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Got2B provides products that will let you express your individual "attitude for hair". Keeping up with the latest fashion, film and entertainment trends, Got2B products let you recreate that same celebrity style for your choice of attitude without the salon prices!

ChickAdvisor members recommend the Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion, Satin Drops, and Fat-Tastic Thickening Plumping Mousse.

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@EllarmaJess Hi Jess, Thank you for reaching out to find the Mess-Merizing This product has been updated to a new i… https://t.co/rmcrjZNMPZ

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@theshoegawd Ummm...we do not recommend that at all! 😟

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@NyreePorter4 If you want to DM us, we can assist you.

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got2b Reviews

got2b PhenoMENal Beard & Hair Shampoo
This is good but I’m not sure it’s meant for much skin around your facial hair. Caused breakouts the first while of using but did smell good. Wish it was a 2in1

got2b PhenoMENal Beard Conditioning Oil
Easy to use, works well. Really has tamed curly beard hairs that have a mind of their own. A little goes a long way, smells nice too. I feel better about having a more groomed beard.

got2B Ultra Glued
This product is very particular in terms of its use and styling. I used it in my earlier days when I had spiked up hair. However for a comb over its makes your hair too hard and spiky-like! So if you’re going for a spiky look, this is your product

Got2b Spiked-Up Max Control Styling Gel
This the only product my husband uses for his hair he loves it you just need a little and it keeps his hair in place all day he works outside so he doesn't like his hair to look all messed up lol

Got2b Spa Hand Paraffin, treatment masque for silky smooth hands
I love this stuff, I'm always using hand moisturizer and picky about the ones I use. I would just this stuff about once a week and it help take off whatever dry/dead skin from my hands. I don't have visible dry skin, but this makes a huge difference. Just squeeze a good mount...