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Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Inc. is a Canadian multinational fast casual restaurant known for its coffee and doughnuts. It is also Canada's largest fast food service with over 3,000 stores nationwide.

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Tim Hortons Twitter

TimHortonsUS  Tim Hortons U.S.

We’ll meet you under the mistletoe. You bring the Peppermint Mocha Latte. https://t.co/aAWcTLzuU3

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TimHortonsUS  Tim Hortons U.S.

@steve_pangallo We’re sorry to hear this. Please DM us your full name, phone number, email address, and the date/ti… https://t.co/PcCQxVeNJT

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TimHortonsUS  Tim Hortons U.S.

@BobbyinRealLife We hate letting you down, Bobby. Please DM us the date/time of your most recent visit, what you or… https://t.co/Uv9T0xjSzF

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Tim Hortons Reviews

Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino
Le cappuccino glacé de Tim Horton est délicieux. Il est rafraîchissant et à un bon goût. On peut le boire a la collation , a la fin d'un repas comme dessert. Je l'aime beaucoup.

Tim Hortons Coffee
Tim Hortons Coffee

553 reviews

Lately, almost every time I get a coffee its either too weak, old tasting or made wrong. I love to drink coffee and as a proper coffee drinker I like my coffee strong and their coffee has gotten to the point where I am no longer going to purchase it regularly. Only on rare...

Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino
Not only is one of the best ways to make your coffee half coffee half french vanilla but it's also a good Christmas gift for your loved ones it's affordable has a good amount it it last a few weeks and the blend is so good you get some french vanilla powders and they just don't...

Tim Hortons Iced Coffee
Timmies ice coffee tops any. I've tried others and they just dont compare. The only drink that comes close is an iced cappuccino, also from Timmies. Nothing beats Tim Hortons on a hot summer day.

Tim Horton's Dark Roast Coffee
Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of Tim Hortons coffee. I don't know if this makes me a bad Canadian, but sorry, eh. However, when I am at Timmy's and need a caffeine jolt, I do order the Dark Roast. The flavour is a lot more appealing to me, and I can enjoy it with just one sugar...

Tim Hortons K-cups for Kuerig
I enjoy Timmy's coffee all of the time. The ease and convenience of being able to make my coffee, at home, using my keurig machine, is awesome! All of the flavor, none of the driving.

Tim Hortons Steeped Tea
I bought Timmie's tea vags one day when I went to Walmart. I was going to buy title tea hut had a coupon for th Rd Timmy's tea. I can tell you this. I will keep buying Timmy's

Iced cap tim horton
Iced Caps from Tim Hortons are the best thing ever! I usually buy 2 at a time when I go to Timmy's. You can always find an Iced Cap in my freezer. I like to have one on hand, just incase a craving kicks in.

Tim Horton's Earl Grey
I love earl grey tea, especially timmies. Its fruity smelling, strong flavour which I like. And good aftertaste doesnt leave a bad taste in your mouth. I find becuz its strong tasting, I dont need sugar. Or use very little

tim Hortons café mocha
This drink is wonderful for every season in the year, but most especially winter. The perfect combination of sweetness and coffee. The best thing about this drink is that you can ask your barista to make it 1/2 or 3/4 with hot chocolate or French vanilla.

Tim Hortons original kcups 30 pack
I love my Tim Hortons Original Blend K-Cups. They taste very similar to the coffee you would buy in store and the convenience of being able to have Tim’s coffee at home is fantastic.

Tim Hortons Dark Roast K-Cups
I love Tim Hortons just like the rest, I just dont want to leave my home for it! I thought this wouldnt be the same.. but it is! It's even better! Now I can enjoy a nice bold cup of Tim's dark roast with a book or movie without leaving home! Easy as can be! Plus I get to skip...

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim
Always makes the morning coffee better when its roll up win season. Although ive never one any of the bigger prizes ill still participate and keep my fingers crossed.

Tim Hortons Honey Lemon Tea
I am not a tea drinker on a regular basis but find when I am feeling under the weather I enjoy a hot cup. I especially like the Honey Lemon Tea from Tim Hortons. It has nice strong flavours, which is what usually deters me from drinking tea, I find most I have tried to be too...

tim hortons tassimo coffee pods
What a great at home coffee! I love tim hortons coffee and now I can enjoy it at home! It is a tad more expensive than other t-disc coffees because of the name but I consider it worth it!