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Juice Reviews

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Snapple Kiwi Strawberry

68 reviews

Strawberry Kiwi Snapple is one of my favorite drinks. Always great quality and easy to find in stores. With the best taste around. I always have them on hand.
Simply Orange Juice

96 reviews

Notre jus d’orange préféré pour toute notre petite famille ! Pas trop sucré pas trop acide juste parfait, vraiment délicieux 🤤 Le seul petit point négatif un peu dispendieux quand il n’est pas en special
Snapple Mango Madness Juice Drink

53 reviews

I loved this drink because it was super refreshing and not too sweet. The tricky thing was that I found it difficult to find Snapple at local grocery stores or convenience stores. Once I finally got my hands on Snapple, then it was well worth the mission!
Snapple Lemonade Juice Drink

34 reviews

I wasn't always a big fan of bottled juices, this Snapple drink really surprised me, it was refreshing, definitely will buy again! Just wish they didn't use plastic for the environment.
Nestea Lemon Iced Tea

64 reviews

I love lemon Nestea. A refreshing cup is always a great way to cool off in the summer or just to enjoy whenever. When your thirsty but you dont want pop or juice, try Nestea!
Snapple Pomegranate Raspberry Juice Drink

43 reviews

This Snapple flavour is my fav. Had a great taste but isn’t too sweet. The pomegranate and raspberry mix very well and I’m so happy Snapple moves to plastic bottles
Kool-Aid Jammers

66 reviews

I love this product although there is alot of sugar. I don't think they taste like Kool aid but they have a very tasty taste. The kids love them and they are very refreshing. I will bye these Kool aid jammers again and again. Can't wait for them to go on sale again ;) I prefer...
ReaLemon Juice

46 reviews

I'm a big proponent of using fresh fruits and vegetables. Of course I say this living in southern California where there's a large lemon tree on almost every block and usually free lemons to be had. I live in Las Vegas now, so I don't always have access to fresh fruit. I bought...
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

44 reviews

If you're going to buy cranberry juice you have to go with the good brand. This is not something you cheap out on. This is the brand to go with. They make all sorts of different cranberry juices and cocktails. However the regular cranberry one is one of my favorites. Made with...

40 reviews

Fruitopia is a really good tasting drink which comes in a variety of refreshing, good tasting flavors. Each flavor has its own unique taste which even better when it is cold.
Oasis Pure Orange Breakfast Juice

40 reviews

My Family enjoys the taste of Oasis Pure Breakfast Juice. The Oasis Pure Breakfast Juice Is very affordable therefore you can stock up and keep many in your pantry at all times. Our family will keep drinking Oasis Pure Breakfast Juice and we would highly recommend to other...
Tropicana Essentials Probiotics® Strawberry Banana

16 reviews

One of my favorite kinds of juices out there. It is great on its own or added to smoothies. Kids love it as well and bonus of getting some recommended fruit servings in with vitamins.
V8 original 1.89 litre

1 review

I buy this product all the time. Easy way to get you those veggies in not to mention all the vitamins. When you need something quick to grab on the go at lunch this is the perfect option and healthier than grabbing a donut. I recommend this product to anyone. Yes it comes in...
Presidents choice cranberry juice

1 review

My super picky eater absolutely loves this cranberry juice. Its nutritional and taste even better than the brand name juices and costs way less. We love that we can use it to make our mocktails too
LOOP cold pressed jus

1 review

I tried all different flavors. It's a pressed cold refreshing jus, I feel refreshed and awakened after taking this jus. Taste natural and not sweet Recommend !

1 review

This juice is so tasty and juicy really quenched your first it's a perfect sized bottle and it's one of your five a day which is great I will def get this again.
Kool-Aid Jammers liqluid cherry

1 review

its amazing cool laid its cherry flavored and its delicious need to buy wright now!!!!!!!!!!!!! its really good the flavour is amazing awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bai antioxidant Malawi Mango

1 review

It was tasted so great! As not much sweeter. Of course, it’s healthy drink. I would like to purchase this some again. It’s affordable and you can buy some drink at any stores. So definitely recommended!
Starbuck mango Mango Dragonfruit Refresher

1 review

This is my favorite drink from Starbucks!! I could drink one everyday if possible :) its light yet fruity and so, so, so COLD!! Everyone should try it at least once. The Strawberry Acai is pretty good too. (P.s. mixes well with vodka)
Oasis Hydrafruit, Organic Fruit Fusion

2 reviews

My kids like the flavor of this juice and I like the fact this has less empty calories than regular juice.boxes! I enjoy these as well! Good for school lunch