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Juice Reviews

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Simply Orange Juice

78 reviews

I have been purchasing Simply Orange juice for years now and nothing comes close to it. The flavour is always great and doesn't taste watered down. It is not overly salty and you do not taste any orange peel. The value of this juice is especially great when it goes on sale. I...
Nestea Lemon Iced Tea

56 reviews

Nestea's lemon iced tea tastes so good! I love to drink it in the summer, as it is extremely refreshing. It tastes perfect as well with a bit of rum in it! The only thing keeping me from buying it more is the amount of calories in it and the price...
Kool-Aid Jammers

65 reviews

My kids absolutely love kool aid jammers they have so many different flavors that they never get tired of them plus they are easy to grab and go as well as cheaply priced so it doesn't break the bank
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

40 reviews

C’est un produit ps cher, canadien, plein d’anto oxydants donc super pour l’immunité, pour proteger du cancer et anti âge. Je le bois directement comme jus, mais je l’intègre aussi d´autres manières. Par exemple, tout le monde lors des partys me demande quelle est...
Tropicana Essentials Probiotics® Strawberry Banana

16 reviews

One of my favorite kinds of juices out there. It is great on its own or added to smoothies. Kids love it as well and bonus of getting some recommended fruit servings in with vitamins.
Oasis Pure Orange Breakfast Juice

39 reviews

Oasis Pure Orange juice is a great combination with eggs and bread I recommend it I enjoy it and it’s not expensive at all affordable for all prefect for breakfast

37 reviews

I've been drinking this juice for years. It's my favorite to get while out at a restaurant, or to enjoy at home. I haven't tried all the flavors, but the strawberry one is my favorite.
Juicy juice

3 reviews

For years I have purchased this brand and the children love the boxes for lunches. We always have a few in the cupboards for back up and I'm glad their are new flavors
Snapple Lemon Tea

9 reviews

I can say this ice tea is my number one in pure taste . I can honestly say it can be years and i always go back to this ice tea . I love the taste .
Tropicana Essentials Probiotics® Peach Passion Fruit

10 reviews

I love the idea of probiotics added to the juice. Nice combination of peach and passion fruit. Healthy and good to your guts. Expensive though, I only buy when it is on sale.
Fruitopia strawberry passion juice

6 reviews

I usually like the Fruitopia juices, but I got to admit that the strawberry one is not my favorite. I find it taste like sugary water. I prefer watermelon. The kids like it, so I will probably buy again.
Minute Maid peach ginger juice

1 review

I’m usually not a big fan of juices since I don’t really like sweet tasting things. My husband did shopping last week and he happened to pick up this juice for me to try! I had it with dinner and it was amazing! The peach flavor was not too over powering at all! It wasn’t...
Allen's 100% Pure Apple Juice Low Acid

1 review

I buy this 1L Allen's Apple Juice 100% Pure Low Acid every few days from my local Walmart for $0.97. I have acid reflux, so many juices make it so I get pains in my chest and stomach. I decided to try this low acid juice and see how it went. This juice is very tasty and hasn't...
Gatorade Fierce Intense Strawberry

1 review

I am a fan of Gatorade and have tried plenty of flavors. After trying the Fierce Intense Strawberry, I am hooked. The flavor really is "intense" and I love it.
IZZE sparkling juice

1 review

If you are a fan of sparkling drinks then you must try Izze. I personally like the pomegranate flavor but they have different flavors to choose from. I substituted this for sodas and I'm glad I did
Nestle Nesfruta Orange Peach Mango

1 review

juice is made by a good namebrand, made with real fruit juices; citrusy, sweet, with some tang, such refreshing flavors together. easy quick on the go in a bottle or in a glass of cold water. quite expensive for the bottle, even on sale.
NorthLand cranberry pomegranate 100% juice

1 review

This is a family favorite at our home! Even the pickiest eaters like this juice because it’s juat the right balance of tart, sweet & refreshing. Plus, the dark fruits used are bursting with antioxidants that make me feel good about giving this to my family.
Starbucks Strawberry Acai Refresher with Lemonade

3 reviews

The drink was very yummy however I found it was mostly ice, it would have been much better if it had less ice and more drink I felt like I didn't get very much drink at all, however don't let that stop you from buying it and trying it. The price wasn't too bad either.
Honest kids juice

2 reviews

My toddlers favorite juice. it is a best to go pack for travel. we always take atleast two of these juice packs when ever we go out. My daughter likes the fruit punch a lot. She likes the apple juice too. It is non GMO and Gluten free, which is a plus.
Cranpineapple juice

2 reviews

Pineapple juice is my favorite so I definately had to try the new Cran- mix version! New favorite drink! Have only found these in the 1.89 L size in Canada! Would love to see them in individual packs!