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Anti-perspirant/Deodorant Reviews

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Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Antiperspirant Stick

381 reviews

My guy (and I) love this antiperspirant. Not only do they have great scents it also keeps him dry which is sometimes a challenge. Would highly recommend to active men.
Right Guard Best Dressed Collection - Stunner Antiperspirant

295 reviews

So good smells wonderfully and my fiance loved it. Kept me nice and dry for hours. Most definitely no complaints here. Will likely buy again looks like a good value
Right Guard Best Dressed Collection - Alpha Antiperspirant

284 reviews

Was excited for this free sample but was disappointed with results. Biggest con was the white residue that was left on my clothes. Many competing brands have a much better offering.
Right Guard Best Dressed Collection - Baller Antiperspirant

277 reviews

This product is very nice . It keep me dry smelling fresh and clean for a long time . It is not gritty and it has a nice scent not over powering . i will be buying this again
Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Deodorant Stick

237 reviews

J'adore ce déodorant qui est tellement efficace et avec une odeur d'homme propre. Après un gros 12heures de travail intense j'ai toujours une odeur agréable.
AXE Black Deodorant

166 reviews

mes 2 gars et conjoint les utilisent et les adorent chaque parfum sent bon et procure une protection pour toute la journée donc excellent pour des sportifs
AXE Black Antiperspirant

149 reviews

Axe products have always been my go to for my daily hygiene needs. All of their deodorants and antiperspirants have been very effective and great smelling. But Axe Black has been the best I’ve used so far. Firstly, the scent is awesome and I received compliments from my...
Dove Men+Care Elements Mineral Powder+Sandalwood Deodorant Stick

133 reviews

J'aime bien le déodorant Dove-Men..c'est spécial de se sentir différent depuis que la gamme Dove Men est sur le marché..ça sent le masculin surtout quand ma femme me sent dans mes bras
Dove Men+Care Stain Defense Fresh Dry Spray Anti-perspirant

136 reviews

Dove has always been a trusted brand in my household, therefore when this antiperspirant came out I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! The scents are phenomenal, the effectiveness is fantastic and the value is great. This has become a staple!
Dove Men+Care Stain Defense Fresh Anti-perspirant Stick

128 reviews

The smell is good and I have gotten compliments on it. The main issue I have is that it is hard to wash off, which I'm sure is a function of the antiperspirant ingredients doing their job.
Dove Men+Care Clinical Protection Clean Comfort Antiperspirant Stick

131 reviews

I love the scent of this and it keeps me feeling dry and fresh all day. I am a big fan of Dove products and this one does not disappoint, same great quality at a great price point.
AXE Gold Anti-Perspirant

132 reviews

The axe gold antiperspirant and pretty much any Axe antiperspirant has become a staple in our home, obviously my husband loves it and side note goes over broad but let me not digress here. People say it smells cheap but i honestly think if you gave the spray a chance to dry...
AXE Gold Deodorant

133 reviews

My Boyfriend really likes the Gold Axe stick! He smells good all day..so no surprise there :) he comes to the gym with me so we always use Axe to help us not sweat so much...highly recommended! Thank you Axe!
Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Dry Spray Antiperspirant

122 reviews

My husband uses this antiperspirant, lotion, soap and lotion and he smells amazing all day long I definetely will buy him again and again because he loves it too ! Also he feels confident, dry and fresh all day.
AXE Signature Gold Antiperspirant Stick

127 reviews

Axe is by far my favorite line of body wash and deodorant. I tried this one last week and it is by far my favorite scent out of them all! It did however leave a sticky feeling which wasn’t the best but I didn’t have to reapply and the scent stayed all day
Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Dry Spray Antiperspirant

130 reviews

J'aome beaucoup ce produit, elle a une bonne senteur et comme le nom indique cest sec quand on l'applique sur nous. Des fois je l'applique juste sur mon t-shirt pour la senteur. Je recommande ce produit.
Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Deodorant Stick

113 reviews

I really love this product it leaves me feeling clean and fresh all day.there is no doubt it is definitely effective even under the 40 degree plus weather we have been having. Thanks Dove I will be a customer for life.
Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Antiperspirant Stick

106 reviews

Je l’ai acheté pour mon conjoint et il a bien aimé ! J’adore leur parfum. Super produit. Par contre mon conjoint su beaucoup , et il lui faudrait un antisudorifique encore plus efficace.
AXE Phoenix Antiperspirant Stick

100 reviews

j'ai acheté ce deodorant a mon amoureux et il adore l'odeur de ce deodorant , il tient longtemps , il trouve que ca ne laisse pas de tache sur les vetements
Dove Men+Care Cool Fresh Dry Spray Antiperspirant

100 reviews

Bien l'odeur est super .super efficace et mon adolescent aime beaucoup. Car les seules marques que je ne fais pas de réaction allergique c'est bien avec dove que se soit la barre de savon , le désodorisant ....