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Men's Body Wash Reviews

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Dial For Men Recharge 3-in-1 Revitalizing Body Wash

905 reviews

I used this in my first semester of university while I live on dorm during the summer months with no A/C. This managed to make me feel fresh and cool after every shower and kept me from going insane. So if you like something that's very refreshing and has a decent scent then I...
Dove Men+Care SPORTCARE Active+Fresh Body + Face Wash

430 reviews

I liked using this product. It doesn't dry out my face and it smells good too. I never used a face wash before but this stuff works and I will continue to use it as well.. Thanks for letting me try it for free XYstuff!
AXE Black Body Wash

340 reviews

My husband isn’t brand specific for his body wash, shampoo, conditioner or deodorant, so I usually just buy whatever I can find the most affordable. He really enjoyed this body wash. I loved the scent on him! I’ll definitely purchase again.
Dove Men+Care SPORTCARE Power+Renew Body + Face Wash

226 reviews

Makes you feel cleaner. This product smells amazing. It is Worth trying. Love the clean feeling after use. Long lasting scent. Smell and feel fresh. Definitely would buy this product.
Dove Men+Care SPORTCARE Endurance+Comfort Body + Face Wash

189 reviews

I like the Dove Mencare Endurance Comfort Body and Face. I usually use Dove Products. But this one has a good smell along with cleaning my skin and not drying it out.
AXE YOU Body Wash

150 reviews

I love all AXE product. This was my first AXE body wash what I tried ever. My skin is smoother after shower and the fragrance is absolutely fantastic. Thank you.
AXE® Ice Chillin' Body Wash

136 reviews

My mom gave me Axe Ice Chill body wash I used it twice a day. Left me feeling cool and clean. It rinsed off great leaving no residue on my skin. I felt amazingly clean and fresh leaving a Chill on me.
AXE Gold Shower Gel

142 reviews

AXE GOLD SHOWER GEL mérite son nom! C'est celui que je prefere lors de sorties ou de renconcontres, pas besoin de bruine pour le corps, simplemen la savon fait en masse la job
Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Foaming Body Wash

140 reviews

I love this product I buy it for my boyfriend and for the last year it’s the only type he will use! I love the smell of it! It leaves his skin feeling good. It’s great quality for your money aswell!
Dove Men + Care Clean Comfort Micro Moisture Body + Facewash

170 reviews

I Love this product. I got this for my brother as a present. Now my brother uses this every day and my brother repurchased several times. Super affordable and can find it almost anywhere. Highly recommend and smells great!
Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Foaming Body Wash

128 reviews

Would recommend this product to men and women. You can definitely feel the cleansing feeling after using. And it's got such a great fresh smell to it.
Dove Men +Care Elements Minerals+Sage 2-in-1 Body and Face Wash

128 reviews

Belle mousse , sensation de propreté . Il sent très bon, ma peau est douce ! Ma blonde l’aime donc je l’aime egalement ! Le Produit est un peu dispendieux mais il en vaut le coût ! Bon produit
Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Foaming Body Wash

122 reviews

My wife bought this for me using a coupon, and she has been buying this for me for since. I like the scent and ease of using it. Pump is great. Will continue to use it
Irish Spring Original Soap Bar

170 reviews

I will never use this soap again, not only is it very overpowering in smell but it left my skin dryer then a desert, I have never had a soap end up being so poorly that I would leave a bad review
AXE Adrenaline Cool Charge Body Wash

101 reviews

Axe Adrenaline cool charge body wash Turns the heat up 100%! Litterally the only body wash my husband will use now! Ever since I got him some of this because it was on sale, I will pay full price for this sensation to my nose! Thanks Axe!! 💜👁👃👁💜 HOT STUFF! MMMM!
AXE Signature Skin Hydrator Body Wash

85 reviews

I was surprised at how effective this product was with moisturizing my dry skin. Smells great too! I love the use of this product daily, and I keep it in my routine.
AXE Urban Charcoal Clean Body Wash

90 reviews

Bought AXE URBAN CHARCOAL CLEAN BODY WASH after smelling at least a dozen body wash products while I was at the pharmacy. This one had a faint smell of an odor I could remember smelling as a child so I just had to grab it. All in a single bottle? 5 stars for being effective at...
Old Spice Hair and Body Wash

90 reviews

I am really glad I can find a body and hair wash that works good for my skin type. I usually get dry hair if I use my bodysoap as a shampoo when np other option is there. Now it's not my problem anymore
AXE Phoenix Shower Gel

63 reviews

Commencez la journée avec une douche et du Axe, c'est tout ce qu'il faut pour mon conjoint. Et l'odeur me rend folle. C'est aussi le complément parfait pour terminer une dure journée
Dove Men +Care Fresh Awake Energizing Scent Body & Face Wash

61 reviews

I use this body and face wash often especially i go from different kinds although stay with the same brand a lot! The scent is great! It refreshens me for the day & awakens as said on the bottle! Also affordable & great brand.