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Juice Reviews

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Snapple Kiwi Strawberry

58 reviews

I had the opportunity to try the Kiwi Strawberry juice from Snapple for free courtesy of XYStuff. Unfortunately the first that caught my attention was the package. The label highlighted that they now came in a plastic bottle! WHY!?! While everyone is trying to reduce plastic...
Snapple Mango Madness Juice Drink

50 reviews

It tastes really good, like a creamsicle! But i did not taste the distinct fruit taste. It was really refreshing and I would buy it again next time! Perfect for summer drinks!
Simply Orange Juice

91 reviews

I enjoy drinking this orange juice it has great taste and is a great source of vitamins and nutrients. It comes in family size bottles. It comes in different selections that would suit any palate.
Snapple Lemonade Juice Drink

34 reviews

I had the opportunity to try the snapple lemonade for free. Although I tried it for free I have no issues with paying the low amount asked for this beverage. The flavor quenched my thirst, even left me wanting a bit more. I really like how the bottles are plastic but look like...
Nestea Lemon Iced Tea

62 reviews

This is my favorite brand of ice tea. It has an amazing taste. The only thing I don't like is, I find it hard to fully get mixed without remaining crystals. I bought a shaker ball and find it helps alot. This is the only brand of powder ice tea I will buy
Snapple Pomegranate Raspberry Juice Drink

37 reviews

Went out for lunch with a few friends and finally tried Snapple for the first time. I have seen many different ads and its in the coolers of most convenience stores and gas stations everywhere. So it has peaked my interest to give it a whirl. I chose the Snapple Pomegranate...
Kool-Aid Jammers

66 reviews

I love this product although there is alot of sugar. I don't think they taste like Kool aid but they have a very tasty taste. The kids love them and they are very refreshing. I will bye these Kool aid jammers again and again. Can't wait for them to go on sale again ;) I prefer...
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

42 reviews

Love Ocean Spray Cranberry juices. It is my go to drink . Some stores charge way to much for this though. I purchase it at Walmart or Superstore as they have a great price I can afford.My husband uses the Cran Mango with his spiced rum he loves it..Try it you will like it as...
Oasis Pure Orange Breakfast Juice

40 reviews

My Family enjoys the taste of Oasis Pure Breakfast Juice. The Oasis Pure Breakfast Juice Is very affordable therefore you can stock up and keep many in your pantry at all times. Our family will keep drinking Oasis Pure Breakfast Juice and we would highly recommend to other...
Tropicana Essentials Probiotics® Strawberry Banana

16 reviews

One of my favorite kinds of juices out there. It is great on its own or added to smoothies. Kids love it as well and bonus of getting some recommended fruit servings in with vitamins.

38 reviews

Fruitopia offre des sortes de jus qui selon moi se démarque incroyablement bien. En plus de pouvoir l'acheter en pinte de carton, on peut aussi l'acheter dans les produits surgelés en canne concentré. C'est économique et le meme gout qui excite les papilles. Plusieurs...
Snapple Half'N'Half - Lemonade and Tea

1 review

I would and have bought this over and over. I love tea and lemonade, this is the best of both worlds! Not too sweet, just right. The bottle is plastic, so I have no worries about taking it to work, nothing to break.
Snapple Apple

1 review

I buy Snapple Apple in 16oz plastic bottles. I buy about 20 a week for my household of 3. We all love the refreshing, great apple taste. It is not an overly sweet taste either. I highly recommend that anyone who hasn't tried this flavor to try it. You definitely will not be...
P.C. 100% mango juice

1 review

This is my favourite mango juice by far! Great price and great taste. I even have my whole family hooked on it! I Will continue to buy this product and recommend to friends and family.
Five alive frozen juice

1 review

This juice is excellent for kids and adults also it’s a great mixer for alcohol it is inexpensive and makes a good 2 litres it’s tastes great for the price it’s unbeatable!
Tropicana pineapple mango

2 reviews

I frigging loved it!! Excuae my language but I love pineapple angel mango! Put them together and my taste buds were our of control. If you like both fruit I recommend you run and try it before or if they take it off the shelves not saying they're going to but you never no what...
Oasis 100% Premium Orange Juice without Pulp

23 reviews

je rachèterais se produit encore et encore. Un gout pure et délicieux, qui ne goute pas le chimique et qui accompagne mes déjeuners. Si je pourrais j'en boirais a tout les moments de la journée !
Tropicana grapefruit juice

1 review

I love grapefruit and have tried many brands seeking that fresh squeezed flavour, I found it here! Wonderful taste and extremely economical when you look at the price of a grapefruit, not to mention convenience.
minute maid premium watermelon

1 review

Love this watermelon flavor juice. Is super fresh and flavored, is delicious and reminds me summer time. Super fresh and super cool is the perfect drink. i love it because it is not to dense is more watery.
Mio Liquid Water enhancer cranberry-raspberry

2 reviews

I have tried alot of different brands but this one is my fave. Tastes great, not too much of a chemical aftertaste! I like that you can control how much flavour you want.