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Juice Reviews

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Snapple Kiwi Strawberry

69 reviews

I have great memories of this drink! We’d always order it as kids whenever we went to the pizza shop. It’s so delicious and sweet! It’s too many calories now that I’m no longer a kid so I dilute it with a bit of water and ice cubes. Still yummy!
Simply Orange Juice

102 reviews

It tastes so good and fresh. I love the pulp free juice. We regularly buy this juice. I like this one as its prepared fro real fruit and not from concentrate. Highly recommend.
Snapple Mango Madness Juice Drink

54 reviews

I'm a bit of a beverage junky. I love trying pop, juice, sparkling water, and so on. One day as I was doing my usual perusing, I saw this and I kinda giggled as I didn't know Snapple was still around. I actually bought it more for nostalgia, but I was in for a big surprise. This...
Nestea Lemon Iced Tea

72 reviews

Sometimes this drink does better than water!!!! I can chug so much of this stuff. Best after a meal to wash everything down. Could not find selection for cans but those are #1!
Tropicana Pure Premium No Pulp Orange Juice

71 reviews

This is Fantastic Orange juice. If you close your eyes while drinking it, one would beleive you are actually in Florida. No added ingredients!, just tasty orange juice thst is good and good for you.
Snapple Lemonade Juice Drink

35 reviews

Pom wonderful pomegranate juice

47 reviews

I used it for the first time a month ago. I want to keep myself antioxidant and I tried this. it is beneficial for the health and when you do not get the fresh fruit in your location. this is the best option but I would not buy it again because of its taste. it is too much...
Snapple Pomegranate Raspberry Juice Drink

43 reviews

This Snapple flavour is my fav. Had a great taste but isn’t too sweet. The pomegranate and raspberry mix very well and I’m so happy Snapple moves to plastic bottles
Kool-Aid Jammers

68 reviews

This juice is delicious, I really like this flavour a lot. This cherry flavours much better than I thought it would be. It is a very refreshing drink.
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

47 reviews

I love that this is available in larger and smaller sizes. I like to have the small bottles on hand for on the go trips or outings. It’s just the right amount and the bottle can be filled again later. You can slip this into a bag or purse when need be. It is a very healthy...
Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry Juice

20 reviews

Premièrement bon pour la vessie, dans mon cas les produit océan spray sont toujours dans mon panier d'épicerie...J'ai un faible pour celui avec des framboise
Allen's Apple Juice Boxes

42 reviews

This is such a refreshing drink. It tastes absolutely amazing! I like to drink these apple juice boxes in the Summer. I also like how it is not too sweet.
Arazona green tea with honey and ginseng

1 review

The best tasting ice tea! Not overly sweet. Havent found and ice tea I like until now! My favorite drink all yr round. A must try. If you are into drinking ice tea, but don't like the stronge flavour. This one is for you!
Nestle Iced Tea

42 reviews

One of the things I love about nestea is that it isn't over the top sweet like other brands out there. Its honestly one of my go to drinks when I'm out and picking up a drink.
Fruité Zesty Raspberry Berry Drink

1 review

Now I'm the only one in the household who actually seems to like this drink, but I LOVE IT! This is actually a great thing for me as it means I get it all to myself. :p Apparently this drink tastes too sugary for the others in my household, even though they happily drink soda...
Santa Cruz Raspberry Lemonade

1 review

I really enjoyed this raspberry lemonade. It was full of raspberry flavor and has the right amount of tartness. The color may look weak but it is very refreshing and it won't disappoint. The added benefit being it's organic so you won't feel guilty having more than 1 glass.
Gatorade G zero

3 reviews

I love all the Gatorade flavours but the mixed berry is my favourite by far. It's tasty, has zero calories and keeps me hydrated for when I'm not in the mood to drink water. Its also not that expensive and better than the sugary alternatives out there. I would definitely...
Pc orange juice

1 review

PC fresh orange juice is better than many of the other brands. The pricing is always good and the variety with pulp in it is my favourite. Between Superstore or Shoppers, it is almost always on sale
Robinson fruit juice

1 review

A very nice product, my family likes this dilute juice, its thirst quenching, and sugar free, healthy and very juicy, some brand can be bland, a little make a whole jug full, the taste is very refreshing
Tropicana tropics orange strawberry banana

1 review

I loved the taste it’s more like mixed fruit & I hardly getting the taste of strawberry & banana but all over its yummy juice where my kids loved it , it is sugar free , 100% juice & fruit purée which I definitely buying again for my family.