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Dove Men +Care Deep Clean Purifying Grains Body & Face Bar
J'utilise du savon en barre depuis toujourd et est très heureux des dérivés pour hommes tel que celui-ci. Les grains exfolient bien la peau et s'utilise bien meme pour peau très sensible !

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Dove Men +Care Extra Fresh Invigorating Formula Body & Face Bar
My guy uses this all the time and loves the clean fresh no residue on his skin. It is always on his list of purchases, and I love how it makes him smell !

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Irish Spring Original Soap Bar
Irish Spring has a unique scent all its own. It tends to linger on long after your shower is done and leaves you smelling as well as feeling fresh and clean. It has a nice sudsy lather and rinses of well. It does not irritate my skin in the least even though it tends to be a...

106 reviews
Dove Men +Care Bar Soap
j'utilise régulièrement ce produit qui me satisfait nettoie bien sans laisser de résidu de savon avec une fraiche senteur de propreté je le recommande

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Irish Spring Signature for Men Exfoliating Bar Soap
I purchased this soap by accident. But when I got it home and tried it for the first time I absolutely loved it. The little blue exfoliators feel incredible on your skin. It smells great if a little manly. The price is great and it really works. I will purchase it again.

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Hermes Paris Eau D'orange Verte
I absolutely love the scent of this soap. It is the best smelling soap I have ever used as well as the most expensive. I personally would never pay so much for a bar of soap but since it was a gift from my wife I was very fortunate to give it a go. This soap had a classic, manly...

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Old Spice Wolfthorn Bar Soap
It has a great smell. I was afraid it would be too strong, but it actually strikes the right balance. One bar of soap also lasts very long and is good quality.

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Irish Spring Gear Advanced Performance Skin Hydration Soap
It has a nice fresh scent. Not to strong. The scent lasts most of the day. I would buy it again if the price was right. The bar was shaped so it was easy to use. The box it came in was attractive and noticeable to men because of the word "Gear." it means that this should be a...

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Irish Spring Aloe Soap Bar
Irish spring aloe soup bar is my favourite bar soap. It has the freshest scent and it makes my skin so clean!! I love starting every day off using this soap!

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