream and have excellent glowing face that last all day. Well worth the product
Barber Club Beard Strengthening Cream

1 review

This cream was great for my husband. It had a great scent, was very light and a little went a long way so the jar will last a while. He felt like the cream gave his beard a polished and manicured look and held it's shape for most of the day. The only downfall is having to scoop...
Tea Tree Oil Targeted Gel Blemish Stick

1 review

I've been using this stuff for years, ever since I was a teenager. Whether you're using it on a fully formed zit or as a preventative measure when you feel one coming on, this stuff works wonders! There have been times when I've felt a zit coming beneath the surface, put this...
Waso Shiseido peel off mask

1 review

The Waso Peel Mask is a nice change to me use hydrating of mud masks. This mask helped remove my black heads in my nose. The color of the mask is stunning, this is the reason i wanted to try, texture and packaging really gets me to purchse things. Overall Its a good maks i will...
yves rocher riche creme

1 review

I have been using this creme for over 15 years and will continue to purchase it.It has a light fragrance and seems to be working great for me.I am soon turning 55 and people never guess my age.Most people think I am in my forties!I purchase it online and Yves Rocher always has...
Dr. Brandt

1 review

Dr. Brandt consistently brings A+ grade skin products ever since he started his skin care line. Each product I’ve purchased has fulfilled its promise in decreasing signs of aging and moisturizing the skin with top grade ingredients that actually work!
Lanolin cream

1 review

Besides it's original use for breastfeeding and relief for sore breasts, Lanolin is absolutely amazing for all things eczema! Dab a lil bit on any eczema spot and it will extremely moisturize the area, and make it vanish. It's also excellent for diaper rash! Warm a lil bit up in...
Body Shop - Body Butters

5 reviews

I have loved The Body Shop's Mango body butter as I've used their products for year's. I've never been disappointed with this product, it has always been my first choice in my moisturizing routine. I use it right after I pat dry my skin from the shower or bath and I've always...