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Mouthwashes and Rinses Reviews

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Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Rinse

2400 reviews

I used this mouth wash everyday after brushing my teeth. I enjoy it cause make me feel clean. Dosent burn much like some do. It last me atleast 1 month .
Crest 3D White Multi-Care Whitening Rinse

257 reviews

Overtime my teeth did get whiter. The results were better than I expected and I am surprised. This product is very effective. I highly recommend this product.
Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash

220 reviews

Very strong with a terrible after taste that lasted quite some time. My breath was very fresh but I could not tolerate the mouthwash in my mouth for very long without experiencing a burning sensation
Listerine ZERO Antiseptic Mouthwash

97 reviews

I've tried quite a few mouthwashes but this is for sure my favorite! Definitely gives the very clean feeling that you expect using mouth wash with a very tolerable taste that doesn't sting too much.
Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash

67 reviews

I have been using this since I was a kid. My mouth does not feel clean and sanitary if I don't use this. The only problem is that it might burn your mouth, but I don't mind it because it makes my mouth feel even cleaner.
Crest Pro-Health Complete Mouthwash

67 reviews

We have well water at our house and so my kids' dentist recommended this fluoride mouthwash to supplement their toothbrushing habits. *Such as they aren't*. My kids are not the greatest with oral health despite much nagging! However, all three of them are still cavity free (ages...
Listerine Total Care Zero

63 reviews

Always leaves my mouth feeling clean and fresh very strong after taste of mint for up to an hour after dentists recommend it Total protection in the massive bottle is the one i buy regularly and when I go on holiday I buy the baby one so very convenient
Scope Outlast Mouthwash

73 reviews

I find this product very strong and have a hard using it. It burns so much that I have to spit it out right away or I water it down. So really what good is it. I have now gone to just dipping my toothbrush in the liquid and brush it on my teeth very quickly.
Crest Pro Health Advanced mouthwash

39 reviews

Since I moved to a new province and due to Covid I haven’t been able to get an appointment to see the dentist, I wanted to add extra flouride to my dental routine. The taste is pleasant and not too strong. I have sensitive teeth and this hasn’t made them more sensitive...
Listerine Ultraclean Antiseptic mouth wash in everfresh

36 reviews

Leaves your mouth feeling super clean and fresh. Both my husband and I finally agree on a mouth wash we both like and he's a picky mouth wash connoisseur.
Listerine Ultraclean Gum Protection Antiseptic Mouthwash

1 review

This is a very painful mouthwash (makes my eyes water everytime), but it works extremely well. This focuses mainly on your gum health, which is great if you are prone to infections or have unhealthy gums. It isn't alcohol-free which I don't mind, I find the alcohol-free...
Crest 3D White Brilliance mouthwash

19 reviews

I would say this is a good mouthwash, like after brushing my teeth and using this would enable me to have refreshing breath and clean feeling teeth. But after using two bottles of the mouthwash I didn’t see the whitening effect. If you are only looking for a mouthwash, this is...
Colgate plax mouthwash

1 review

I find a lot of mouthwashes make your mouth feel like you’ve just eaten the hottest chilli on earth - it burns! Colgate plax soft mint flavour is just perfect for me. My mouth feels nice and fresh after using it without worrying about setting the dog on fire if I breathe on...
Oral b gum and enamel mouthwash

1 review

I suffer from bleeding gums and I’ve tried numerous tooth pastes and mouthwash’s and oral b gum and enamel care works. It’s alcohol free so it’s not harsh and reasonably priced so it can be used daily without breaking the bank!
Kid's crest anti-cavity fluoride rinse (Strawberry Rush)

1 review

Before finding this mouthwash I always had to remind my daughter to brush her teeth. Now, she reminds me that it's time to brush her teeth, just so she can use this mouthwash. Dental care has become enjoyable for her. I can get it for cheap through my pharmacy and it smells...
Colgate gum invigorate

1 review

Bought this as it was on offer and usual mouthwash was sold out. Was surprised by the taste as it was very different to any mouthwash I had used before! It's not minty so I've found my partner prefers it as he hates minty! The flavour is fruity? It's unusual but works well!...
eco-dent ultimate Daily Rinse

1 review

Eco-Dent Daily Rinse Oral Wound Cleanser is the best mouthwash! It has a bit of a bite to it, but nothing chemical. Blend of 12 essential oils with baking soda and Goldenseal. Mouth feels clean, breath is great, and my dentist likes the result. Also clears up sores super...
X-Pur Opti-Rinse Plus 0.2% Oral Rinse

1 review

I bought this as it was a much more affordable alternative to fluoride treatments at the dentist. I love it. I use it once a week on Wednesday mornings instead of my regular mouthwash. I rinse for 1 minute then stay away from food or drinking for a half hour afterwards. It keeps...
Crest Scope MouthWash

11 reviews

Leaves your breath smelling fresh without the taste being overpoweringly strong. Lasts a long time giving you a refreshing clean mouth. Available in a variety of scents and sizes definitely recommend.
Colgate Total Daily Repair Fresh Mint

2 reviews

Colgate Total Mouthwash tastes great and leaves your teeth feeling shiny and looking great. It is a nice start and end to the day to use a mouthwash that you know is doing its job AND leaves a great taste in your mouth. You can be confident using Colgate Total that your teeth...